MSNBC Town Hall Participant Gets Second Dose Of Moderna Vaccine 1

MSNBC Town Hall Participant Gets Second Dose Of Moderna Vaccine


Last month, Dr. Kizzy Corbett convinced Matthew Mallory to get the Covid-19 vaccine after MSNBC’s town hall, “Vaccinating America.” A month later, Matthew and his mother got their second dose of the Moderna vaccine, which Dr. Corbett helped develop.
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  1. Just imagine how the vaccinated must feel knowing those special ingredients are inside of them right now

    1. you’re youtubes everyready bunny. keeps going and going and going. tiny cymbals crashing.

  2. Meanwhile, in Florida, a covid outbreak at an office building killed 2 people and sent 3 to the hospital. A 6th person who worked with that team was fine.
    Wanna guess the one person who was vaccinated and who weren’t? Yup.

    1. Maybe they and their families and friends will wake up and realize that it’s way from over. Then again maybe not. It’s Florida..

  3. Shout out to George Floyd on thirteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals

    1. They will if he’s one of the 0.0002% of people that have been vaccinated and have had this temporary complication. He has a better chance of winning the lottery while being struck by lightning and a meteor at the same time.
      You should spread your tinfoil hat theories on the My Crackpipe Guys site Crank. They love that type of thing.

  4. what has a man getting a vaccine shot in Va. got to do with Mr Floyd? Do it for your family if not for you, dont listen to the seriously stupid stories and talk to someone who got polio in the 1960/70’s see what they think

  5. Good job, Mathew. And Me too! At ,70, I’ve had them all. Since 1950. As a woman, thanks for bringing us up and out of this crud!.

  6. If your have organ failures in two years, it will also be your fault for putting blind trust in DEVILS !

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