1. google exposed twitter exposed facebook exposed antifa exposed congress married to uncles and brothers exposed and Trump supportes thick
      pmsl, lets all let the black man put children in cages

  1. Oh i thought we are gonna be free of dotard for a whole day! Please No Dotard’s face nor voice today, media.

    Yes to Hong Kong protesters blocking the roads to airport! Blocked China for making money off of HK!

  2. The LITTLE MUSHROOM DK PUSSYGRABBER is a national security threat to this great nation

  3. Donald J. Trump

    1st One-Term President of the 21st Century


    Worst President in American History

    Vote “NO” on Trump 2020!!!!!!

    1. @Logical Conservative Your “logic” is faulty. He LOST the popular vote by over 3 million and ONLY won the electoral college by a razor thin margin. Now that people really know who/what he is, well, stick a fork in him…..he’s done. Try living in the “now” instead of re-living past glories like some loser jock. L….M….A….O at fools like you. 🙂

    2. @Larry Byrd You mean he lost the illegal vote in New York and Los Angeles? I agree. Hey can you remind me what’s the prize for winning the popular vote? Is it a toaster oven or something?
      Trump won 3084 out of 3114 counties. That’s 99.04% of US counties.

    3. @Logical Conservative no moron he didnt but just like your master you lie because it helps you push your agenda

  4. t-Rump has no clue when he’s there at the summit…he looks like a clown up there compared to other leaders

  5. What I relish the most is that Boris can’t expect much help form moron Trump except a lot of idiotic words. Trump is about to wreck the American government and with it the economy in its wake. He can’t help the UK. And his hate talk against a strong unified Europe won’t help Boris Scump either.

    1. Almost. The only difference is Putin TOOK Crimea. Trump doesn’t have the balls to take Greenland, so he tried to buy it.

  6. Sorry CNN wrong again, it’s the fires in the Amazon rainforest. More coverage needs to take place. G7 needs to focus one the largest ecological disaster in human history.

  7. a deranged unhinged sociopath with access to nuclear weapons is exactly why north korea iran and every other country on earth need weapons.

  8. Why do trump go around people in the world don’t he know that they know that he is crazy and don’t know anything.

  9. Haha Look at Iran trying to play “tough guy” lol isn’t that adorable!

    Edit; Wow! Sarah Harman in London is kinda SMOKIN’

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