Mulcair: Canada has ‘duty’ to protect Ukraine amid atrocities

CTV News Political Commentator Tom Mulcair on the ongoing atrocities in Ukraine and Canada's 'duty' to help protect Ukrainians from Russia.

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    1. From what? Russia is on the north, so supporting Ukraine should be our priority. Canada’s north can easily fall under Putins hungry gaze. To the south is the USA, and they are not a security threat. The talking point of protecting our boarders is bunk.

  1. Aside from Arming the Azov Battalion, don’t you think we have some House Cleaning to do here at home?

    Our Seniors, got a one time $500.00 Payment during the “Pandemic”.

    Young Families cannot afford to move out of their Parents Houses?

    We have a mountain of Debt that everyone seems Hunky Dory to pass on to our Children….

    We barely have Internet Coverage across our Country.

    We can’t fly, boat, train within our OWN Country- without participating in a Medical Experiment.

    List goes on an on,

    We have a Government who secured it’s power by a Coalition that cannot be contested until 2025.

    Not even worth going on, enjoy the shtshow.


  2. My wife and her family are Ukrainian. We only have a obligation to help with humanitarian assistance.
    Welcome refugees, this is not our war.

  3. Zelensky has a duty to begin funding the relief with his own billions in wealth he keeps in his Panama off shore tax haven doesn’t he Thomas? Just curious as to your opinion on Zelensky being listed in the Panama Papers?…hmmmmm?…..’crickets’.

  4. Yet this governments wants Canadians to suffer.Shame on you all…..


  6. Coming from the failed leader of a party that doesn’t even believe in a Canadian Armed Forces let alone the concept of military that doesn’t mean much.

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