'Motivation Behind These Threats Is The Lie': Election Officials Testify About Threats 1

‘Motivation Behind These Threats Is The Lie’: Election Officials Testify About Threats


Local election officials testified on Capitol Hill about how the Big Lie is motivating a wave of threats and intimidation against them.
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  1. If your idea of patriotism is riding a platform of hate & fear, threatening others for verifying our votes; I personally think you really need to step back and ask yourself if your approach is patriotic or obstructive.

    This insanity has to stop, and probably will once these liars are treated like the criminals they are, especially the orange Mussolini

    1. Exactly they call everyone who isn’t a trumpanzee a communist while they’re the ones who tried to forcefully overthrow our democracy.

    2. @Lotta Sunshine by being held accountable as a stochastic terrorist/seditionist… freedom of speech does not cover a lot of what these hosts are doing. Aiding and abetting are also very real charges.

    3. @Sacre’ Bleu Thank you so much for saying that. So many people think EVERYTHING is covered under freedom of speech.

  2. “Former Guy” and his gullible followers need to be imprisoned for inciting a failed “INSURRECTION” marking the absolute worst historical Coup attempt of all times.

    1. @Marco M I have never understood how people rally behind an obese, twice divorced, makeup wearing FALSE Christian serial adulterer spray-tan draft dodger. I just don’t get it, maybe they see parts of themselves in Trump.

    2. Didn’t happen comrade. That’s why we have laws and a judicial system, so commie tyrants like you don’t become judge, jury, and executioner!

    3. President Trump is the rightful president of the USA. This election was stolen & 1/6 was not an insurrection, it was a set up by Pelosi to use for political purposes.

    4. The election was not stolen at all. You should just accept that because it’s reality and nothing is going to change that.

  3. Lawyer up McCarthy, Gym Jordan, Boebert, Gosar, Meadows, Barr, Rudy, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, Gohmert, Brooks, Gaetz, MTG, etc without the Executive Privilege??

    1. Don’t forget the two biggest Goofs Graham and McConnell these two turn my stomach, their all a bunch of seriously compulsive liars which is a mental illness that is what was running your country for the last four plus, truly pathetic, insane and so violently dangerous they all need to be prosecuted and stripped of ever being in political offices ever again. Their ability to bare face lie is sickening to watch.

    1. Can you imagine believing it wasn’t a big deal?
      No! You can’t. Because they don’t either. The truth?
      They endorse it. All of em. They are not civil nor for democracy
      FuLL stoP

    2. I agree that it seems you’re correct. Frustrating. But the most effective punch… is Hard and UN-telegraphed. Let’s give patience a little more time. 👍 ❤️

  4. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. Agreed trump is a really a menace to society that was unleashed upon us causing war havoc and confusion and won’t go away and should be locked up already

    2. @Tek Powers , he’s gonna spend the rest of his life running from the courts and lawyers. a target on his back, wish I could get in on some of that action. LOL

  5. What we are seeing is Fascism. I know we thought it could not happen here but it is happening. The question is what are we gonna do to stop it.

    1. @Incontinentia Buttocks I hope you’re right. But we’ve come very close recently and over the last four years. I hope they get Trump the way they got Capone.

    2. Unfortunately, due to the persistent idea of “American exceptionalism” and how great we are/is/always/and again, we will never do anything to stop a fascist movement from taking over. America has proven time and again to be a ‘reactionary’ country. Nothing gets addressed until it becomes too terrible to ignore. Not roads, pandemics, poverty, racism, climate change, seatbelts, airbags, etc. Even civil rights only ever occurred in reaction to protests from blacks, women, gays, etc.

    3. ‘ I know we thought it could not happen here but it is happening.’ Well, the movement even used the slogan ‘America First’. Anyone who has read enough history to know about the original ‘America First’ (or even anyone who read Philip Roth’s ‘The Plot Against America’) will not have been surprised by anything that happened post 2016.

    4. I called it out back in 2015 when Trump started running for president. People called me crazy. I called myself hopefully wrong. Unfortunately I was not.

  6. This is crazy, the former presidemt and his cronies need to be held accountable. This must stop.

    1. @Ben Smith – a lot of those 70 million Americans are starting to wake up to what Trump was really like and changing their minds. Sounds like you are still blind sided to what he is really like. I feel sorry for you.

    2. @Ben Smith Sedition is a crime. Inciting violence is a crime. Attacking the Capitol of the United States is treason, which is a crime. Don’t try to tell us there were no crimes committed. All of this stems from Trump. He must be stopped soon.

    3. @Ben Smith And that’s a part of the problem. You don’t pledge your allegiance to a person. You do it for your country. If you can’t understand that, you are truly lost.

    1. @Ryan Boehm Your saying Antifa is a peaceful organization ?
      The Grand Wizard of the Republikkklan party said Antifa attacked the Capitol

    2. @Ryan Boehm The real Americans are getting fed up with you cult following underachieving sheep. There will be push back from the majority, if justice is not served.

    3. @Ryan Boehm Trump said we had airports during the Revolutionary war. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. These people should be given security. They shouldn’t have to be afraid, threatened or shot at for doing their jobs. I hope the people who have done these things to them have been arrested and are enjoying tent city where they belong.

  8. That woman speaks the truth, and has more cajones than ANY of the deplorable losers pushing, and believing the big lie!

  9. isn’t it ironic that the only fraud in the last election was donald trump??? it’s like rain on your wedding day…

    1. Or a free ride when you already paid. Good advice that you just didn’t take (like getting a vaccine).

  10. This is what happens when we put a traitorous criminal in the Oval Office. If Republicans retake the House or Senate in 2022, we can kiss democracy goodbye, and then say hello to our first dictator in 2024.

    1. The GOP’s lies and rhetoric are only a diversion to cheat in any future elections that would guarantee their power starved ego’s!

    2. Yeah, and then we can probably look forward to a mass uprising and all the traitors getting dragged out. America as a whole is not going to go along with letting the racists take over America, the average person might not be too concerned yet, but give it time, its building up. What I don’t understand is where are all the good guys right now, where is the government, America needs help and protection.

    3. @mistatk if you wonder where most of the traitors congregate, they meet at luxurious country clubs and holf courses, mostly ones with little to no black members!

  11. I feel sorry that the people doing the right thing are being targeted. Sadly, tRump couldnt care less about these people.

  12. Since when is threatening someone else not an offence that results in jail time and forfeiture of weapons? All those second amendment diehards seem to conveniently overlook the fact that the right to bear arms was not intended for people to go on a rampage and threaten unarmed people because of differing points of views.

    1. Yes. It really troubles me. President Trump menacingly asserting or asking that people go down to the polls and “watch very closely” during the first debate between him and Joe Biden had a ring of threat to it.

      Intimidating people into not voting, then invalidating their votes if they do is terrifying.

    2. Exactly. If you intimidate someone with a gun, that’s aggravated assault, a felony. You don’t have to point it at them, just intimidate them.

  13. The one guy had it right: something must be done about Trump and his Lie. Until ACTION is taken, nothing will change.

  14. General Dwight Eisenhower said “If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.”

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