Muclair: Canada has to stand up to China 1

Muclair: Canada has to stand up to China


Former NDP leader and CTV News political commentator Tom Mulcair agrees with Erin O'Toole, saying Canada has to stand up to China.


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    1. @J Lube Agreed, back than Canada had a real opposition. Now, its a jungle gym filled with elephants that have no authority.

  1. CCP needs to go. We all need to stand up to this. Canadians have the hammer. We are strong. You just wait and see

    1. Aside from sheer population if we are just talking military, Canada has about 6500 infantryman at its disposal. If that doesn’t make you wanna throw up at how pathetic that is idk what will

    2. @Dept246 if they are free to leave then why is china upset that Canada will give asylum to Hong Kong residents?

    3. @Meister Chinbawl our army is small. But we are all patriots. I like to believe. If it’s time to fight I’m sure we would all just to arms.

  2. China will command this world in the near future thanks to the politician of western countries. Nixon did open the door to make China great.

  3. A weaker state showing moral courage before a stronger state is far more inspiring than a bigger nation throwing their weight around at a smaller nation. Hence the time-honoured love of the David Vs Goliath biblical story.

  4. Glad to see more reminders of Nortel….someone should do a huge article on it and how china ruined thousands of lives in Canada.

    1. I thought Nortel executives cooked the books. Sure they were spied on but that’s not the sole reason the company went under.

  5. Trudeau loves China so WILL NEVER STAND UP AGAINST CCP .. For an NDP to speak ” Some Truth ” is amazing. … Thanks Mulcair. .

  6. Trudeau has stated that he admires most the Chinese state. As long as we have a Liberal government we will bow down to them.

  7. Definitely Canada has to stand up for its values and human rights. Do whatever need to do, including break the diplomatic ties with China!

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