MPs vote to declare China's treatment of Uighurs a genocide | Trudeau, cabinet abstain from the vote 1

MPs vote to declare China’s treatment of Uighurs a genocide | Trudeau, cabinet abstain from the vote


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    1. Sadly, no matter how hard a politician is pressed on hypocrisy or contradiction they continue to not answer the question

    2. I’ll always defend my children and democracy, I can’t believe Canada’s ignorant to history reoccurring exactly like the circumstances of World War 2…

  1. Well, we now know who owns Trudeau.
    Thanks for making that clear to everyone who hasn’t been paying attention until now.

  2. Thank you for standing up and questioning this terrible act. The voices of Canadians are being squandered by the government. Where did our democracy go. It is becoming apparent that the heads of our government do not have the peoples will in consideration in many regards.

  3. This is our Prime Minister ladies and gentlemen, I wonder how all those who voted for Trudeau and defended him through his many scandals and ethics violations feel about him now?

    1. @John Not snow Can you imagine if Harper did half the things this buffoon does on a daily basis? The Libs would freak out and insult the hell out of him

    1. Jagmet Sigh wont vote no confidence, NDP lost like half of their party doners when he became leader. They don’t have enough money to run a election campaign.

    2. The Liberal”s faithful sidekicks the NDP will have Trudeau’s back. Butt kissing the liberals is the only political power they have available to their very sad excuse for a party.

  4. How can the Minister of Foreign affairs abstain from a foreign affair file? What a joke. No wonder Canada is last place in G7.

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