Multiple Arrested, Hospitalized Following Clashes After Pro-Trump Rally | MSNBC 1

Multiple Arrested, Hospitalized Following Clashes After Pro-Trump Rally | MSNBC


Violence broke out following a Pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C. Protesters clashed with counter-protesters leaving eight people hospitalized and 33 arrested.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Multiple Arrested, Hospitalized Following Clashes After Pro-Trump Rally | MSNBC


    1. @thomasabramson100 Wow. You must think the Dems are really powerful for creating a virus that’s affecting the entire world. Go follow your Shepard, Mr. Trump.

    2. @thomasabramson100 If you cut a pie into 3 pieces, 1- Republicans, 2- Democrats, 3- Progressives/Independent. Only one third of the country voted for Trump. The other two thirds hate trump and voted him out! Trump lost!!

    3. @thomasabramson100 you do know that real republicans did vote for Biden because they were sick and tired of trumps facisme and lies…

    1. @Wonder Wonderful really? All I keep hearing is orange man bad. 4 years now. 24/7/365 Have you been under a rock?

    2. @Al Jones
      No actually, it’s the right wingnuts who act like the nazis they are.
      The Left has never been fascist obviously!

    3. @Frail Bones Biden
      tRump pays taxes to China, $200,000 in the last 2 years but $1500 to the US in 15 years…
      Gee, I wonder why Yvankkka is the only American given the right to have Chinese patents huh???
      Freaking scammers and grifters…

    4. @Frail Bones Biden
      I sure hope that you donate lots of money to the tRump campaign!!!
      Give him you last dollar, do it now!!!
      Fools… lol…

    1. ANTIQUA didn’t have mercy on burning down black people businesses and beating up innocent people. They gon find out real quick.

    1. This is a typical Trump voter:
      barely coherent, a total self embarrassment, a conspiracy zealot, invoking a grade school education, and completely unaware that she/He is the laughing stock of the world.

      Give it up already. Trump’s chances of staying in the White House are morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably, and reliably dead.

    1. Renaldo: It works with his base. He’s literally doing hypnosis or a mind-meld with them. It’s how Hitler’s propaganda chief Goebbels convinced the Germans to follow the Nazis. It’s basically how you train anybody to do anything. Keep it simple and keep repeating over and over again. Watch dog trainers work. Watch how chickens and pigeons and mice can be trained to do simple human behaviors. It’s all the same.

  1. The only way to stop Trump is to lock him up and take away his access to social media.
    If the Biden administration doesn’t do this, Trump will only spread more conspiracy theories and hatred.

  2. *tReapulican Party:*
    Half *Treason* , Half Republican.

    tRump destroys all he touches.
    Malignant Narcissist in Action.

  3. He must be doing this to keep the money train coming, but there should be some charges filed on him for election tampering

    1. Yes, by attempting to dismantle the post office (a crime in itself) he was clearly and publicly trying to prevent mail-in votes, which everybody knew would be more heavily Democratic. Who knows what else went on behind the scenes, aside from the usual state Republican shenanigans to obstruct the Democratic vote?

    1. @anthony chacon do you think trump cares about you? He doesnt even know you exist. After all hes done to Hispanics, you appear greatly confused.

  4. He said he’s worried about a president that lost. Theres only one president who lost this election…. Biden was not president at that time.

    1. Think of these questions to ask.
      Do you like to mock people?
      Did your vote really change America for the better?
      Who is actually president right now?

    1. @Shannon Cargo …I think you give Trump too much credit… He us not a PIECE of s#^!…, He is more like “the runs”…

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