Mu Variant of Covid-19 in Jamaica | TVJ News - Sept 9 2021 1

Mu Variant of Covid-19 in Jamaica | TVJ News – Sept 9 2021


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    1. You are correct…
      Sir Nose will be very rich once he leaves office..he gave them a lab rat dumping ground…
      Pure B.S.
      Watch they r going put the vaccine in pill 💊 from so they can get super rich by using the sell out politican to slowly kill lazy mined sheep.

  1. kmt as far as am concerned all the variant was here all along man the people’s are playing with our life all they care about is to make sure the money that anju get for killing us and also for helping the devil workers to achieve there goals y’all are kill people bcz of y’all selfish greed smh 🤦 I just pray God protect us from the enemies

    1. @Dancehall Zone talk truth and the other day dem a seh dem find one more cure and seh dem this one is a sure sure think

    2. @Tina tina bless real talk every new one them find ok a it this then it nuh work then them try some else and yes a it this and then that nuh…”ivermectin” they have this medication selling in undeveloped country and people use it for river blindness and as soon as some American start use it fi covid them stop selling so if it make people sterile why was it being use to cure river blindness in the first place

    3. @Jason Brown you listen to mi yo did si mi a walk and a throw blames tell me mek mi tell you this anju spokesman nuh come try lecturing me cause if it a debate yo caan win so it’s best if you go do a research or put two’s and two’s together and get the mathematics yo zimi cause yo just a chat it coming like yo all blind wid yo chat to

  2. Them refuse to lockdown the ports. So everything ago reach a yard. Now poor people who not even have visa ago feel it. Tourism should never be the number one source of income for Jamaica. Farming and factories need to be invested in

    1. All if them lock the ports,you still a go have new strain,it’s coming from the vaccine mixing with the normal non vaccinated persons strain,thus creating new strains.if there was no vaccine,you would have no new strain.

    2. bothers me too that tourism is no one. Or even that it is, Jamaica relies on it way too much. Means poor and mid class Jamaicans come way long distance last.

    3. Jamaica needs foreign investments like most countries in the world, but our indiscipline, lawlessness and violent behaviour has prevented would be investors coming here. They think here is too unstable for investing. No country in the universe can survive without investment. look at the other Caribbean countries who are richer than us, increased investments because of less crime and violence.


    2. Well—this is what the government wanted. There are still countries with no corona but ours allowing foreigners with vaccine passport not realising that vaccinated people carry the virus undetected.

    1. A dat me a seh!
      When u talk bout naive and love put trust inna man!
      Jus the other day my mom who is a staunch JLP …when I told her it’s a trick…lots of lies behind this plandemic.
      She said of Anju ” wat reason wud he have to lie?!”
      😲🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 whooiiiiii me body!

  3. With this high coloured party always comes a lot of downfalls and destruction as far back as I can remember but what to do when the majority chooses a lost way with blindfolded leaders.. There’s nothing else to do but pray to the Creator for protection and full life coverage

    1. Ye who are young, folly and politically led have no true knowledge and experience of the past and what awaits us to appear

    2. Pandemics attack the world from ancient times even before we travel in airplanes the last one before this covid 19 was 1919 it killed over 1 hundred thousand Jamaicans these events no Prime Minister or President can fully prepare their countries financially or otherwise we just have to change the way we think and try do something no matter how it is simple and save no matter how small for the rainy day IDLENESS and LAZINESS only hatch POVERTY this is why we cannot totally LOCKDOWN too much POOR PEOPLE around and POOR is the biggest TRICK we play on ourselves then TOTALLY blame everyone around you and not blaming YOURSELF MARCUS GARVEY said SELF RELIANCE IS A Great Tool to defeat POVERTY

    3. Man made viruses and diseases not Heavenly sent… For man create their own destruction so by their own hands they all shall surely fall… For who is surely exempt from all of satan creation , only those that put their trust in the Almighty…. But woe to those that have lost their hope and faith in God for the hands of their own wicked brothers are now upon their shoulders and none shall escape if their ways are still at fault

    4. Bible prophecy will have to fulfill. God and His words cannot lie. What He says will happen. Trust Him. People earnestly seek God’s direction. He will not stand by and watch satan destroy His creation. no way.

  4. Wow! I wonder how much they pay or where been payed to important it here! 🤔😅. This is the beginning of sorrows!
    Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! For the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time Revelation 12:12.

  5. Just knew someone that had it,she never believe in the pandemic, say it is a oaks, and now she’s crying,we can only pray.

  6. Set of lairs look like they are using the Greek alphabet (Alpha to Omega) for the make up variants. How these variants reach here when you have to do test to come in the country. This will never stop.

    1. whether its man made or natural, Jamaicans are too indiscipline to protect themselves. the virus can wipe out 90% of the population in 2 months. We are stubborn.

  7. So…..due to the different variants of this covid,and it did come out of the minister mouth that some are vaccine resistance how on earth being vaccinated going to help us?

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