Mother Of Fallen Capitol Police Officer Urges GOP To Support Commission 1

Mother Of Fallen Capitol Police Officer Urges GOP To Support Commission


Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino and Aisha C. Mills, Democratic strategist and host at BNC news, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans’ opposition to the bipartisan probe into the deadly attack on the Capitol.
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      so…let’s open a commission that will prove it…
      aka… “I don’t want to lose my bad faith talking point”

    2. @MAGAT slayer
      Some were antifa, you do realize, right? Most were wacko Q-types, to be fair, but why open a commission when those responsible have already been apprehended and charged? This is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

    3. This Virus was developed in the United States with continued research in China and then the CCP Used it as a Bio weapon against the World.
      The CCP’s main goal is to dominate the globe with Communism and the Democrats are used as useful IDIOTS To help them!

  1. Us politics is really hypocrisy in next level. Not pretending it, no feel of shame, straight up showing it in front of camera.

    1. @Robert Fritzenkotter wuhan lab and capitol insurection is two different place, two different situation. Both need to be accountable. Wuhan lab need international commission, but capitol ressurection need national commission.

    2. @Siboris Boris Where did you get that from? I simply stated that they were not murdered by the rioters, who I condemned in my comment. Agreed, left and right, 99% of us condemn what they did that day.

    3. @Siboris Boris Also, don’t manipulate my words and altogether fabricate ideas that you want to hear. I haven’t and wouldn’t do that to you, please return the favor.

    4. @Matthew Hunter oh ok. So u SIMPLY stated that they were not murdered by rioters?? N u want people who lost their loves one to accept this opinion, without any formal investigation whatsoever. Peoples who condemned the 6 jan riot should not affraid with the investigation.

    5. @Matthew Hunter me manipulate your words?? Why is this feel so familiar?? Oh yeah, its like trump words,… “they manipulate me, the election is rigged” Lmao

    1. @Cosmic Djinn then the 20 deadprotesters and 9 police dead and a thousand protesters injured

    2. @DONT BECOME TIKTOK YOUTUBE first person to died was a guy that got burned alive in his store. Again blm and antifa are still killing ppl.

    3. @Cosmic Djinn i can say we don’t sureport antiefa but blm protest weren’t them the people kiling antiefa was

    4. @DONT BECOME TIKTOK YOUTUBE blm burned a guy alive in his own store. Killed a retired police officer who was defending a store. Those are just two examples off the top of my head. Biden and Harris had a fund raising event to bail out antifa rioters. Democrats refuse to investigate and DAs are releasing said rioters. Some of who were at the capital event on Jan 6th. Democrats fully support these domestic terrorist organizations.

  2. LEOs the only time politicians care about you is when you “die” for them. Keep that in mind next time something like this happens.

    1. ​@William Stewart Better not to feed the trolls. Just report them and make them respawn.

    2. @Shannon Jacobs yeah report and silence anyone who you disagree! Whooooo! Free country

    3. @Denise Means Yes, mostly peaceful. There were over 100,000 protestors there that day. 600 of them went to the Capitol. So ~0.006% of the protestors engaged in any illegal or violent activity. Zero of them had weapons. Zero of them killed anyone like what we continue to see in the other peaceful protests across America.

  3. They didn’t respond this fast to help people during the pandemic. Safety of politicians are not the priority, serving the people is.

    1. @ls400s Is he wrong? BTW don’t forget the Mueller investigation. 97 sounds a bit high I think there were only 12.

    2. The people are the property off politicians. They would gladly trade every one of our lives, to save 1 of theirs.

    1. @Pj Romanov fake bs propaganda. The real “conspiracy” is your aversion to facts, and objective proof

    1. @CC cro No it’s the other way around. The Democrats are the ones that ALWAYS LIE. THAT’S A FACT.

    2. The Democrat cult cares about no cop! Every Democrat run city cop should resign for such disregard!

    3. Libs are not very smart. All we need is all video released. Why spin anything. Video will prove all to everyone.

  4. Mitch McConnell will never “lie in state” after death. Mitch McConnell will lie in infamy…

    1. Arent blacks lovely Many feeling and thinking people care. And in reply to your ignorant comment I say emphatically: YO MAMA, fool!

    2. I’m Despising “BOTH SIDES”, at this point. Doesn’t anybody realize that Dem/Rep. is Just a “Ploy” to keep Everyone at odds. (As they embrace each other, Laughing, joking, and Eating expensive ice cream)

  5. Just release all the video tape. That are hours and hours of video. There is a reason they aren’t…isn’t there.

  6. how do we stop this kind of thing from continuing to keep happening? vote blue in 22… wipe out as many Republicans as possible…send them the message that ultimately their jobs are in OUR control…do your jobs and represent and do right by ALL American citizens…the GOP party is NOT run by Trump its elected by voters

  7. Jesus knew Mitch McConnell, and was speaking of him when he warned all moral people about “white washed splicers.” Mitch is the walking/talking man of power who is truly death above ground. Mitch is the epitome of hypocrisy, surpassed by few other leaders of all times & places in world history. Like Trump, he will be remembered as the worst to hold his high office in U.S. history.

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