Mother saves toddler from black bear in her own backyard | USA TODAY

A mother grabbed her daughter and carried her inside to safety after a black bear jumped into their Redmond, Washington backyard.

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    1. And the toddler was so genuine and said it perfectly.
      Oh a bear!! So glad this had a happy ending for Mom, toddler and the bear. This will be a super cool video for them to watch when she is grown.

  1. 1. Why is the back door open in the middle of the night, when you have small children home.
    2. The child was actually outside almost five seconds before her mother came out.
    3. How does a bear get into your backyard that’s fenced in?
    4. Why the hell are you living in an area where there are BEARS?

    Just some takes from this video that I focused on.

    1. So much judgement 🤦🏽‍♀️ like is that even necessary? SMH it’s sad when people can’t watch a video without trying to criticize parents. And some of your “takes” from this video are really asinine! How does one control a bear being in their backyard like really.

  2. Good job mom, actually this toddler acted like I would have, because seeing a bear is pretty cool. But then you remember it’s a BEAR.

  3. If that was a black person’s yard, we’d be having bear (fried, broiled, baked), bear stew, bear sandwiches for lunch all next week.

  4. Could you imagine what would have happen to that BLACK bear, had he harm that WHITE child?

    Seriously? In today’s era, you don’t have a clue? Really?

    1. @Sarcastic Klutz Depends on what city. I lived in Miami and Orlando. i had had everything from bears, bobcats, rattlesnakes and alligators in my yard, chilling, acting like they own the place.

      Depending on if i have children around or how big they are, they do.

    2. @Truth Minus The BS lived in FL too…FL fuked up state with stupid laws imo…we have bobcats bears bunnies deer coyotes but they rnt in our cities they r in our wilderness…that mom in this clip shoulda kept better eye on her toddler who let’s them go out by themsrlves

    1. Well thank God we’ve all now heard from The Expert! Now that mother and child can live a much more successful life with your lifesaving, albeit, rude, judgemental, snarky comment on a family and child you know absolutely NOTHING about!
      Thank God for you sir!

  5. When tv has made kids so stupid to go its a bare and run after it like it wonts a hug is a problem.
    Also if your kid was stupid enough to go oh bare and want to hug him let natural selection take place please we got to many adults like this child here.

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  8. Exactly why people should be teaching their kids about reality instead of telling them everyone and everything is their friend.

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