Moving Abroad fro Love - Alyshia Miller-Powell | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Moving Abroad fro Love – Alyshia Miller-Powell | TVJ Smile Jamaica


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  1. I wish they had mentioned that she was born to a Ghanaian mother. Life can come full circle because many Jamaicans have roots in West Africa due to the slave trade

  2. I moved countries for love 15 years of marriage and going strong 16 years together …. love is a risk

  3. You never know where your soulmate is waiting for you. You have to be willing to move in order to find that person.

  4. I think she was naive and lucky at the same time, lots of risk, but let’s face it, she knew who he was, he is a famous athlete. It is obvious that Mr Powell loves her at first not so sure the other way around.
    Wake me up when you can tell me she did the same thing for a broke guy who has a one bedroom.

    1. I was going to move to india with my husband when he lost his job before we got married, but things worked out here instead. Our kids have never had to worry about anything during the pandemic.

    2. @nana p yes agreed… the main thing is about the financial stability of the man irrespective of everything. If a man earns good and can provide you all the luxury of the life then he would be the FIRST choice irrespective of his behavior, culture, ambition, work ethics and moral values.

    3. @Kish Lindsay real love has boundaries. Relationships should never be entered into just because you feel a “certain way” there must be solid evidence that gives logical reasons to do so. Someone wanting to know if you are able to provide a good home with a solid income is a prudent thing to do.

  5. He’s rich and has a comfortable life in the upper class of society so I doubt this was a highly difficult decision for her .

    1. I get what you saying, but I don’t think money played a role here as she was doing financially ok herself. However, we would never really know unless she fully and honestly spill the beans. All we can do is just take it for what it is and wish them all the very best. Based on what I have been seeing thus far, them seem to be very much in love and are genuinely happy with each other.

    2. My mother is South African and moved to Jamaica with my father who is Jamaican. My mother struggled with being in Jamaica to her dying day. And she lived there for 40 years. Money isn’t everything.

    3. @Jason Dacres I think money played a role… most women are attracted to powerful men.
      Money can be used as a tool to acquire power, influence and opportunity

  6. I love the Jamaican Accent however, I don’t like Patois, I think it is foolishness, a waste of time, and It’s not a language! It’s a Dialect! I can’t understand why educated people in Jamaica go around calling Patois a language ??? If one cannot communicate from the ground floor right up to the Penthouse and beyond With Patois! It cannot be called a language. Patois does not have the technical wherewithal within it to be called a language; regardless of the philosophical nonsense been projected by Educated Fools like Carolyn Cooper, and the other freeloader in our society. All these people have done is to create a more informal society, which in turn create more mediocrity, and bring standard down to the people, rather than bringing people up to standard. These advocate of Patios are not aware of how much damage been done to Jamaican with this nonsense. Jamaican have gotten jobs in the USA, some on program and some direct, only to find out that months into many of these jobs, they had to be let go(terminated) because of poor communication skill. Jamaica is looking to move forward with BPO, KPO, IT. Tourism, and Excel in the Digital world. We need fresh unclouded mind who can think on the International level, in the same way Country like Japan are mandating that, English is the Language of business in their cooperation. Now this is a Japan with 1000’s of years of true language and culture; not the unstructured anything goes stuff we have in Jamaica.
    Japan, as well as many other none English Speaking Country are making these changes, because it’s good for business. Jamaica needs to wake up and make it known that, for us to take advantage of the close proximity to the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Plus having the 7th largest Harbor in the World. We all need to be proficient in English and Spanish. We need to stop waste time on our Dialect, which cannot do anything for us. Carolyn Cooper, you need to do something constructive for your country, by helping young people to stay in school, help them with their English…Source for International Business transferring to English…Harvard Business Review

    1. You sound like a self hating conquered fool, with a grandiose perception of their own intellect. Language is used for cultural preservation within any society before their ‘globalization’ agenda which is used to destabilize ‘developing’ countries. Who made it unstructured? Shakespearean English is not old English and it is accepted as an evolution of English, ‘Early Modern English’ A group of Africans were enslaved from different tribes and created a language (yes a language), why isn’t that viewed as evolution as well? Patois can be codified, it has been but pompous people like you is why it won’t be implemented in its written form.
      Harvard have classes teaching Jamaican patois by the way, at least some colonial institution see the value in it unlike the aspirational bourgeoisie such as yourself. An appreciation for patois and English can co-exist since human beings are multi-faceted, no need to rage on and belittle.

      Edit: If you view BPOs, Tourism and multinational corporations as moving forward, I’m intrigued to know what economic principle you are fond of, sounds like reaganomics. Jamaica has no actual innovation within STEM and any of the above is not moving forward it’s actually dependency and an underemployment tactic. STEM jobs are basically non existent in Jamaica so great minds can’t innovate within that realm because Jamaica won’t allow them. Your rant is misguided.

    2. @pink Could you please outline The Jobs that will be available to most Jamaican after the pandemic!!! And please, REALITY, not conjecture!

    3. @pink That’s the problem with some Jamaican, they’re living in cloud cuckoo land. Patois doesn’t define me! I don’t need a crutch to lean on. I find it funny when someone say I’m proud of speaking a broken language, I like whole things, not a broken one. How we sound when we speak English, is what define me, that’s what I love!!! I’m not saying to get rid of Patois, because you’re not able to do that. What I’m saying is, the time we’re wasting talking about, it’s language, should be better spent helping Jamaican to speak even basic English; which will help them do better at whatever it is they want to do. I’m well aware of the Jamaican Philosopher, who talk all day and saying nothing…

  7. I met my King in Germany he was visiting his sister, we clicked from the moment we connected. Then he tells me he lives in Jamaica
    I was travelling to Jamaica from 4 years old stay with the Love of my life, my Granddaddy and schooled there for five years until my mummy said I had to return back to England so Jamaica is no shock to me I just fit in, home from home.
    We were to seal our union 2019 but know seh let’s wait until 2020 and look what happen we all Lockdown so after three years still standing in love with each other, we’re Irie together, he calls every morning with a Prayer, he’s my Soul mate a bredrin.
    I have dual Citizenship and looking forward to our reunion summer time if life spare.
    My big Sister is a Farmer.
    This has been my hardest challenge in my adult life ca I never knew you could miss someone this much only in death.
    I Pray Jah Guide and Irect him everyday and to bless our Paths to be reunited

    1. A lot of women. But not any women…. No matter how much money a man have, he will never get all the women he wants. Many have money an don’t have an approach towards women…

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