Mulcair: Blanchet showning a ‘total lack of class’ with Elghawaby

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair says Yves-Francois Blanchet calling for Amira Elghawaby after her apology was 'classless.'

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    1. Neither did the Conservatives or Liberals…. surprise, surprise, they like their separatist party. Just let them go already.

  1. Just another reason to defund Ottawa and move it all to provinces and if they don’t behave we will all just move to a province like Alberta that actually care about canadians

    1. Secularism might seem beautiful alongside it comes radical feminist break down of family epidemic of single mothers and disaster of a birth rate. Today your culture is in danger not only from outsiders but French society in itself. So obsessed with speaking French but how many French will be around if your women don’t create families lol.

    2. @Amin Ahmad because we see value in life and dont treat enormous masses of land like toilets, or breed numbers we cant take care of.

  2. He’s right about her she doesn’t understand that Quebec is the armpit of Canada and underestimated the rudeness and arrogance of the French

  3. This was a Beaverton article “Quebecers upset over being called racist after imposing racist laws”

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