Mother Who Received Child Tax Credit Payment: 'That's My Grocery Budget' 1

Mother Who Received Child Tax Credit Payment: ‘That’s My Grocery Budget’


"We can start to make plans." Vanessa Pierre, a mother who received the Child Tax Credit payment for her children, tells Lawrence O'Donnell she was able to "exhale" because now she can start saving for a home. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a longtime advocate of the Child Tax Credit, says this is a "lifeline to the middle class" and a historic investment to reduce child poverty. 
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  1. It’s just a tax credit, it’s literally like getting your tax return…. the fed shouldn’t have your money as an interest free loan throughout the year anyways

    1. All she had to do was adjust her W2. We don’t need to waste all this money creating a redundant system.

    2. You may be right but it’s not being done for those who don’t have any kids yet still need to eat and put a roof over their heads… so it’s actually unfair.

    3. @Dan If you need your tax return now, the IRS has a W2 withholdings calculator you can use to figure out how many dependents you should claim on your W2 to get more money each paycheck without owing taxes come April.

  2. “That’s my grocery budget”. Not after hyper inflation kicks in from printing so much money and giving it away and the shortages of stuff at the stores because nobody’s working so the suppliers can’t meet demand. This is looking like the early days of socialism in Venezuelan.

    1. NO Republican voted to take money from tax payers and pay all parents REGARDLESS of whether they pay taxes.
      DUH!? And they call it a “Tax Credit”? Democrats have no ethics left. This is open theft from tax payers to push a socialist agenda.
      It’s a pay off for votes.

    2. I’m sure depends on that tax check after taxes to that she wont get anymore cuz they are just spreading out through the year now enjoy dont worry they will find away to get it back

    3. Put down the bong Scott. That is some kind word salad you got going there. What kind of dressing do you put on that?

    4. @ScottCleve33 There haven’t been any shortages since the Great Toilet Paper Shortage caused by panicked hoarders.

    1. @HEATHEN Airsoft N.J. Although taxpayer money was spent on running this new system. And if someone wants their money now rather than in April, all they have to do is adjust the withholdings on their W2.

  3. Total theater It’s a freaking movie people. Staged , directed , and complete illusion

    1. All I know is my baby mama won’t need to be calling me for NOTHING until atleast the end of the year! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  4. Government: $250-$300 should do the trick.
    Child support claims: about $1600 – $2000 should do the trick.

    1. @Banned Twice
      LMAO, news gets less views than entertainment? Especially in the age of internet? Wow, Next you’ll be telling me that water is wet:/ It’s ironic, you are wrong on almost every talking point you have.

    2. @H H not a trump supporter but good job with your pea brained assumption. Nice job though trying to reword TDS, it still doesn’t change the fact that it means Trump derangement syndrome and you both have it 🤣 I laugh at all you political try hards who think you’re right.

  5. Never seen so many happy about getting their own money back.. People really believe this is free money?? And we wonder why there are so many sheep

    1. Democrats have everyone convinced they are good people and are giving people free money. It’s pathetic.

    2. They would’ve gotten in back in April. Now they’ll get less in April. And we spent a ton of tax payer money on a redundant system. If she needed more money now all she had to do was adjust the withholdings on her W2.

  6. What’s gonna happen with inflation from the results of Printing all this money to buy votes

    1. @King Robert Starks Go to the store. Go to a gas station. Go buy some lumber. You will see inflation in person. No definition needed.

    2. Truth. Add California’s decades of water mismanagement and the current drought will cause even deeper grocery cost increases.

    3. @kenny epstein Unless, of course, he lives in California. I hear shoplifting is practically legal there now.

  7. “Pats her on the head.”

    Here’s your food money, hon. It’s a loan, by the way. You’ll own this at tax time.

    1. @zebageba I still don’t think you do. No one pays 100% tax on the amount given. Your taxes pay for other things too besides welfare.

    2. @s13shaka I will owe this money at tax time. If I don’t get the child tax credit at tax time, I will owe taxes.

  8. Here’s your check and Thank you for your vote , and you wonder why a certain race cry’s every year . The government is not you mommy or daddy. # keeping them on the plantation.

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