MPs debate Chinese ‘police stations,’ foreign interference in Canada

Conservatives accuse the Liberals of failed attempts to close alleged Chinese 'police stations' in Canada.

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  1. Pretty tough thing to say Singh, especially since you’re still giving Trudeau power because of this coalition. There will be no inquiries or investigations as long as you keep Trudeau in control.

  2. He can’t keep Canadians safe Jagmeet. If only someone could do something about this government.

  3. Trudeau’s formula for responding is always the same. Don’t just deny it, pretend you were doing the opposite of what you are being accused of and doing it very well. Such a waste of time to hear him speak.

  4. Flush it
    Liberals NDP let it make skid marks on the way out.
    I’m 100% to vote ☑️ Poilievre!!

  5. Trudeau asking if investigating foreign police offices is necessary? That should tell you all we need to know about what he thinks about Canadiansz

  6. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Jagmeet is wearing the ruby slippers to make the public inquiry happen.

  7. PM Justin has NO credibility on this matter. It is NOT true that he takes this seriously. He has NO vision on this matter.

  8. The minister hiding behind independent operation of the police is basically saying that he is not doing his job.

  9. You arrest those operating any type of foreign police acting in our nation. It’s a simple answer, if this is not happening then that’s a serious problem. This is Canada 🇨🇦.

    1. Independent fully public inquiry required. Send David Johnston back to PET Foundation and Trudeau’s mother. Rein in Trudeau. Resign.

  10. The ndp/lib coalition needs to stop. It only hurts ndp when voting time comes. Marco is a 🤥 btw

  11. We will get a public inquiry with an election if Jagmeet stopped propping up Trudeau.

  12. Jagmeet Singh, don’t forget the very PM you’re questioning is in power because of YOU?!?!? We seriously need Pierre!

  13. What is the purpose of Jagmeet to ask Trudeau the questions when they both formed the alliance together???

  14. I miss Jack Layton. Rest his soul. He would be turning in his grave to see what his beloved party turned into.

  15. Singh standing up and condemning anybody, only to go behind closed doors and make deals and support the LIEberals is an insult to every Canadians intelligence

  16. It is a shame you took 2 years to expel their ambassador while they took less than a day to expel your ambassador who do not commit any mistake.

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