Mother gives birth on side of Ont. highway captured on camera 1

Mother gives birth on side of Ont. highway captured on camera


An Ontario couple shares the dramatic story of giving birth on the side of a highway while on the way to the hospital.

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  1. Beautiful family, new life I forgot to breathe waiting for baby to breathe . Well done, Mom and Dad !

    1. I agree it was absolutely beautiful. I was just as delighted as you. I was once a part of Troy Campbell’s life I’m one of his Auntie’s . I remember him as little boy Growing up now he’s a wonderful father and husband. To this new little arrival

  2. this was the best thing on the television not only the news…it was beautiful….I cried when your baby did….congratulations…and dad…you were very cool,quite a story for the future….

  3. I was holding my breath waiting for baby to cry! I’m happy that mom & baby are safe after such a serious situation. As a mother myself, I can’t help but tear up to see another baby born safely!

  4. Wow! Just a city over from me. Congrats mom and dad, what an exciting story to tell baby

  5. Beautiful moments. I was holding my breath until the baby cried. So touching. Thx for filming a miracle. Dad was amazing. Glad mom & babe r healthy. Thank Goddess from Virginia in Stratford Ontario

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