Most Canadians support proof of vaccination for travel | New poll on COVID-19 attitudes 1

Most Canadians support proof of vaccination for travel | New poll on COVID-19 attitudes


Nanos Research's Nik Nanos discusses his latest polling showing how the Canadian public feels about vaccine passports.

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  1. Scared of being human and around other humans without medical intervention…whoa this is getting intense

  2. Where do these polls get done? I have heard of polls over and over yet have never been polled myself and asked many others and they say the same. This 56% must all be from areas like Toronto, Ottawa, major centers yet the rest get told they count even when they are never asked.

  3. I’m no longer waiting for the stimulus check because i earn $22,090 every 14-16 days recently

  4. Jeez, these scammer-spammers are getting out of hand here. They’re on almost every thread now, and obviously involving a team effort: check out “Car-la” here, who magically managed to receive a dozen upvotes and no fewer than 10 “replies” inside of 5 mins. after posting. And of course all of the replies are in the same vein. So transparently phony, but I can only guess they must get some return from the effort, else they wouldn’t keep at it like they do.

  5. So where everywhere I go I need to show a passport to even enter buildings or crossing provinces? That sounds like totally control

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