Mulcair: Soaring inflation becoming a ‘wicked problem’ for Justin Trudeau

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair says that there's 'relatively little' that the federal government can do to slow inflation.

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  1. I live in Stephenville, NL and our airport can land anything that flys with zero trouble and no complaints from residents

    1. @Xavier Auger It would only affect almost anything produced or purchased. Perhaps increase taxes if they do nothing ???

  2. Pierre didn’t say he would “bring jet aircraft” to the Island airport he said he would “support” the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario if they wanted to extend the runway and bring jet aircraft to the island.

    1. I get the impression he’s never been impressed with Jagmeet’s leadership and doesn’t agree with his approach to many issues. I’ve heard him on a number of occasions dissing him openly on shows like this one.

  3. Thank for pointing out very important issues.Government printing paper money during COVID-19 .Now Canadian suffering and it will be long.

  4. Not a tough issue. This was predictable. Flood the market with cheap cash and you get inflation. Of course, Freeland said it wouldn’t happen and Trudeau said it wouldn’t happen. But it did happen.

  5. Trudeau can stop spending money, cut the carbon taxes and start deregulating. The economy will improve. Take away arrive can app to help our tourist industry too. It’s that easy. The only thing he should be funding right now is our health care system. Nothing else. The spending has to stop.

  6. Although inflation is not caused by Justin Trudeau, it would be nice for him to spend time back home in Canada and at least look like he’s home with his fellow Canadians. Kinda tired of all the face time internationally, when we’re hurting back home. ” Faire semblant” would be nice

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