Mounties swarmed by teens, young adults in Surrey, B.C. 1

Mounties swarmed by teens, young adults in Surrey, B.C.


More details are emerging about what happened when a group of young people in Surrey swarmed RCMP officers.

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  1. This is Parenting gone wrong. Children have no Respect for anyone or anything. If want an Example of the Behavior just go to any School and you will see this kind of Disrespect. Children Learn this from what they See and Hear in their Homes.

    1. i agree but the wrong behaviours are not done by parents mainly. Considering the fact that in this day and age both parents work, kids are mainly raised by what they see on TV. More specifically what kids see and understand as just in movies, tv shows, and music videos. When both parents work the time needed to attend to your child and see and understand your child is reduced drastically. This would lead to the fact that most parents do not know their kids at all.

    2. I and it would suggest poor parenting if you don’t have time to raise kids and want others to raise them with their beliefs or lack of them

    1. @Landon Breeden It means the “kids” are ongoing and continuous lawbreakers, troublemakers, problems etc. who haven’t had the book thrown at them yet.

    1. That’s exactly what I was going to say! Single mothers! There clearly is no proper authority figure in that family! Sad…

    2. I hate to tell you this but married moms that will blame anybody but their kids too. Dad’s will do the same. Ask teachers.

  2. Blame it on the politicians for tying the cops hands because u look what’s going on now is the kids r getting away with everything and there not afraid of the police as u can see

  3. What child exactly was “in control ” if one kid is on video kicking a cruiser car, and one is arrested for throwing something at an officer?.

  4. Kicks a cop car right in front of his mom… says everything that needs to be said right there. No respect for mom, no respect for anything.

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