1. @Republican NPC the report outlines 10 cases instances of obstruction of justice. His testimony, based upon his report, will present these findings to Congress who will vote on whether to bring charges. Dotard has some trouble coming his way🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪

    2. @Rocky Comet so do you. You intentionally voted for a crook who has done everything he could to divide America. Trump is a scumbag

    3. @Timothy Kozlowski no.. he wasn’t. furthermore.. he never one time said there was no collusion…not one time… ON page one he states that collusion is not something he will even consider because there is no statute making it illegal..he also outlined many many strange meeting between Russia and the trump campaign… he plainly states that conspiracy is what was investigated and he couldn’t INTERVIEW THE PRESIDENT TO FIND WHAT THE PRESIDENT WAS THINKING AND THERE ISNT A LAW REGARDING DIGITAL MATERIAL ON THE BOOKS YET… in other words the laws are not caught up with the technology…. he also went on to say that since he believes that the doj does not allow a sitting president to be indicted he will not make a decision on obstruction but leave that to congress…. DUMBASS… again…. either you are just ignorant as hell or actively spreading misinformation.

    1. @Paul Belardo “One” Word…Pathetic! Thats what you Trump supporters are! You are fucking traitors to the country and dont even realize it dumbasses🤷‍♂️!

    2. @759 Gear The fact that you have no understanding about the report shows one thing…You are a racist and hateful individual! Trump brought that out of you! When it is all said and done, you will and should be embarrassed of yourself. And thats putting it nicely🤷‍♂️…

    1. @Florian Held its common sense! Trump was a rich Playboy millionaire now he’s president and a billionaire and what are you🤣😂🤣😂 f**k the haters

    2. @David Wolff bahahahaha oh they know that got him , everything is calculated, its just timing that’s all. Stupid you say ? if Trump was so innocent he would be more than happy to disclose everything, it would be in his own interests to do so , but NO, continues to excersise his Executive Power to hide as much of things as he can, buying him more time to feed YOU the foolish in believing his innocence! STUPID MOVE !

    1. @Steve Folkes Maybe we should fire Robert Mueller and put you in charge. You seem to know a lot more than Mueller, right?

    2. @Going Postal – All I did was download and read the report. That’s all anyone who isn’t part of the Trump Cult needs to know.

    3. @Steve Folkes “we did not however, make a determination as to whether the President did commit a crime.”

      All that evidence you mentioned turned out to be insufficient to be considered a crime. I’ll take Meuller’s word over yours.

    1. cj p I thought your own stupidity and insecurity made you vote for Trump?
      By the way which state are you from today?

  1. Publicly? It’s about time! Trump BEHAVE! Let something take it’s Course; That’s right; THE LAW! We need some fresh air. The stench, otherwise, is choking decent intelligent Folk.

    1. goodfella21f idk if it can be called incorrect but you said that leftists are attacking right wingers which is my point, you call them right wingers and attack them even though they are just moderate leftists, an example of this is tim pool, a youtube reporter who i actually agree with a lot on and i’m mostly a centrist with some moderately right and some moderately left ideas

    2. And the left will lose their mind about it – but when slick Willy did the same thing, it was totally acceptable.

  2. WOW, someone is actually going to comply with a subpoena. Thought it was optional in the US of A…

    1. @Randy4me Randy I would cut down on the Koolaid If I was you. Too much Hannity has frazzled your Brain 👍

    2. @Randy4me hopefully while they are hard pressing Mitch McConnell could answer a few? Umm guess not ! Fools among Fools ! enough said !

    3. @Randy4me like about his Wife for starters 😮😮😮 ohh we wont mention that. the list is Long Randy but not that distinguished 👎

    4. @James Meoi The Mueller Report is final. He doesn’t legally have to answer any questions about it but the questions he will receive from the Republicans he will have to answer to not regarding the Mueller Report.

    1. @Tom Gunn “the truth is only what you believe”
      That’s called subjective truth. It’s fine for personal beliefs about ghosts and gods, but objective truth is what we’re really after for Trump and treason.
      Funny how the Trump Loyalist Party had mostly abandoned “facts don’t care about your feelings” now that they really only have “alternative facts” and blind faith.

    2. @John Swanger just like you believe that I’m a trump supporter and it never crossed your mind that I may be a pissed off Democrat because my party is weak and not very good at investigating anything anymore. It’s all black and white with no gray area right? Trump will win in 2020 no matter how much your believe your subjective truths.

    3. @Tom Gunn no no, Tom you misunderstand. I wasn’t accusing you of anything, I was coat tailing off of your comment to make a point about the irony of Trump supporters’ line of thinking.
      I apologize, I should have been more clear in my address. Re-read my comment if you will please, I never said “you”
      Sorry for the confusion, I can see how it was construed as implied.

    1. @rrmndtqrg8 q Its a different situation now…Trump has shown just how bad it CAN be to not elect a politician…..the polls are truly showing the american ppls mind

    2. @john herring oooohh I get it polls are great when they fit your fucked up ideology so keep following them follow them to Trump’s reelection as I said I didn’t believe them in 2016 don’t believe them now never will KAG 2020 RESISTANCE IS FUTILE

    3. @john herring hmm what polls? Stock market is at its highest unnemployment lower than ever for all races😂😂😂 gonna be 2016 all over again middle America is gonna make a statement this next election believe it….. Trump 2020

    4. @Branden Loeser I realize that you are feeble you must be to follow Trump…but the Stock Market has NOTHING to do with every poll (including Trumps) show him losing key states…..and the Stock market is not a factor of Trump…it is a factor of the end of Obama’s time when the economy started its upswing….TRUMP DID NOT FIX THE ECONOMY…..middle america will def make its statement after they didnt get the tax break they were promised…..

    1. @Irma Gherd Naaw. Can’t think of a decent defence so you make silly insults instead? How sad you are.

    2. have your family donate your organs as there is no brain activity in your cranium ! and oops your dnc card is showing!

    3. @stubieholder don’t hold your breath. They can’t, so they just throw out the bullshit you see here and the racist & nazi labels. Yet they are still crying from 2 years ago: orange man bad, ffs. There’s a reason why people move right, once they’ve grown up and matured. Not everyone can think for themselves…

  3. He’ll reiterate what’s in the report. Since few have read it, this reiteration will be important.

    1. Irene Tanzman : Yup. It will be the first time for Trump Trolls. They won’t like what they hear. And, they won’t be prepared to spin it, either. Orders from Moscow, incoming 😁

    2. Jae Moon : Do you have any evidence for that assertion? I never heard Mueller say any such thing. He DID tell us we’re UNDER ATTACK and that it’s THE RUSSIANS doing it. He began and ended with that

    3. @Ash Roskell” At one point in time I requested that certain portions of the report be released. The Attorney General preferred to make the entire report public all at once. We appreciate that the Attorney General made the report largely public. I do not question the Attorney General’s good faith in that decision.”

    1. @Paul Belardo In your dreams..People have seen the incompetence of this President. He doesn’t know how fix but destroy everything he touches. I guess you love destroying your country. Traitor

  4. Trump just sucker punched Jared and Mulvaney and then smashed all of the furniture in the Oval Office.😄

    1. @fred head Most Americans are lazy and will probably never read the report. They only watch the news, and the only thing they heard were Republicans lying saying the report exonerated Trump, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Now the public is going to learn from the man himself all the crimes Trump committed.

    1. And that is all he will do! He has made it clear that he will not comment beyond his report. One can only hope that Americans will finally wake up!

    1. I didnt lose count CJ. 65 millions of idiots. You won’t get it, I swear you won’t get it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. When all of those lousy draft dodgers were running scared, Robert Mueller VOLUNTEERED to serve in Vietnam in the Marines! He was wounded once and decorated three times for valor. I say to all of those calling Robert Mueller a coward: what have YOU ever done with your life?

    1. @james mack It would be too tough for him(and you). Only .01% of Americans can make the claim. Time to get off the couch.

    2. @mathman43 Back in early July 2007 when I was hiking west on U.S. 24 few miles west of Logansport, Indiana, I came across France Park with access to Elzbeck Lake. Felt like the vertebrae in my back were scraping against each other. Plus, it was about 95°. So I figured a swim would revive me. It did, but not for long. Must’ve been a few miles later, I fell to my knees. I was carrying an 8 ft long wooden staff about 4 inches thick with an attached 4×6 ft American flag. A good wind could make it seem like 100 lbs. A car pulls over and two young women walk over to me. They were both in the National Guard, home on leave. They wanted to walk with me. That got me off the ground in a hurry. Didn’t want to disgrace myself. Few miles later, I left them far behind. I was running like the wind. Don’t know where I got the strength. Felt like I could go on forever, unlimited. I ran all the way to Monticello.

    1. Robert Mueller, a Law & Order Conservative will need protection from the MAGAot Heads for the rest of his life. However, Mueller is more than qualified to provide that protection himself, because it is a big mistake to go after a LEO or a Combat Veteran, and Mueller is both….

    1. And why they lied, what are they hiding. The typical trumptard will ignore all questionable acts and call for Hillary to be Indicted never mind the MULTIPLE GOP WITCH-HUNTS THAT FOUND NOTHING. I don’t care HOW LONG IT TAKES DEMOCRATS TO GET INTO POSITION TO HOLD EVERY DAMN TRUMP CRIMINAL ACCOUNTABLE.

    2. And when testifying were uncooperative pleaded with the Fifth destroyed evidence and used encrypted apps!

    1. Robert Mueller, a Law & Order Conservative will need protection from the MAGAot Heads for the rest of his life. However, Mueller is more than qualified to provide that protection himself, because it is a big mistake to go after a LEO or a Combat Veteran, and Mueller is both….

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