Most Canadians support wave two closures: Nanos poll 1

Most Canadians support wave two closures: Nanos poll


Pollster Nik Nanos says most Canadians support or somewhat support the closure of non-essential businesses amid the second wave of COVID-19.

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    1. @RoomofCybertron Absolutely correct, it’s reporting based on social science polling with a highly credible analytics organization. Please do share why you think this is propaganda.

    2. @Lucas Bowman Polling accuracy took a bit hit four years ago. I see no evidence that its accuracy has improved since then.

    1. You don’t, that’s fine. Nanos polling shows the reported results. Just because the facts don’t align with your opinion doesn’t mean that it isn’t true.

    2. @Dave Kayno i don’t think the polls are fake. They just represent certain areas depending on where you take the polls. Just say 52 percent of this poll says this, not 52 percent of canadians say this.

    1. @Scents for the Soul there’s no point arguing with brainwashed children,,, just THIS Lukas Bowman guy arguing with everybody who doesn’t agree with HIM

    1. @Liu Kang Did you even read my comment? I told you likes/dislikes mean nothing. How can someone in their right mind trust YouTube like/dislikes more than a analytics company. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Grow up.

    2. @Lucas Bowman “facts” ?Really. While you ignore the FACTS there’s more dislikes to likes., because it doesn’t suit your opinion…. Sure buddy.

    3. @Liu Kang Likes/disliked mean nothing, they can be bought for cents on the dollar. There are bots that are hounding this channel as well as every other news organization out there. Please tell me how you can trust YouTube likes more than an internationally renowned analytic organization. Please pray tell why YouTube comments is the more intelligent data to look at.

    1. Please do some research on the credibility of Nanos and the methodology they use for analyzing data. Nanos is not a company to lie. Just because the data doesn’t line up with your opinion does not mean it is a lie. Grow up.

    2. @Lucas Bowman no matter how much you dress up the lie, underneath all it’s smoke, is just another deceiving lie.

  1. The liberal government just can’t wait for the entire economy to crash so they can get everyone totally reliant on papa government.

    1. I seriously recommend doing some research into the credibility of Nanos and the methodology they use for analyzing the data. Nanos is one of the most trusted analytic companies in North America.

      But please, tell me what part of their vigorous methodology leads you to believe that their would be bias allowed and that is not corrected for.

    2. its likley true..if you are currently working you like working from home…….no commute so sure 70% support a lock down if they still are working

  2. I can’t believe they throw all three “Prairie Provinces” into one statistic. Eastern Canada may wake up one day, but it will be too late.

  3. I am a Canadian not worried about the virus…do worry about our governement being able to shut down businesses and what our future will look like

    1. That is quite the claim there. What data do you have to support your claim that this is propaganda and not science. This will be interesting to read.

    2. @Lucas Bowman History shows how propaganda was used. Where’s your data to even support the number they preach everyday given the rt PCR test are no viable means to estimate number based to the false positive results to a virus not isolated. And 96% of deaths were NOT a result of covid. Where’s your data to support this is even a pandemic…. Everyday the Medi CREATE a new way for the public to fear somthing that has a 99.7% recovery rate. THAT IS PROPAGANDA.

  4. How come you are not being censored for contradicting the W.H.O.? They are now against lockdowns. This segment should be BANNED according to your standards.

    1. Canada hasn’t released Meng Mengzhou despite Chinas ,displeasure. ..also has explicitly / formally abandoned any attempt at free trade with China , has signed the new TPP with 11 Pacific Allies..& HMCS Ottawa sailed through the Taiwan Strait just a couple wks ago

  5. These comment’s below are very encouraging! I’ve waited too long for this country to wake up. Now look into Bernier’s PPC.

  6. Nick Nanos is he honest and do his polls really reflect how Canadians feel or is he just another Turdeau accomplice ?

  7. Lucas Bowman:
    want to explain to me, a simpleton, “support” and “somewhat support”?
    Particularly what “somewhat support” means. And does not rolling them together inflate the numbers that really “support” this idea?

    You take a grey area because of the wording and it means whatever you want it to mean. You can take the same numbers and say, “only 16% oppose the closing of non-essential businesses”, it leaves a lot strong impression. Plus you have to ask the question, what was the definition of “essential” business in this poll, as that varies between provinces so yeh, its a cross Canada poll but definitions vary.
    As well, that 35% grey area is going to give a different reply to the question once a shut down has effected them.

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