Mother and Daughter Bond | Carlene 'Dancehall Queen' Smith & Crystal Davis | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Mother and Daughter Bond | Carlene ‘Dancehall Queen’ Smith & Crystal Davis | TVJ Smile Jamaica


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  1. I met Carlene once years ago and I can truly say that she’s a humble and beautiful person inside and outside.
    It’s a blessing to be a mother, biological or not because there are some awesome women who are not biological mothers but are indeed moms at heart.

  2. Carlene hasn’t aged one bit . She still looks gorgeous and her daughter is a beauty .

  3. She has always been intelligent. We had our nails done at a salon where I spoke to her. She was deep, knowledgeable, and brought her points across with sharpness!!!!
    She was never rude or fake.

  4. I love Carlene, I met her when I used to work as a security guard on the Air Canada in the 1990s she was a very humble and quiet young lady, she always has time to stop and talk to us. God bless you and your sweet little dolly.

  5. What a great transition in respect to growing your child in the right way. Respect Carlene

  6. I’m really old I remember when Karleen was dancehall queen when dancehall queen was still a thing. I remember when Krystal was born wow time flies

  7. Big up Dancehall Queen Karleen. Mi na lie still beenie man get some sweet kids I swear and they all are brilliant. Big up the doctor

  8. If I cant trust you I cant back you yes thats true. Most parents quick to defend their child but child do lie so having that trust is important

  9. I get that the segment was about mother daughter but me nuff and would have just slipped in “how is the relationship with your father? You two close? You have a direct line of access to him? Can you talk to him about anything as well like you do with your mother”

  10. Sim Sim love that interview with carlene and her daughter, crystal grown into one beautiful young lady. Carlene must proud of her, Simone lawd god I love to watch you and neville. What kind of corner you put him for time out. Love love love

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