'Multiple Fatalities’ In San Jose, California Shooting, Officials Say 1

‘Multiple Fatalities’ In San Jose, California Shooting, Officials Say


San Jose law enforcement officials confirm “multiple fatalities” and "multiple injuries" in a shooting at a Valley Transportation Authority control center in San Jose, Calif.    

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  1. Don’t tell me the shooter’s name, and don’t show me their face. These people do this for attention, stop giving them what they want. Tell me about the victims, not the scum bag who killed them.

    1. @frosty snow : Christianity doesn’t teach that you are, “not responsible,” for your actions, at any time. The reverse, in fact. The whole creation mythos is about that, and Free Will is meant to be the entire point of our existence. It’s what Jesus repeatedly taught his Disciples. Where I come from, it is more radical to be a believer in Christianity than it is to be an atheist. What about where you come from? I’m curious

    2. @Maketrump King : Are you a Conspiracy Theorist? If so, you should be aware of the, “real,” Covid Vaccine Conspiracy. They’re actually planning to release Covid 20, by the end of the year. It is a far more virulent strain of the disease, with a 100% mortality rate. Only the vaccinated will survive, which is why they’re vaccinating innocent children in schools, but allowing their Anti-Vax parents to die. It’s a way of ridding America (and the world) of a useless, far right, third of its population, and reducing the strain on society’s resources in one, fell swoop. You will be immune if you’re vaccinated, and you’re statistically more likely to be a cooperative, civic minded, caring, righteous member of society. We will separate the goats from the sheep in one go and the world will be a better place for it; with more resources, better jobs and decent people.
      QAnon told me all about it. You know? That Ron Watkins guy? Dr Fauci cooked up Covid 20 in a lab, with AOC, Chuck and Nancy running the operation. They’re going to chem-trail it from the skies, in Jewish, laser guided, satellite drones. It kills within 24 hours of your first cough, apparently. I’m all for it

    3. @No Thanks Talks nonsense. Oxymorons galore. Like, “fascist liberals,” “left wing Nazis,” and Orange is the new Tartan.

    4. @Joey Jo Joe Shabadu : You’re right. We can do the coverage, even deep dive stuff, without ever naming the perpetrators or showing their face. We can talk about their victims, and lord them, and give the perpetrators the precise opposite of what they intended. As the far right gets increasingly radicalised, the whole notion of martyrdom becomes more attractive to a social drop out, failure at life, who thinks a blaze of glory might make up for the fact that they never did anything worthwhile in their lives. An act, through Congress could cover that, and we need not be kept in the dark about the news, the events and their meaning. We just keep the identity of the shooter dark. That, single act, will save countless future lives.

  2. Reporters are seriously stupid enough to ask the same question multiple times guess what guys answer hasn’t changed in the last 5 Seconds

    1. Reporters are foolish……they don’t get the answer they want, so they insist on asking the same BS over and over…..always trying to get the “ scoop “ on rival stations…..instead of being a little more courteous and empathetic they keep wanting to stir the pot……

    2. @Viva La Raza! I’m Latino and I agree with Johnny here. Imagine if he (I’m going to assume he’s White or pretend) were to say “Live the Race!” how would that be interpreted by the mainstream media? Same thing with “Brown Pride.” There are better ways of being proud of one’s heritage without having the need to say it. Show it!

    3. @Viva La Raza!
      You’re correct that I’m not pro-life, just anti abortion in most instances.

    4. @Viva La Raza! Driving is a privilege thus cars are regulated. Owning a gun is a constitutional, 2nd amendment right; except for felons and nutjobs. There are far more gun related crimes per capita in strict gun control CA than liberal gun control NV.
      Translated “la raza” means “the race”, specifically the brown race. It’s a racist slogan used by brown supremist.

    1. @myyou tubeacct aside from this incident, there are way more folks, on both ends of the political spectrum, who have suited up for violence than folks who have filed lawsuits to abate grievous conduct.

    2. @myyou tubeacct no, in particular in California the justified homicide law for private citizens is very broad and lenient. The case law, likewise, grants private persons more leeway in using lethal force than government employees for obvious reasons; the government cant violate the constitution.

    3. @myyou tubeacct the justified homicide laws in California do legally permit the lawful killing of people conspiring against gun rights. Read the laws.

    4. @Mo ses Stand your ground laws also exist across the southern tier of states. None of that is about mass murder. Why don’t you try getting a life?

    5. @Mo ses Well, that just tells me how sick US culture truly is. It does not justify things like shooting a US Congresswoman and several others in Tuscon. Actually, you are a waste of time and I’m going to block you. You are deranged.

    1. @Russell Langworthy Rhetorical questions are a useful technique in persuasive writing. … It allows the reader a moment to pause and think about the question. For that reason, they are effective in hooking a reader’s interest and making them think about their own response to the question in hand.

      Apparently, you don’t think.

    2. @Steve Austin
      Hey….6 dollar man, oh sorry…6 million dollar man, go ask trump how much responsibility he will accept.

  3. Disgruntled ex employee or someone had a grudge against someone and everyone else is collateral damage!

    1. “We don’t have that information right now, Umm give me an hour, annnd I’ll get back to you”

    1. To me, it’s always shocking, but never surprising, if you get me? . . . Cue the, “thoughts & prayers,” from the gun club managers and the politicians they own

  4. I thought toddlers were annoying, but they don’t have anything on the reporters in this clip.

    1. @DRIVER how can anything make sense about murdering first and second graders?
      You’re a SICK subhuman

    1. Right! Is more than 5 the threshold for a mass shooting? Why the “at least 5” question?

    2. @Anthony Gil thank you! 1 is too many but I knew there had to be a number to go with the title.

    1. Ive heard that people who go to college for journalism are the least intelligent students. They couldnt do anything that reguires a brain and real skill.

    2. @Based Redpill boycott coke products atleast make a press announcement when you have some basic facts to share instead of fielding questions that you cannot answer a single one. The wasted time would’ve been better spend gathering evidence, the guy is literally stumbling over his words and from my initial judgement is way out of his depth.

    3. @Chris Gibson nonWhites love to get attention, he jumped at the chance without knowing a thing.

  5. Reporters: do you know the guys shoe size
    Police: no the suspect is dead
    Reporters: can you tell us if the suspect is still alive

    1. Can you tell us if something happened here? Do you think it was a shooting? Was it covid 19 related or not?

    1. @Helen Pauls not really aside of the proof that it works everywhere it is implemented. We don’t have crime. Like they do in democrat states. We don’t see mass shootings because someone who was law abiding was armed and stopped it. Yet everywhere where there is steick gun control we always hear about gun violence. How many people have to die in your areas before you realize your method doesn’t work. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens only empowers the criminals that already break the laws. Only difference is that you are defenseless and the criminals know it. Ill stay in my state full of good guys with guns. Our records prove your thinking wrong yearly. Time to wake up to the fact that your method has failed for decades.

    2. @Gonk : “Trial by combat?” I’d be happy to see certain people face that. Namely, the ones who called for it in the first place.

    3. @Helen Pauls : It’s all about the MONEY in the end. Logic and reason, not so much. They are the same people who insist that ID laws are the way to go for, “voting,” arguing, “I have nothing to hide, so why should I mind if we all have ID’s to present whenever the Gestapo stops us in the street?” Yet? Apply that very SAME argument to gun laws: “ID’s, background checks, licenses and registration: because, We have nothing to hide, right?” And suddenly they about face, and scream, “Get erf mah liberties!”
      As with healthcare, it’s so effective because it is a Pincer Strategy, that dupes the very poor into the conspiracy, where they (the poverty stricken) shout the loudest in support of the very rich, who just want all that MONEY and for the very poor to remember their place.
      I mean, think about it, logically? The very idea that ID, registration, licensing, etc, “is bad,” is necessarily predicated upon the notion that your society will exclude YOU once they introduce common sense laws! In other words, the logical conclusion they have all come to, is that they are themselves, forced into admitting that their own society is unjust and corrupted! AND that they are making it WORSE DELIBERATELY, by ensuring the monied classes keep control of guns and gun profits, rather than having their representatives, REPRESENTING their interests, giving them WHAT THEY WANT (their f’king guns already!) and protecting THEM by having accountability and a traceable system in which wrongdoers and abusers of that system are tracked down and punished for abusing their guns! The people who SUFFER the most, are the loudest advocates for their own SUFFERING! Not to mention how prices would drop in a free market that was not controlled by the profiteers?!
      In the same way that the very poor are afraid of being forced to pay a new tax, so they argue against free healthcare, they shoot themselves in the foot (sometimes literally!) by being the very goon squad, protecting the rich elites who run the NRA! They are protecting the very people who have been corruptly STEALING their donations, because too much MONEY is never enough!
      Sorry to rant, but you made a great comment so I hoped you would get me? I’ve been reading too many George Orwell essays lately, I think? . . . But, this Conspiracy of Complicity between the perpetrators and their victims, (the ultra-rich and the sh*t kicking poor) has been turned into an art form in America . . .

    4. @Matt B : You’re misreading your data (deliberately) where there is a correlation in population density, not the laws, as to how bad gun crimes are. Also, there is no analysis of the type of gun crimes (organised, robbery, fake martyrdoms, etc) which you people always ignore. Plus, criminals don’t go to poor, shitkicker towns to rob poor shitkicker people. They follow the money. There is so much wrong with your bollox, I could write an essay, tearing it down, but you’re not worth it.
      You know you’re twisting it. How can you shoot someone, if you don’t have a gun?

    5. @Matt B: Statistics contradict your statement, but common sense does too. It is known as an absolute fact that both drug abuse and mental illness impairs rational thinking. The gun violence in the least violent state in the US is 4-5x higher than the most violent state in Europe.

      A gun is not a shield.

  6. The press is absolutely clueless. How many times did he say, “in one hour, they will have more information”? But the keep asking the same crap.

    1. That is journalism they keep pushing to see if they get more information, each one has to do a report.

    2. That’s because if driven managers, your not performing you didn’t ask tough questions. You have to least ask any question. So I can think your job.
      You incentivized rediculous excuse for intellectual journalists.
      Their breaking their necks to break the news.

    3. @Jeff Dunnell But they keep pushing, it would be far worse if they took the informant at face value, than the truth might never come up.

    4. Well then he should’ve dismissed himself from the press instead of remaining there and answering questions

    5. no that’s just how they have to work to put food on their table. It’s like an understanding he can just turn and leave because he said he gave all the info he has.

  7. “Like i said earlier” lmao dude was getting annoyed at the reporters asking the same questions over and over again

    1. @Based Redpill boycott coke products Why not give the country back to the original owners? They were here first. Wouldn’t be very white though, would it?

    2. @myyou tubeacct the country of America not the land mass was 100% a White thing.

    3. @Based Redpill boycott coke products Absolutely not true. In 1790 whites made up 80.7% of the US population, 19.3% black – so nearly 20% of the population did not consist of whites. So you are off by at least 1/5th of the population. Do try again.

    4. @myyou tubeacct they were property and not voting or writing laws so it was okay.

  8. Sometimes or most of the time reporters are like toddlers that don’t get what you were telling them, you still need to tell them multiples times for them to understand it or just quit yapping and move on.

    1. ron l @ its NOT possible to have ALL information concerning a “mass shooting” within a hour of the incident.
      You have victims going to different hospitals, you don’t know the condition of all of them in a second.
      That info has to be compiled overtime.
      You can’t say how many died. Because one or some may be dead at the location, one or some may die on the way to the hospitals, some may die a few minutes after arrival.
      So, it takes time to pull it all together.
      So STOP with the criticizing, you can’t do any better

    2. But the weapon will become an issue. If it was pistol, or hunting rifle, the press will be mute. But let it be an AK, or a AR and watch them go crazy. Like it matters. Dead is dead, and the families won’t care what type of weapon it was. They are going to care about the nut that did it.

  9. Why report on something the US is not going to do anything about?? It’s not surprising. At this point it’s “normal”. Real news will be when we put a stop to this insanity!!!

    1. Remember tim McVeigh…. or 911 jets…we still have box cutters…and fertilizer…yup sure do..

    1. @Sally F What? He’s the mayor? I thought he was a noob reporter. I have underwear older than him.

    2. @Freeda Peeple : I thought that. Palpably nervous, and buying himself time to think, by stretching those sentences into those elongatedly interesting word-usement-verbalisational-stretchments. But, smart. I noticed, for instance, he said, “Good question,” to the reporter who asked where they’re basing their investigations. Instead of saying, “Oh, thanks for reminding me. I was specifically told to pass that information on, and had forgotten all about it,” he responded in the manner of someone who has had to think on his feet and quickly reframe the context of his words, a lot, professionally. I’m fascinated by this stuff, because there’s a certain, “reality,” to it, that you just don’t get in other, pre-packaged news contexts.

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