1. From Alberta: In the last provincial election the Liberals picked up 0.97% of the popular vote. (That’s ZERO.97 percent)

    2. Rene Levesque once called Liberals the streetwalkers of Canadian politics. They will never change because they are bankrupt.

    3. @Jonathan Fowler – ” No minded subhumans ” the most accurate description of liberals I’ve ever heard….the entire world should ban Liberal politicians.

  1. How can the PM of Canada breaking the law be in the public’s interest?? We have an arrogant PM that has a rotten and corrupt entitlement mentality—a person who believes he’s above the law. And he doesn’t even have the decency to apologize.

  2. When you have never had to be accountable, or responsible for anything in your life you will act like Justin Trudeau ………silver spoon PM! Just a plain old fashion liar!!!

    1. In so far as Trudeau’s silver spoon is concerned, it needs to be shoved somewhere where the sun don’t shine.

  3. I’d like to see punitive consequences for Trudeau since he has been found GUILTY of breaking the law.

    1. Hopefully the elderly Quebec lady who questioned him on the immigrant funds owed to Quebec from the Federal Gov, the lady who he called a racist. I hope she will win her court case against him

    2. No doubt, his defense strategy would be – too low on intelligence to know right from wrong, with it being very likely that he’d get off on such a strategy.

    1. @Muhammad Ahmed no, I want a government that respects the taxpayer and plays by the rules. That goes for corporations as well. Sounds a bit utopian, but I live in hope..

    2. @Muhammad Ahmed What could be more pro corporate than Trudeau breaking the law for his rich buddies SNC Lavalin?

  4. “I broke the Law for the public interests of Canadians. I wanted to save jobs in Quebec… well mainly my job in Quebec! I need the votes…I will do anything for votes! “

    1. “Judge, wait a minute here,I only robbed the store cuz I needed money for: rent, or food, or heating, or gas for my car..so what’s the problem?” & of course the Judge will say “Why didn’t you just say so…of course you’re free to go!”

  5. Great assessment by Mulcair. Trudeau should be charged by the RCMP and obviously should step down. There are lots of other Liberals that could do a better job than him.

  6. Wow! lmfao He more or less admitted that he’s guilty but he did it for Canadians so it’s okay. I imagine many genuine liberal voters are seriously thinking about weather or not to vote liberal this coming election. There’s something wrong with anyone who would want a prime minister that has done the things Trudeau has done. It really looks like our laws are for everyone in Canada except for the ruling elitists like Trudeau

  7. The new four levels of government: executive, judicial, legislative, and liberal. Courtesy of… well you know.

    1. Ya, take it from Sadam Husein.  Whatever happened to that guy anyway?  Oh yeah, they strung him up.  Trudeau deserves the same fate for having done so much damage to Canada.

  8. The only thing that Trudeau is protecting is the SNC lavalin payment to him and his cronies
    He is nothing but a liar and common crook

    1. Yes, now that he’s no longer the leader of the NDP, I like watching him and appreciate the accuracy of what he has to say and how he presents his case.

  9. Apologize??..for breaking the law??..Wow! I’ll try that next time if I get caught for speeding, or if I want to assault somebody, or if I want to shoplift. Just APOLOGIZE! & then you won’t get Arrested & go to Jail. Easy!!!

  10. As a cons. Tom you never should have let the Nimby Dumbasses POS! push you out your’re the only NDP I respect!

    1. I hope that Mark Norman is the next to drop some bombs on him, although I think he may have already been paid off !!  I remember Norman saying there were things that every one show know, but it never happened !!

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