Mother Seeking Justice for 10 Yr Old's Murder | TVJ News - July 16 2021 1

Mother Seeking Justice for 10 Yr Old’s Murder | TVJ News – July 16 2021


The mother of the ten-year-old boy who was shot and killed in Arnett Gardens in St. Andrew, Jamaica is speaking out this evening. Her son Jaheem Bogle died Friday morning after he was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting in the community on Thursday.

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  1. May God bless that little boy soul and give his family the strength to cope. The people who is responsible for it soon get caught up to.

    1. @Living on Purpose !! lord god what ? You still waiting on him to? The slave and the slave master praying to the same god ! What a thing!!

    2. @Page One Silly because the only slave here is you. You’re a slave to your sins. I’ve been set freed from the grips of sin by the Son. That’s all you people have as y’all arguments: Slave Master this, Slave Master that, white god this and white god that 😒
      Yet ah unnuh get up everyday and ah gwaan wid bear badness and wickedness pon God’s land. Unforgiveness and hatred and idolatry inna unnuh heart. Teef, lie, steal, lust, blaspheme against God. Page, yuh nuh vex wid me, yuh vex wid God. But your arms are too short to box wid God.

      Come now, cuss me out, that’s your energy right now 🙂

      I will continually praise the name of The *LORD GOD* 🙂

    3. @Page One
      Page, I’m here at the ophthalmologist with my son and I’m also reading the word of God (1 Kings chapter 17) and suddenly this conviction came upon me.
      I need to apologize to you Page.
      As much as I don’t like the mockery from unbelievers against believers and against our God, it doesn’t warrant my tit for tat response from me. It doesn’t edify and surely doesn’t represent the character of my Lord and Savior, Jesus. You’re entitled to your opinions.
      We believers pray to our God and place our hope and faith in him. So I understand why this is inconceivable for you to comprehend but we believe and will always believe against all the odds and naysayers. I honestly pray humbly that one day you’ll come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and surrender your life to him. Be freed from your sins, healed internally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. I apologize for my puffed up arrogance. It doesn’t represent the Spirit of God. I was responding from my flesh. I’ll not delete my previous comment. I’ll let it be seen to show that I’m not holier than thou. It wasn’t graceful and I thank God for his Holy Spirit convicting me and unctioning me to make things right.

      Peace be to you and Take care.

    4. @Living on Purpose !! let me be honest with you I spent years studying history in university, I was brought up in the church, when I was 13
      Years old a preacher told me not to come back to his church because I asked too many questions, when I got older I was intrigued by history so after high school I started studying it in college and later in university, and I studied it with a open mind searching for the truth! I later met a friend and a professor that had a huge library with books that’s hundreds of years old, I started reading about kemit, aka Egypt and their stories, I later found out that outside the bible there’s no historical or physical evidence anyone in the bible ever existed, in fact most of the stories of the bible was plagiarized from Egyptians mythology, Noah ark was plagiarized from a man call Gilgamesh, the stories of Jesus was plagiarized from Horus and Krishna there’s actually about 16 other fictional characters with identical stories I don’t deal with emotions or hare say! I deal with facts ! Have you ever read numbers 31? Where god tell Moses to kill everyone including women and children but save the virgins for yourself? How about Deuteronomy 21? Where rape is promoted , can someone tell me what dynasty did Moses come from? When you dig deep into Christianity and Muslim you realize they control peoples through fear bullying and brainwashing!

    5. @Page One
      I thank you for being open and transparent in sharing some of your personal life experiences and journey with me.

      I must say that whomever that pastor was/is who discouraged you from asking questions, was totally wrong and mishandled both the precious word of God and you.
      Jesus didn’t humiliate nor discouraged Thomas from asking questions and having doubts. Jesus didn’t disciplined the father who asked Him to help his unbelief. Jesus didn’t turn his back on Peter after Peter openly rejected Him and denied Him openly. Jesus would had answered Pilate’s question {John 18vs38} about “what is truth”, had Pilate genuinely seeked to know.

      Everyone wants to the truth.
      Jesus said He is The Truth.

      As for Egypt and the allegations of plagiarism of the Holy Bible…so much can be discussed and important as it is to have that discussion, your salvation in Jesus is far more important. Being cleansed of all your sins is far more important. The rest will work itself out.

      Page, I’ve never been bullied by this faith. I saw that I was far from God, I understood my sinful deeds and behavior and I was convicted. I understood that I was born in sin and fell short of the glory of God. I need saving.
      So I surrendered my life to Jesus my Lord.

      We all have a choice to decide whom we will serve:
      *”Now therefore fear the Lord and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness. Put away the gods that your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord. And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”* ~Joshua 24 vs 14-15

      As for the aforementioned books and chapters, you misunderstand God.

      Anyways, again I pray that you’ll come to the marvelous light of Jesus Christ one day soon. Tek care Page.

    1. The sad sad part of it the children suffered the most innocently it not police shot him it criminals them and them not calling no name but they wanted justiced what i dont understand why hiding the criminals them undercover untilthings knock on your door the child lost his life just like that it so painful riding is bike some were this massacre had to stop some were are the other to how i view this whole it not going to be easy OMG

  2. Me feel it and is not my son. Why don’t you give up their names because am sure most of who protesting know of these killers it’s a shame that we sit and let a few gunmen mash up our country and communities

  3. Its interesting that only one a few persons have shown their faces. When the criminals are killed everyone show their faces. Jamaicans Jamaicans when are we going to learn that we are the ones causing this crime monster to grow bigger and stronger. When the criminals do wrong – give them up.

  4. All the police do is drive round and lock off music. That’s the only time they do work. The MP has more important work to do. When u people stop hug up and love up gun man…things will be way better….shoob dem out

  5. This is to the young gal dem enuh know who a di gunman but don’t want to give dem up , sorry fi your lose. you yourself know why ,check your brother, baby fada

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