Mother Of NJ Man Shot By Police: Charge The Officer Who Killed My Son | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. It’s like they have to do the exact opposite of what they should do or are asked to do. Police departments.
    The mainstream media should have done a better job. They didn’t research or contact the family before they aired the films.

  2. He was going to a “ very far place in the video game” this guy was high on lsd or something he should of been detained for DWI thts where the police messed up


    2. @mrclean247365 let’s hope you will never have to be in a situation like that Mr. Invincible.

  3. Father God of Israel is there not a cause? Just watched video. Started out with officer trying to assist him, then your son had some tupe of mental fog break. This may not be the same thing. Clearly your son is fighting with the officer at will.

  4. Did any of you actually see the video footage? he was trying to help the guy but for whatever reason he wasn’t complaint. He did have a mental illness and was probably in the middle of having an episode and attacked the cop.

    1. @Wade Stanton What? The guy was doing over 100 mph twice. The cop did not come at him angrily. In fact he called the kid a tow truck because his car would not start. Then he even let him sit in his cop car so he was not in danger of getting hit by a car. The kid attacked the guy and jumped on his back.

    2. @xM xH As far as the speeding goes. Where I live 98% white. The same people get caught speeding all summer long. They never get a penalty that stops them. The next summer it is a new bunch speeding, same story.
      As far as the officer not controlling the supposed suspect, I think something more was going on and the officer doesn’t want anyone to ever know about.

    3. @Wade Stanton what? The officer is nothing but nice to the kid. The kid then gets out of the car and charges at the officer attacking him multiple times.

    4. The poor guy seemed like he was stoned or drunk or just overtired. This incident is a good reminder to to everyone that you comply with the police officer until it’s finished, and police officers never know what type of character they’re going to be dealing with. It’s tragic.

    5. @Wade Stanton yep! I agree, something more was going on. Did you see how he didn’t render aid but looks like he goes thru his pockets then kept going back & forth??? & told the other cop that 1st arrived that he was cuffed ??? Uhh, no he wasn’t, unless that’s one of the reasons he was going back & forth to handcuff him. & possibly plant evidence…. I don’t trust a word the police said. They have proven to be untrustworthy, period!

  5. I’m so sorry this mother has lost her son; that’s a pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But I’m not sure this particular case is as cut and dry as Mr. Floyd’s murder.
    Before you form an opinion, watch the entire video.

    1. @Your Big Head Cousin It’s called a psychotic break. The man thought he was in a video game. Sucks for the mother that lost a son, but the police officer was obviously trying to help this man until the psychosis came to the surface.

  6. I have to say that the guy was not right. I don’t think he deserved to die but if you watch the video her son was on something.He was speeding and saying he was trying to get to the end. I saw him make a bunch of out of the ordinary statements and actions.The officers really were respectful and were giving him a ride.He gets out and tries to run into traffic and we don’t see it but he was reaching for the officers weapon.Something is not right and she knows her son was having issues. I hope they get the full truth and see what he was on and if a toxicology report was done.He could have been on medicine for psychosis.This was not like the terrible George Floyd killing.This was terrible but more to this story.Rest In Peace 🎈

    1. Melissa king the man car broke down during the traffic stop. The guy asked if he could sit in the cops car, the cop says yes. The cop plans on driving this guy wherever he wants after the tow truck arrives. The cop asked the guy if he wanted a mask and goes to get one. When he opens the door the guy jumped out and the cop tells him to get back in the car. Long story short, the guy jumps in the drivers seat of the patrol car, the cops pulls him out and pepper sprays him. They start rlly fighting and the guy ends up on the cops back at one point trying to grab the cops gun. The cop then shoots him. Could things have gone differently? Sure. But the cop was very nice to the guy and was forced to shoot him. U could argue that things could have been done differently but things can only be done once and in the moment. Idk if the cop called for back up, he prolly did but backup doesn’t just show up all the time, sometimes they’re like 10 miles away.

    2. @Max Cohen he calls for another unit but that could take a few minutes and they were already fighting at that point

    3. @Max Cohen like as soon as he shot. he also calls for ems immediately where people are saying that he didn’t at all. People are just bonkers

  7. Had he done what he was instructed and not resist, he would still be alive. It was clearly a struggle for the gun it could have gone either way. This could have happened to anyone of any color, or age, male or female. That said, I do believe the officer tried to alter the details to show he had handcuffed the man prior to the shooting. Not sure how it would have helped. I’d like to see the bodycam footage before I place judgement.

    1. I don’t think the officer acted consciously right after the incident. He probably was terribly scared and overwhelmed with what just had happened and handcuffed the victim reflexively.
      The more so as this was completely irrational with respect to his argument for self-defense.

  8. Nope, the cop was in the right this time. Also, something was wrong with the guy. Watch the entire video.

    1. supercalifragilestic he was either on some sort of drug or had a psychotic disorder. I can only judge from what I saw. The release of the video in that way was horrible. It’s incredibly sad. She lost her son. There is nothing worse.

  9. 🤔Something ain’t right here. This seems like a false flag operation. Maybe wrong but momma a bad actress if it is. My condolences to all involved📿🛐. 💧😢💦😭What mom ain’t got these?

    1. I understand that everyone grieves in different ways, and all that jazz, but she’s not acting right. There’s something very off with this whole situation…based on the information we currently have.
      The mother is doing something I like to call the “dry cry”… She’s going through the motions, without the emotions. Making crying sounds, but not a tear in sight. It’s just seems like reeeeeeally bad acting, and the lawyer’s acting weird too.
      I’m so sorry for her loss, but from what I’ve seen, the officer did what had to be done. Maybe there’s something else out there, that we haven’t seen yet, that will clarify the events, and show that the cop was in the wrong…but at this point, everything looks above bar. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Again, I’m so sorry she has lost a child, that’s a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but this is in no way like what happened to George Floyd! That was murder; plain and simple. She seems to be wanting to latch onto that case, but the 2 are like night and day.

  10. Watch the whole video, this kid was off his head. He gets pulled over twice for speeding more than 100mph and both times the police treat him politely and try to help him out even though he can hardly speak straight, but the last time the kid just didn’t do anything right. He kept getting out of his car on a busy highway when the cop told him to stay put, then when the cop asked him if he wanted to sit in the cruiser he nodded then tried to walk out into the flow of traffic and the cop had to guide him safely into the car. Then he kept getting out of the police car and started struggling with the cop as he tried to get into the front of the police car. And finally they seemed to be struggling for the gun and it goes off. This was NOT the officers fault and using whats happening with George Floyd to ruin a good cops life is despicable. I would feel sorry for this woman if she wasn’t laying it on so thick and trying to ruin a mans life.

    1. “needs to be charged”, yep, she is in pain but letting it out in the wrong direction. Hopefully she will regret her BS in the future.

  11. I saw the video. I don’t think the office did anything wrong. This guy was stopped twice driving over a hundred miles an hour. He was a danger to the public. Sorry for your loss.

  12. They shouldnt charge this officer at black but facts are facts he was fighting true he could have tased him but this was a good cop to me

  13. This isn’t a case of police brutality. Why was he trying to get into the driver’s seat of the cop car?

  14. If Maurice Gordon listened to the police officer and did as he was instructed he’d still be alive. Give me a freaking break Mr. Lawyer ambulance chaser

    1. If he was white he’d be dead too. That is an outlandish statement claiming that his race caused the benevolent officer to shoot him.

  15. This guy was either mentally challenged or high on something. The cops were more than polite and being helpful. There is no case here.

  16. The officer did his job . Maybe shooting him wasn’t the best option but in this case the young man attacked the officer

    1. NazmusLabs from the video it looks like this cop did not have a taser, (a lot less police have tasers than people think) but he did pepper spray the guy.

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