Multiple Federal Agents Shot By Suspect While Serving Warrant At FL Home | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @thelastDAN if you don’t want to be labeled as a terrorist then don’t terrorist things. It’s like you sat back and enjoyed desert storm and watched American sniper inhaling the narrative about American exceptionalism killing the dark skin bad guys and got high off the fumes.

    2. @Christopher Green it’s funny because I think he’s actually right and you’re the bootlicker he referred to.

    3. @Emmette Bramble not liking your government (which includes both political parties) makes you a terrorist? I think you’re the American equivalent to a nazi sympathizer. And judging by the rest of your comment you got some hate going on there.

    1. buford t sum b Cool story bro. Remember to burn your commie 3rd stimulus check cause you a real American 👍

    1. @DragonXflyer babies and children under age of accountability are seen as innocent in God’s eyes bc they dont know right from wrong. 2 Samuel 12 23 king David’s son with bethsheba died. The verse indicates his son went to heaven bc he says the son can’t come back to him meaning he won’t be revived back to life but he will go to him(in heaven)

    2. @Dale Cooper That’s one of the crazy Qanonsense theories they are currently peddling. Every time their conspiracy theories don’t actually materialize, they have to move the goalposts. The Q crazies are now saying that the last 20+ Presidents weren’t really Presidents, and that Trump will be sworn in as the actual 19th President on March 4th. It’s a wacky as the rest of their theories.

    3. Yup. 19th. Haven’t you stayed up on the latest q drops? It’s basically q, except Barak obama will be the 19th president rather than Donald Trump. God I love life these days. Lmao

  1. Some of the comments on here are so ridiculous. But there is millions of angry disinformed lazy people in America and the percentage is a rising

    1. @Amber C. There are many more outfits doing News. But when one like MSNBC has lied so often to the American People over the Orange Boogieman you tend to look further. MSNBC is Propaganda and nothing more, They Push Racial Hate and Division like a Ruanda Radio DJ in the 90s.
      (Hotel Ruanda) and the Hutu and Tootsie Genocide

    2. Broward co. FL, NY NY, LA CA, Seattle and Austin. Because no matter how good you think people are, inner city politicians are corrupt. No wall will ever stop anything, Ever.

    1. It’s news in Florida because it rarely happens. Chicago, New York are so accustomed to many murders per day, it doesn’t make the news anymore!!!

  2. im sitting here with all the abuse from nh and the last heist of my properties by town and the child labor and jail abuse by gaurds i give this a thumbs up god forgive me

  3. “FBI officials said the agents were executing a federal court-ordered search warrant related to a violent crimes against children case at an apartment complex when they were shot at.” – NBC Miami

    1. I am thankful daily that l do not live in Florida in particular and the South in general. The south used to be a nice place to visit. It’s politics and radicalism by Trump have changed that.

    2. @Nancy Ross well thank you, nancy! You doing great … By just wishing away into ingorance and oblivion a problem faced in the entire planet… Florida….. ? This is the problem ….aslong as its not in your family….ur cool

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