1. @Linda thank you for providing the whole press briefing, without the US style “opinion”… First thing out of his mouth…”imagine if he’d had a firearm.” But… They KNOW if this happens in a US supermarket somebody other than the surveillance detail is going to blow him away. Also, America doesn’t have enough cops for this sh¡T. I wonder what the world is going to take away from this incident.

    2. @Phillippa C. we dont have enough cops either but we fortunately were in the highest lockdown level (4). Only 30 people at a time at this particular supermarket. If we werent, it wouldve taken longer for cops to get there and it wouldve been a packed supermarket.

    3. Good ol’ ‘Linda’…another rightwing potato hoping to find sympathetic friends to help her toxic party infect America with another GOP presidency.

  1. Im from srilanka…After easter attack to our churches in srilanka police found thousands of swords from muslims….U cant live alone with 10 muslims but one muslim can live with thousands of budhists and christians thats the matter u should understand….hope victims get well soon….

    1. @ARPAN ABINASWAR +Turkey since Erdogan got to power they’re pretty radical too. Recently allying with Qatar and Afghanistan it’s clear where their focus lies.
      I remember a time were they tried to be EU member.

    2. @madmoench I’ve been to Turkey but as far as I’ve felt the citizens of turkey are not as rqdical as that of gulf but yeah the Erdogan administration want to be potrayed as Khalifa of Islam so his intentions are very much radical.

  2. as a ari lankan i’m mso sorry about what happened in your country.most people from our country are kind people.

    1. I agree most of the SLans are peaceful except for the islamists but your nation also has a huge islamist problem just like the rest of the world

    2. Same attack happened in sri lankan. I think sri lanka should take help from india is anti terrorism they ahve more experince

  3. There’s more to this story for sure… before you react impulsively, let’s get more information. We don’t want more people , especially minorities getting hurt.

  4. Good job NZ … and you can’t imprison all the crazy just for being crazy… Otherwise would all prisons in the world be filled by maybe 5 to 10% of the population… Even crazies have rights before their craziness/stupidity shows up…

  5. Why are they so violent? This happens acoss the world, so any geoplolical angle doesn’t apply. What is there in that book that turns humans into murderers? Perhaps its time for others to take a sneak into their book.

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