Most Republicans Ignore GOP's 'Moral Failure' After Capitol Riot 1

Most Republicans Ignore GOP’s ‘Moral Failure’ After Capitol Riot

Six months after the deadly Capitol insurrection, most members of the Republican Party don't want to acknowledge Trump's role in that day and the terrible threat to democracy it posed. Juanita Tolliver and Tim Miller join to discuss.
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  1. We are getting a whole new privileged class. Not that they are not privileged already as politicians and elected officials.

  2. Because they see the govt as other than them, even when it’s during trumps admin

    Improve us education

    1. @Bryan C – no, repealing laws and regulations not being the “opposite of” a fascist. Laws and regulations are not inherently fascist, you seem to not quite understand the meaning of the word. Fascists love laws and regulations, as long as they are supporting a fascist, anti-democratic rule. Neo-liberalism is basically a fascist movement, glorifying the right of the strong vs the weak, sink or swim Ayn Rand bs.

    2. @Floda Reltih – GOP / conservatives used to honor the unwritten laws of politics and respect their opponents. Now, all that is left of the Republican party is a sleazy, unhinged sycophant mob that would spit on the flag if Trump tells them to.

  3. They are representatives, so they represent their own moral failure. As much as people want to blame politicians, the politicians only reflect the society. It’s us. We’re our own problem.

    1. @rick they did and still are. Over the span of 4 years it was discovered trump lied about 12 times a day and ended up telling over 30,000 lies by the time he was fired from office by America

    2. @digidanshow lol antifa and BLM didn’t start the riots, republicans did. Republican terrorists did more damage in 1 day at the capital then the riots during the summer did in 1 month

    1. @Tom Jeffreys Capital 6 is the biggest case of whataboutism in modern American history. What flavor of kool-aid are they passing out at your maoist struggle sessions?

    2. @Harry Lippidardo Harris didn’t pay anyone’s bail. No evidence of it. And they were released after paying fines

    3. @not me actually tons of investigations were done and all of them concluded BLM were being peaceful then anti protesters showed up and started rioting

  4. The only failure was the capital police inviting them in because the planted fbi in the crowd couldn’t get maga grandmas to do anything crazy

  5. What a joke. An absolute joke. All of the riots over the summer where people actually died were what? No big deal?

    1. @Kurt Hagen why cover insanity? why cover someone constantly lying and whining? IN FACT, they don’t have to cover trump AT ALL. coverage by ANY network is solely dependent on that network. what? you want the government to control the networks? force them to cover everyone? regardless of their own autonomy? well hello COMRADE, didn’t know you were a communist/fascist/socialist since state control of everything tends to coincide with those political policies.

      you don’t understand what rational is if you think it’s somehow WRONG that trumps insanity isn’t being covered. trumplethinskin can say whatever he wants, first amendment, NO ONE is required to give him air time…that’s ALSO freedom of speech kid.

    2. Look at their profiles Joe’s is a month old, Tom’s is three.

      Just pathetic trolls

    3. @The Morose Pittbull Yeah… I’m aware. It’s still satisfying to categorically shut these clowns down. They never have a cogent argument.

  6. MSNBC talking about morals is as funny as believing The American people voted for a man with dementia who constantly needs handling.

    1. @Hugh G Rection I have eyes and ears. 100 doctors can say he’s unfit and you guys still wouldn’t believe it.

      And before you say it, multiple do tours have already said he’s in mental decline and should take a cognitive test.

    2. @Tom Jeffreys Trump doesnt even use notes like biden does. Matter of fact, I wanna see old joe try to ride a bicycle. He could 2 years ago..

  7. What “moral failure”? In case you forgot they are there to represent their districts. The “moral failure” would be ignoring that. In their districts this incident was nothing compared to the BLM riots. In fact most people feel that way these days. Except, of course, the 3% of the population still watching MSNBC which is why it is failing and defrauding investors.

    1. It was discovered that BLM protesters were peacefully protesting then republicans showed up and started attacking people and looting buildings

    2. @Hugh G Rection There is no proof of that, stop spinning conspiracies. BLM and Antifa perpetrated those riots entirely of their own volition. Their own interests.

  8. It was nothing compared to the Democrats condoning 7 months of nightly riots all over the country.

    1. @Hugh G Rection
      Easily explained ; When it was innocent civilian citizens being terrorized , no National Guard was allowed to be called in . Completely different story when it was the political hacks in congress running for cover , 25,000 military members called in immediately. Hundreds of rioters bailed out by Democrat politicians, not one single Republican posted bail for those arrested on the 6th . Facial recognition software used for those on the 6th . No attempts to identify or arrest those involved with arson , looting or property damage during the 7 months of rioting .

  9. Actually no we don’t, but then we don’t try to moralize it either like Democrats do when their lap dogs riot

    1. Just stop talking to them good buddy. …soon they will get what’s coming. And it’s better not to look at them as people. Just future targets.

    2. @Hugh G Rection Source?
      Portland alone has the majority of arrests for “protests.”

  10. Yeah focusing on the capital “riots”. What about the gas prices? Where’s hunter biden? The border crisis? Ridiculous

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