Most Dems, 35 Percent Of GOP Support Infrastructure Plan: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Most Dems, 35 Percent Of GOP Support Infrastructure Plan: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


60 percent of voters said they support the president's infrastructure plan, including 84 percent of Democrats and 35 percent of Republicans. Politico's Sam Stein joins Morning Joe to dig into the numbers. Aired on 04/07/2021.
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Most Dems, 35 Percent Of GOP Support Infrastructure Plan: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I’m surprised about the recent concern among Republicans about the fiscal health of our country. Where was this concern under the previous Republican administration?

    1. @Mary Lamb
      You obviously don’t know how bad of a situation trump made for our military and our position in the world. Despite blowing OPSEC everytime he wanted to “riff”. He ended crucial programs for our national security; which led to copious hacks from PLA Unit 61398, that led to the IP theft of Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin.

      And forgive me if i get emotional over it. Not many people can directly correlate a president’s choices made without Congress to the direct effect of having to wear your best friends brains dripping down one’s CBA, or NATO member states considering joining Russia and China, or the propping up of dictators who are belligerents to our existentially essential allies.

      Trump was a boon for the communists and terrorists of the world. Note how those who’ve historically hated America say they love him…. its because they want the U.S. to implode. Which is in all likelihood going to happen as a direct result of the idiocracy in either party.

    2. @Tacit Tern

      Like i said keep drinking that poison.

      The military supported Trump. Youre stocking up on lies.

    1. @Timothy McGuire yup its called doing ur research…
      unlike the msnbc viewers that STILL think trump told ppl to inject bleach or that trump colluded with russia

    2. @Alex Hamilton Republicans seem to forget that they, in 4 short years added $8 trillion to the debt through their mishandling of the US economy and mishandling of the pandemic.
      Taxes need to be increased due to their utter incompetence!

    3. @Rod Do you have any understanding of Economics?
      The way out of a recession is to spend!
      Here is some history for you as you seem to be completely unaware of how we got out of the previous Republican recession:
      > In Obama’s first 4 years of pulling us out of the Bush (the previous Republican) recession the debt increased by $4.829 trillion dollars while Trump, during a booming economy when he should have been paying down the debt (he did promise to pay down the National debt) was instead, prior COVID-19, on track to adding $5.088 trillion to the debt; – – – but as we all now know, due to the utter incompetence of Trump and his administration they were able to increase the debt by $8 trillion.
      Now, in order to pull ourselves out of the recession we must invest in America and the American people. And please note that interest rates are at an all time low.
      BTW – Even someone like you would, I believe, admit that that investing in America when the interest rates are down around 1% is about as SAFE a BET as anyone can make!

  2. Mitch McConnell’s obstructionist GQP Party is still wanting to play their partisan politics games.

    1. @Armandhammer you mean the guy that ballooned the debt, whose paranoia destabilized Central America, that shipped jobs overseas, that Reagan
      What was St Reagan of Bonzo ‘s astrologers name?

    2. @Sagi Lyonheart The president who said “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” are words you never want to hear.

    3. @Armandhammer and then created a system that allowed corporations to destroy income parity
      Income disparity jumped under St Reagan of Bonzo and was highest under trump, what a glorious thing, right?
      What was Reagan’s astrologers name?

  3. I remember when President Obama tried to do this and RePUGliKLAN governors all over the U.S. refused to use it. Sort of like Rick Perry saying that Texans would rather freeze-to-death than accept help. And yet people vote for them.

    1. @Pat Doyle Obama’s entire term was obstructed. The Affordable Care act alone brought about big losses. He did hold out that hope, as any patriotic person would, but as you say, the GOP is simply an authoritarian, anti-democratic party. The majority of it’s coalition are people like the Loud Toys, the KKK, and on, and on. I pray President Biden takes stronger measures. The country has had time to digest ‘Obamacare’ and Biden now holds a mandate according to the polls.

    2. @D J I think that during the Trump presidency he was looking at away for Republicans and Democrats to come together and he thought that repairing roads and bridges would be a good start. I know he was on record of mentioned in this and Senator Schumer concurred with Trump on the subject.
      Sadly however, we got off on the weeds with the Russian thing and the 25th amendment thing and the impeachment thing and we never did get around to the infrastructure thing. We seem to be sidetracked on other things.
      We are all paying for highway user fees every time we purchase a gallon of Motor fuel. Now we have to ensure that the politicians pay for road repair because of the taxes we are paying into the federal highway trust fund.

    3. @Jonathan Jollimore You are somewhat correct. We pay a user fee for the highways every time we purchase a gallon of motor fuel. We pay both state and federal tax. This money was earmarked for road construction, road repair and bridge repair and construction. Our corrupt and entrenched political class is spending that money for non-road purposes such as hiking trails biking trails snowmobile trails bus benches and shelters as well police overtime traffic ticket writing programs.
      We must demand that the political class spend our gasoline tax money on the roads/bridges and not on other purposes.

    4. @Peter Stoops
      ““Texans would be without electricity for longer than three days to keep the federal government out of their business,”
      Since the effect of them being without power was freezing (and a few to death) that is what he was saying.

    5. @Pat Doyle Only the stupid one’s would freeze. Sounds like you like being taken care of by the government. Not everyone is that way, but liberals tend to prefer to be treated like babies

  4. Take a look under bridges and highway over passes, 2×4 and plywood stopping the crumbling deck from falling on to roads, cars and into water ways.

  5. I’m just glad the mainstream media is making it clear. This supports rural and urban. This plan will support everyone struggling.

    1. @Bill Rodriguez if anything they’re *SUCCESSFUL* guerrillas… after all, the agent orange was kicked to the curb

    2. @Bill Rodriguez lol you bots and trolls don’t even try to not make it seem obvious anymore. At least stick to the subject

    1. @1984 THEBEGINING I think I made my point, Trump did a horrible job, he had poll numbers consistently lower than previous administrations and he deserved those low numbers as he did a pathetically bad job. Add in the criminal activities that he and members of his staff committed and its hard to imagine a worse job but wait, we don’t have to! He managed to find a way to not use the federal plans for global health crisis and instead encouraged dangerous thinking that got people killed and admits to it. He’s directly responsible for well over 400k deaths. So by my math, since 2001 Republican Presidents are directly responsible for almost ONE MILLION deaths globally and that can be easily verified.

    2. @1984 THEBEGINING only a slack-jawed halfwit would define facts and truth as “hate filled propoganda” especially considering their non-stop rhetoric over the previous 8 years. If you all had even the slightest bit of integrity you wouldn’t attempt to sell that load of crap without laughing but clearly having no conscience or soul let’s you do lots of things normal people with basic morals and character couldn’t do. Only Republicans blame the truth in news for hurting Trump while claiming he was SO popular. Except he ranked lower than the previous 3 administrations at every point over 4 years. No one can help it if you don’t like the truth.

    3. @1984 THEBEGINING lol, that’s your response??? Yes, Trump is a loser. Lol, thank you for proving I was right. From claiming that Trumps approval rating was special (it was lower at every point than the three previous administrations) to trying to blame the media coverage for Trumps problems (rather than blaming Trumps actions, aka deflecting)…you’ve done a average job at hitting the standard excuses of the Republican party “best hits” album.

    1. @9crazylegs Americans suffer amnesia. It happens every year when the refiners switch to the Summer blend. Prices go up.

    2. @Rod the Government has nothing to do with the cost of gas the stock market and the oil companies do.

  6. I appreciate the Open Transparency the Dem team explains to the people thru news reporting. Finally …Been a long time comin .

    1. @Cat Castaneda You are very correct infrastructure can have different meanings. At first however Joe was talking about the transportation infrastructure which is in has been crumbling and neglected for many years. Every gallon of water fuel that we purchase contains a high state and federal tax intended as a user fee for our transportation infrastructure. This money was ear- marked for the construction and repair of roads and bridges however, many of our political class wasted this money on non transportation purposes.
      We are paying a computer infrastructure tax it was imposed on all Americans we have a telephone by former VP Al Gore. The purpose of this tax was to expand Internet service across America. What has happened to this money? Is it being spent for other purposes because. Joe Joe is talking about a new tax for broadband. Will this money be wasted also? Very likely is the answer.
      We like to blame the Republicans on all the ills of Americans but look at the police killings of Black people and cries of systemic racism that are coming from our most progressive cities. Let me name a few for you: New York City/State, Ferguson, Baltimore, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Louisville, Kenosha and others. The southside of Chicago is a killing field we’re black lives don’t matter. We have a crooked politician in New York State, the California governor is facing recall and now the Michigan governor is under scrutiny for her actions.
      A UC Berkeley researcher identified the conditions that existed on the slave plantations in the antebellum South and we find those same conditions that exist in the minority population sectors of our most progressive cities. Shouldn’t our progressive cities be beacons of hope, light and opportunity for our protected class populations rather than a scenario of disparate and hopelessness.
      When Trump enacted our iconic JFK tax program and eliminated draconian and harmful restrictions the American economy became super charged. The WSJ reported at this time that lower and middle income Americans received a higher percentage of wage increases then did upper class. We take the class individuals entered into entrepreneurship. The poverty rate in America filled two levels that we saw in the 1960s. All of this ended when COVID-19 ravaged the world.
      Trump did terrible damage to the corrupt and entrenched political class and he showed the people that they did not need government programs and government help, all they needed we’re good paying jobs.
      As a Democrat I feel that we must clean up our party and return our historic values.

    2. @T. R. Campbell
      So you didn’t notice that your were driving through a construction zone, and that the signs were not green?

    3. @Pat Doyle I don’t know what you’re talking about. I happened to mention that during the Obama era when the stimulus bills were past for the “shovel ready projects” Obama administration posted green interstate type signs pertaining to future road construction. I saw these prominently displayed years ago as I was attending political meetings in Denver.
      Otherwise, in road construction areas we see orange signs as mandated by the MUTCD. We also see mandated orange and white barricades, barrels, and other traffic safety devices.
      The signs that I mentioned during the Obama era were far different than these orange signs mandated for traffic safety.

    4. @T. R. Campbell
      You are correct on one thing – I looked up the design specs of those signs, and a large portion was green, while a nearly as large portion was black on orange.

      The point is that the signs were out there in major construction zones across the country – so don’t quibble about color. In fact in 2011, the GOP tried to pass a law BANNING these signs! While 100% politically motivated, their argument was not without merit – why spend ANY money, even a small amount, promoting the program that funded the project? They knew that ARRA was funding major projects across the country, they simply did not want Obama to get credit. But they knew what was going on – you don’t.

    5. @Pat Doyle Well thank you for your research. The signs were there, the construction wasn’t. The signs were put up but there was no construction. As President Obama said in an interview, there were no shovel ready projects. He said this and then he and the audience laughed. I don’t know what was so funny because we were relying on his word that there were indeed shovel ready projects.
      This is another case where millions upon millions of dollars were wasted and I don’t believe we still have an accurate accounting of where the money went. Where did all the stimulus money go?
      This latest trillion plus stimulus money was intended for infrastructure but only a small part is going to be going to road and bridge construction. I fear this is going to be another waste full amount of spending when suddenly the money is going to disappear and nobody will have any idea where it went.

  7. Republicans seem to forget that they, in 4 short years added $8 trillion to the debt through their mishandling of the US economy and mishandling of the pandemic.
    Taxes need to be increased due to their utter incompetence!

  8. The nasty war locally surprise because sail occasionally accept upon a quirky offence. tense, hypnotic dirt

  9. Good ol’ Joe has four personal planets in Scorpio and a lifetime of experience in government service. The GOP is getting ready to feel the sting!

    1. @Rod I think you need to have a good look at the tax proposals and understand there is a lot of misinformation out there. For example the 58% personal taxes is a total lie.

    2. @Rod you must make more than 400k and don’t know the difference and/or meaning of effective and marginal. derp.

  10. Republicans are against the basics: basic education, health care, safety, decency, duty, honor & truth.

    1. After everything the Republicans have done under Trump for the rich and bad guys in general and the complete and utter lack of wanting to help regular everyday people Why the F would u still vote for them.

    2. @Miss Lana Hudson trust me some people don’t know what’s best for them they vote against themselves they think it will trickle down to them Stupid AF

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