1. I know of a woman in Southwestern Ontario Canada that got herself a fancy million + dollar home build and then went on GoFund me to get a 3 story elevator for her “disabled” son. That’s like what $80,000?🤮😡

  1. Obviously hasn’t paid attention to what has been going on in the airports for weeks. Not a great time to travel

  2. There is never a response from Air Canada. Government must disband that airline and take back any subsidies.

  3. Sad to hear and sadly unsurprising for AC. They were a awful before COVID and now that they have an excuse their “service” will only be worse. If I am not in a rush I would sooner ride a donkey with a skin disorder than fly Air Canada.

  4. “Traumatized”, she’s definitely not dog-whistling for attention and for deeply illiterate individuals to lunge to save her from this lightly inconvenient situation.

  5. There is no rule for this big Canadian company. They never respond my complaint about a lost of my wife’s luggage. It happened two times with with. There is no place to complain against this company, it looks very bad for the tourism industry.

  6. “Traumatizing.” She actually had the nerve to play that card for undue/more than necessary, sympathy.

  7. Although I feel for her inconvenience. “Traumatized” is way too much. She’s fighting but she’s fighting in a malicious way.

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