'Mr. Williams Was Particularly Effective': Unpacking This Morning's Witness Testimonies | Katy Tur 1

‘Mr. Williams Was Particularly Effective’: Unpacking This Morning’s Witness Testimonies | Katy Tur


NBC News Correspondent Shaquille Brewster, University of Alabama Law Professor Joyce Vance, and former Senior FBI Official and former U.S. Attorney, Chuck Rosenberg, join Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss what we saw from witnesses this morning at the Derek Chauvin trial. Aired on 03/30/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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'Mr. Williams Was Particularly Effective': Unpacking This Morning's Witness Testimonies | Katy Tur


  1. Defense: “The causes of Floyd’s death are complex and really can’t be determined with any certainty.”
    A child: “The white guy knelt on the other guy’s neck until he stopped breathing.”
    Defense: “Can we get a do-over?”

    1. @Wisconsin Man Yet there were two autopsies but you Chauvin defenders only ever talk about one. You can’t ignore things that don’t suit your narrative.

    2. @Wisconsin Man the second coroner said he was murdered and labeled it a homicide the first coroner was a cop appointed coroner the second one was a private one that the family hired.

    3. @Lem Lovel Yeah Right Commie. You communist. You… screw it. racist? why? Oh you you little soft weaklings call people racist when you don’t like what they say. And the Gov’t killed MLK under Democrat President.

    4. @Wisconsin Man lmfao. You always know when a right wing goon has lost his cool. He starts calling people Commies. The 1950s called, they want their insults back.

      What a sad joke you apologists for murderers are. I like the commentor’s suggestion that you find 3 men to lean their full body weight on you including your neck for 9 minutes. Then come tell us how you feel.

  2. If the police get off the charge, then there is no law and order for all in America. Expect mass protests and alot of anger.

    1. @Annette youtube Yes! People don’t realize that BLM is mostly white anyways. They use black people to speak in the front of a protest and hold the line as they are shields for the whites behind them. Yes racism even exist within BLM

    2. @evil khor Well, there wasn’t law and order during that time. That was the point, since the law wasn’t being followed anyway those people felt that they could do those things. Ofcourse they were wrong, but hey at least you haven’t argued against it being actual murder. You just brought up some other instances of criminal behavior as well. Good to know that you believe this was actual murder at least.

    3. @Carriemchardy Carrie The cops were called over Floyd stealing and bullying a store clerk. Without cause? As big as he was he shouldn’t have resisted. The cop did what his training told him to do…He did his job.

  3. Get ready. The officer assassinated George Floyd his defense team will assassinate George Floyd’s character. It shouldn’t matter, murder is murder.

    1. Of course they will! They have to give a best defense. And they are guilty! That’s all they got! It’s sad but that’s just have to make him less valuable. This is why I hate people!

    2. Hey Brent H…just imagine all of the corrupt cops that so called grand juries gave the free white pass to!
      These cops are still free to commit any and every kinda crime imaginable!
      Protect your family and any other members of society from these predators!

    3. @jesse pruit so cynical! And yet there are those who would give their last dollar to help another. I know people like that, and I think you do too. You just maybe don’t see them. But you are right. their job is to make George look less valuable. do you think that will work after all the coverage of his daughter saying “Daddy changed the world”? I don’t. I think in the end, people are sensible and compassionate if given half the chance and a dose of understanding. I wish you well, Jesse Pruit!

    4. @espy almost 66 years on this earth has made me cynical. And when I say I hate people that’s people in general. I love individuals! One of my biggest white privilege is to be around when other white folks talk about people of color. So yes I am cynical!

  4. The detail that the paramedics had to physically move the officer off George Floyd’s neck is the whole case. His intentions are so malicious that he would stand in opposition to urgent care, regardless to what the autopsy found after the fact.

    1. I dont understand why the paramedics didnt really do much for George Floyd…they just got out of the ambulance and carelessly picked up Floyd and put him on a gurnee and did absolutely nothing to see if he was even dead or alive. Unbelievable.

  5. Children are really the innocents we have. They are literal in their perception of things. They recount what they saw. They have yet to be compromised by outside factors. I hope this child is helped by telling what she saw. It is too profound to be bottled up for the rest of her life.

    1. I feel so much for this child. Her life will never be the same as it was BEFORE Murder was done right in front of her!

    2. @Dead Pool Unfortunately yes. That’s what the masters on the plantations did to strike fear in the hearts of sales.

    1. While I am glad such a stellar witness was present, I deeply regret the memories and pain they will suffer the rest of their life as a result of seeing such a horror.

    2. @SaltRiver Pirate True. I remember when I saw a guy on a motorcycle hit a car and pop up and hit his head on the highway, this is something I cannot forget. I think we all see this event of G Floyd as a murder in plain sight.

  6. I’m a 68 year old man and this case is bringing tears to my eyes, all of this over counterfeit 20 dollar bill this didn’t need to happen, Officer Chauvin was showing off in front his rookie cop friends and it cost a man his life.

    1. @Lm only if it was out peers SMDH could should would my faith is not in our system it works against actual majority SOULS of AMERICA. Look at GA see how right in front of your eyes they don’t care at all the arrogance the simple mental nassacistic controlled Bullied BEHAVIOR … now WHAT do we do FINALLY Unite or continue to play Checkers WITH idiots . Cause they have no sense creditable anything I pray I see the day . The GIG HAS UP

    2. @Chris Willis you are again spouting falsified information as facts it is obvious that you have devolved into the ape from which you came it’s impossible to argue with someone who speaks lies as truth read the first report before the media outburst made by the same coroner you dunce

    3. @Cheshire Cat Mr. Floyd was a black man. I am sure all the public servants / first responders feared for their lives. What a proud police dept.
      What a bunch of low life goons!

  7. I wasn’t going to watch it, but currently on spring break and one testimony just caught my attention. Now I need to watch. Witnesses and videos are so compelling. Officer Chauvin did not check on his well-being after the man is cuffed and no longer struggling. His knee never left his neck until the ambulance checked his eyes and they knew he was doa . Only after the gurney came out did chauvin removed his knee, so he could assist in rolling him onto the gurney.

  8. What kind of moronic attorney would imply that a murder witness had profited or enriched herself from that experience?

    Wonder if the attorney is just this bad, or if he also dislikes Chauvin haha

    1. To the young lady, I say there are moments in life when you make a decision. Yours was to record the event, and really? that is all you could do, and the rest of us thank you for that. Rest easy, you are a hero. I get how hard it is to not stop suffering when you see it, but what could you have done? would your parents be mourning you as well? You did your part. Thank you!

    1. You be surprised at the jury’s verdict in a situation like this you really would especially when the jury is stacked with law enforcement formal law enforcement or families and concubines of law enforcement meaning wives you really would all that evidence don’t mean s*** in front of a pro law enforcement jury and guess what there’s a video of a black man being arrested and a cop got a choke hold on him and the guy is trying to struggle to say I can’t breathe and the cop says I don’t care? Even on f****** video the police still don’t give a f***!

  9. In an organization like the police department, corruption doesn’t exist alone in one officer. Corruption spreads throughout a police department like a cancer.

    1. They know they have total immunity and the Eternal Order of the pigs won’t let one of their’s take any responsibility because it weakens them all, and we can’t have that.

  10. It is profoundly NOT a child’s place to police the Police. I feel for her, it has to be extremely traumatic to watch a man unjustly murdered right before your own eyes.

  11. I hope some mental health follow-up is done for those kids. What they went through was traumatic.

  12. To this day I still haven’t and can’t watch the footage she captured. She feels so bad that she couldn’t do anything? Honey, you have no idea how much you did for this country. Thank you for holding it together and I’m so sorry you had to.

    1. It’s sort of like survivor’s guilt in a way, except for bystanders. May she find peace within herself and George Floyd justice for his murder.

  13. This man did so well on the stand, I’m so glad he made a second phone call to the police officer’s, because those were definitely no officers

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