Mulvaney: Tries To Walks Back That Trump Held Up Ukraine Aid For Political Reason | Hardball | MSNBC 1

Mulvaney: Tries To Walks Back That Trump Held Up Ukraine Aid For Political Reason | Hardball | MSNBC


In a press briefing, Mick Mulvaney said that Trump froze US military aid because he wanted an investigation involving a DNC server and the 2016 campaign, undercutting the President's denial of a quid pro quo with Ukraine. Later, Mulvaney tried to take it all back. In a new statement he said, "There never was any condition on the flow of the aid related to the matter of the DNC server." Aired on 10/17/19.
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Mulvaney: Tries To Walks Back That Trump Held Up Ukraine Aid For Political Reason | Hardball | MSNBC


    1. That narcissistic moron doesn’t have the sense to resign before this all gets worse, his ego is way too big and he will try to lie and project right to end.

    2. That would be total bliss ! It would be nice if he was exiled or decided to leave on his own. (wishful thinking) He needs to keep looking over his shoulder , someone might be following him who he owes money to. ( More wishful thinking) sigh.

  1. Mulvaney: is doing his job, Normalizing Crime!
    The Truth First,
    Then he did the Trump Tango!……….
    Business as Usual at Club Ovals, Office party! !

    1. @Ellen Anderson Everyone is so *mean* to the most powerful man in the world. He is the most unfairly bullied person alive (besides the First Lady, of course.)
      Oh, and the bullies are also *snowflakes,* who need a *safe space.*

    2. @Ellen Anderson Unfortunately, his lies and deceptions are totally Acceptable,
      by his zombie cult followers, who don’t care what Dirty Tricks he plays, in order to win. all they care about is him willing at any cost,

    1. @Olivia Gonzales a land mine sounds more like it. We trade Arms for whatever sounds a lot like #IranContra to me.

    2. @Joe #AlexJonesJr We already know the truth. Only #Foxtards would believe Shoshenko was #perfectprosecutor. Why do Hannity and others ALWAYS repeat disproven lies and the same conspiracy sagas.

    1. @Information Smuggler soo what? Hillary was holding the potus by his hair piece and forcing him to say he wants an announcement of an investigation?

    2. Information Smuggler that’s the best you got? And now Bush is in on it? Hahahahaha Or maybe trump really is the criminal all the evidence points too.

    1. Trump certainly doesn’t. He thought the Ukraine call was a perfect call. He thinks the Erdogan letter was perfect as well.

    2. I think when people are raised to obey abusive authority and accept gaslighting — rather than thinking for themselves about right and wrong, accepting personal responsibility for free choices — they really *don’t* know any better. They don’t understand that most other people will not accept, “We broke the law. Get over it,” right out in our faces. I feel sorry for people so morally lost. They must have had horrible childhoods, considering their utter lack of regard for the suffering of children at the border, in Syria and even poor children of this country. I hope we’re all learning a lot from this ordeal of a presidency.

  2. Observing the steady downward spiral of the Trump administration over the past three weeks has been absolutely fascinating.

  3. “Get over it!” That’s basically what Trumpies say about every instance of corruption and nastiness coming from this administration.

    1. I’m surprised the W H press secretary didn’t get on camera and say “Mr Mulvaney has picked up on POTUS sense of humor, he was joking when he made that statement”
      “Lighten Up Press Corp!!” haha

  4. They claimed that if Hillery won, the investigations would never stop. They were right, she DID win the popular vote and they haven’t.

    1. Karma is a terrible thing. Trump and his cohorts made HRC’s life miserable with the Bengazi investigations and the continuous attack on Obama over his birth certificate. Trump deserves and has earned ALL the grief he is getting right now and more.The thing is this guy is guilty.

    1. True, but he has never been much of a leader.. privileged, afforded to him by his father is all he’s ever been.


    1. i wouldn’t call them the best since they are all caught in the act the best crooks are sitting on the beach sipping coronas before the crime is discovered

    2. If he hired the “best corrupt people)” they wouldn’t be getting caught all the time!
      They would be , committing perfect undetected crimes! haha

    3. @Ronnie Caron not all crimes can go undetected but some can i’m speaking from experience planing and never pull a mulvaney is some good pointers, or a trump ronnie they really should not be crooks because their just not smart enough plus their schemes were to complicated and they had to many people involved the larger the web you spin the harder it is to protect

    1. @Eve Bert Perfect description! It’s a cross between “Blazing Saddles” and “The Producers.” Someone has got to make Trump’s biopic as a homage to Mel Brooks.

  5. Mulvaney seems like a weak character. If he gets fired for this. He’d be a good witness to subpoena and a little fear applied he’d flip to avoid prosecution

    1. They do believe in laws, but they are convinced that that are above law!.
      Donald (Simon says) Trump, lies and his zombie staff follows.
      i wonder what punishment Simon has in store for Mulvaney?
      Mulvaney: was doing his job, Normalizing Crime!
      Truth First,
      Then the Trump Tango!……….
      Business as Usual at the Club Ovals, Office party!

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