Mueller Prosecutor Reveals Key To Trump Org Criminal Probe 1

Mueller Prosecutor Reveals Key To Trump Org Criminal Probe


As the criminal probe into the Trump Organization intensifies and the pressure builds against the company’s CFO Allen Weisselberg to flip, former DOJ official Andrew Weissmann joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss what makes people flip and how people can sometimes cooperate with officials while continuing to commit crimes. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Mick A I know it…we just have to have faith that justice will be done and patience that Cy Vance and his team will put that entire family in the can where they belong.

    2. Full justice? Forever. We will never see all of these anti-American crooks go to jail where they belong. Seems AG Garland is trying to protect these jackasses, including Trump himself.

  1. I am looking forward to see the Mueller Report in full, better yet to see Mueller testify before the congress without obstructions from the previous DOJ!

    1. @Audley Anderson there is so much in the redacted version. What has been redacted is to protect investigation(s) into others.

    2. @Twodog you didn’t read the same Mueller Report I did. Did you think what Barr put out was the actual report? It wasn’t and it wasn’t truthful.

    3. @Tricia C I understand that. Recently a Federal Judge reviewed Barrs cover letter to close the investigation. She had said that Barrs remarks were disengenuous at best. So don’t know if they’ll reopen it or not. Remember all of the people that were supeanoed but trump wouldn’t allow them to testify. Think he claimed executive privilege ? He’s not president anymore. So don’t know if they’ll take another look at that or not.

    1. Sociopaths can be amazingly convincing. I have seen and heard normal people talked into believing the most incredible nonsense!

    2. @Leonie Dejong One morning I was getting ready to see my patient’s. I was LISTENING to a podcast, who was an former advisor to the Former Guy! He ACTUALLY said the Former Guy made SATAN look like a look a saint! Think about that! I thank God daily for PRESIDENT BIDEN! He has a calming voice, positive, giving millions of SUFFERING AMERICANS HOPE! All I know is the power of prayer. God listened! President BIDEN came to the RESCUE! Yes he did!

    3. @Anna Zeman EXACTLY SOCIOPATHS do not have a conscience, no regard for human life on and on. This is funny! I was talking to my sister diagnosing the Former Guy! My diagnosis was a PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and MALIGNANT NARCISSIST! She asked me not to REFER to him as a SCHIZOPHRENIC, those truly diagnosed with schizophrenia would give them a bad name. This is true. She is a doctor at MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER! I am also a doctor; however, I would NEVER change places with her. She has a very stressful life and loves all her patients!

    1. @Julian Rivera ha ha, thats funny. If you were just a bit braver and not so scared you would not make such a statement.

    1. @Steven L Emerson Charlie Foxtrot isn’t distorting anything at all. He was buds with Robert Maxwell before he ever met Epstein, through Ghislaine. He was ticked off when GHWB didn’t whisper in Reagan’s ear to make him ambassador to Russia, which he thought he had paid for with his GHWB campaign contribution, so he started hobnobbing with underworld spies and the like. Adnan Khashoggi was a guest at his wedding, for crissakes. You do know that he sent his own plane over to London to pick up Andrew for the trysts, don’t you?

    2. @Constituent A You know more about this than I do. Who was buds with Robert Maxwell? Who sent his plane to London to pick up Prince Andrew?

    1. @Hardcastle … Because he let’s his guests speak? Something is severely wrong with y’all.

  2. Wow. All of this nonsense about criminal activity of Dumpster makes me realize that there are no enforced rules of fraud and grift. Note to self. Grift, steal, lie about everything. No consequences! No consequences!!! Shocking.

  3. Stop giving Don n Jeff credit …. If they were concerned about the country, they would hv called an Article 25 on Trump.

    1. McGann was WH counsel, which isn’t a Cabinet post. Only the Cabinet & VP can initiate that. Then, unless 45 agreed, which he never would’ve- it would have to be approved by Congress- which it never would have been. 45 did 2 things that worked as intended. He surrounded himself with corrupt cronies & cowards, and he joined a party that was more than ready to finish selling its soul, by the time he came along.

  4. Cy Vance-“There’s 2 kinds of people in this world, those that snitch and those that go to jail.”
    Weisselberg-“I’ll snitch!”

    1. *Trump brings down the house with this rousing finale:*
      _”And now the end is near, So I face the final curtain”_
      _”My friends, to save their rear, Will rat me out, of this I’m certain”_
      _”Sent up for life without parole, I’m like roadkill out on the highway”_
      _”I screwed them all, but more than this, I did it my way.”_

    2. @J L Weiselberg may be given immunity to testify. With all the documents they confiscated, they will have answers before questions are asked.

    3. @Hardcastle if they did anything wrong, then they should. Hillary has been investigated several times and even Trump’s people investigated her and found she did anything wrong. Trump has been pushing that Biden is connected to China somehow, when it is Trump and his daughter who are connected. He has his products made.therr and Ivanka got patents while Trump was president and she was his adviser. Trump also paid China more in taxes than he did in the U.S.

  5. Thanks Ari! You are a Great Spokesperson in this whole Trump Fiasco!! We Must Preserve our Country!!

    1. @Tom Torrell so you’re saying tump didn’t have the “best people”?
      What about all that winning

      Or maybe you are conned

    2. @Random Internet User There was a lot of winning, but 4 years time wasn’t enough. Peace deals in the MidEast, Terrorists Baghdadi and Solemeni killed. Obama/Kerry Iran deal killed. NATO bill’s being paid. Russia collusion debunked. 400 miles of border wall completed. Stay in Mexico policy. Ban on terrorists from Muslim countries. China travel banned after Covid19…Democrats called it bigotry. 3 new SCOTUS justices. Over 300 new conservative district and federal judges. Rebuilt military. Great economy until Covid hit, thanks to China. Need more?

  6. Still noone being charged, wish I was a D.C. attorney, my first summons would be to contact the Georgia election official, they got Trump redhanded with that phone call, is it that hard to litigate, cmon Man!!!

    1. They know how slippery trump is…things have to be done to prevent him from squirming out if this one. Patience….

  7. The fact they’re talking about flipping people with an antique foosball table hanging in the background is evidence that he likes to flip people.

  8. Never knew a man where all his friends are crooks, headed to jail but him!! He’s(trump) a fake mobster!!

    1. @Macalicious 02 knows it’s a conspiracy…
      We all know the conspiracy is against criminals

    2. @Terrie Jervey I see you wanted to represent the Left with sheep. At least you’re starting to realize who you are.

  9. “Flip or not flip?” And there’s Andrew sitting in front of a mounted Foosball rack on the wall…

  10. Trump MUST be prosecuted! The very future of our democracy depends on holding him accountable for his many crimes!

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