Murdaugh murders timeline: Lawyer's botched insurance fraud plot | USA TODAY 1

Murdaugh murders timeline: Lawyer’s botched insurance fraud plot | USA TODAY


The Murdaugh murders timeline and one lawyer's botched insurance fraud plot explained.


Alex Murdaugh was a prominent South Carolina lawyer at the center of multiple investigations.

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    1. It makes no sense that he’d be willing to die for one child but murder his wife and other kid…I do not believe that theory

  1. Doesn’t work – the “emotion” in 911 call, his supposed “drug addiction” to pain meds, the suspicious deaths of two of his son’s friends – there is a dirty rat here.

    1. @Pottymouth Well, the family lines go back to a time when prejudice was very obviously a thing…it wasn’t that long ago. Inter-racial marriage was banned in some states until 1968. It’s easy to pretend it’s all in the last, but it wasn’t long ago at all…even one generation back was absolutely there at the time, and was affected by very real and obvious prejudice, like literal segregation.

      They said his dynasty goes back 3 generations. That’s back to slavery, or very near it.

    2. @Geometer FPV A generation and a century are two different things. I do agree with what you say though. Their prominence goes back a hundred years or so and their grandfather Buster Murdaugh was the General Sessions solicitor (prosecutor) when I was growing up. And his father before him. I’m 57 now. Went before him on a simple possession of cocaine charge back in ’85. The Murdaugh family was known locally for putting people in prison. The junior high school I went to was an all black high school only a couple or three years before I attended. Robert Smalls. We always called it Robert Smells because it was built on an old dump on the muddy marsh on the corner of Boundary St. and Ribaut Rd. It is now the site of the Beaufort County Courthouse and the Beaufort County Detention Center. Beaufort is renowned for it’s history and beauty. So many things are taken out of context about slavery these days that it will never again be seen for what it actually was. The way of life at the time. I’m not defending it. I just know more about it than most. Yes…it was cruel. But not all white people participated in it. And some black people were slavers as well. That is a fact. It was not all whips and chains. It was more of a symbiotic relationship. That’s why it was abolished. And when it was abolished most plantations were left to the slaves and their heirs. There is still current litigation in the courts today over heir property on a lot of land. The truth about slavery was taught to us in the south. A small percentage of people participated in it but todays teachings the people think it was so widespread that every black person was a slave and every white person owned slaves. Not even close to the truth. Yes, it was bad. Yes, people have and still benefit from it. Yes, it is a stigma on this nation. But it doesn’t have to be. We grow further past it every generation and the aspirations of equality keep getting closer and closer but some people (marxists) don’t want equality. Now they want equity. They don’t want us to live with same opportunity, they want us to live with the same wealth. None.

  2. This goes way deeper than anyone here can imagine. I’m from the lowcountry for many many years. Now live in the upstate but have a keen observation of happenings back home. I drive home monthly to visit. Not mentioned in this shitty reporting is the case of the Murdaugh nanny. Keep searching references, you’ll find it. The long time nanny was found dead at the bottom of the stairs with young Paul (now deceased) the only one home. Stories have been local knowledge for years. She was cremated immediately and they labeled her death as “natural causes”. The Murdaughs are very prominent in Good Ole’ Boy investigations. The next case may have happened before the nanny but I’m not sure. The death of Steve Smith mentioned in this report is lacking everything. Mr. Smith was openly gay and told his mother he had a relationship with someone in the Murdaugh family. He was found lying in the road dead. Paint chips on his shirt match an ATV or dune buggy vehicle owned by the Murdaughs. Paul and his brother Buster are entangled in this death. All hush hush. Then there is the boating accident. Mallory Beach was not Paul’s girlfriend as some have noted. Her boyfriend was on the boat though. Archers Creek is a narrow river cutting through Parris Island from Battery Creek river to the Broad River and Chechesee river. Where they were headed. This river is often closed for live firing exercises on Parris Island. This is a very narrow river with one small bridge. All salt water rivers with very strong currents during tide changes. What sparked the commotion of the local community was how Paul was treated when he was finally charged. He never went to jail. They rolled a fingerprint machine into the courtroom for him although the jail and courtroom are connected buildings. Never even handcuffed. The stench of prominence was rotting our lowcountry worse than the stench of pluff mud on a hot summer day. Then comes the murders of Paul and his mother Maggie. First reports by local news and police was that no one was arrested but the community was in no danger. The local investigators seem to be more interested in shoring up Alex’s alibi than they are about solving whodunnit. There are so many facets to this case that they will keep on coming. Paul had become a burden to the family name. Greased palms and “you scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours” has been thick here for generations. Then Alex fabricates a story of a botched murder on himself. He claims he hired someone to kill him but that just shows he could also have hired someone to kill Paul. Maggie was collateral damage who placed herself in harm’s way when she heard the first shotgun blasts. Think about all I have said. These news reports do no justice to actual reporting. There is also mention that the nanny’s family sued and was awarded around 2 million but have never been paid. We will never know everything. No book will be accurate enough and no movie can touch the real truth. The lowcountry elite run deep with favors for one another. Don’t be surprised.

  3. So he was on heavy drugs and knew people that would kill for money. Sounds like he did a lot more things than people will ever figure out. They need to go in his house collect all the old phones and do a full data recovery on them. Maybe they will get lucky and find his drug dealers and hit men.

  4. killed the maid, she found his drugs, killed the wife and 1st son, they threatened to leave him if he didn’t get clean, tried to kill himself out of guilt while trying to set up his remaining son with insurance funds. classy guy.

  5. Alex is a closeted homosexual…… I’m sure he’s the one Stephen Smith was talking about having a relationship with. Alex fits the profile of the closeted married man that on the side parties with younger guys – crack, meth, all that.. He was trying to live 2 lives (or more) and used some extreme tactics to make sure nobody found out….but as always, what’s done in the dark comes out in the light. Karma is amazing….

    1. It’s actually rumored it was the son who was killed that had a relationship with Stephen. That HE killed Stephen to hide it. No way rich southern daddy would accept a gay son. He’s also the only one who was in the house with the maid, his son was a serial killer in the making.

    2. @The Swamp Demoness We hear different rumors. I hear it’s Buster who is gay and Paul was trying to protect rumors going around about his brother. That’s how Buster is being brought back into the investigation. The only connection I’ve seen so far. Little brother protecting his big brothers reputation while he is away in college. But I don’t know.

  6. They say many successful and wealthy people are functioning psychopaths: never has it been more obvious than in this situation.

  7. Several murders tied to this family. Poor kid they ran over on the road, the house keeper, poor girl in the boat, his wife and his son. This family has held this position for generations. That coroner that lied on the housekeepers death certificate is next in line for his charges. He is just as guilty as the attempted murder in botched murder attempt.

    1. @〆SAZON〆 correct, the murders just kept piling up. No one thought it was suspicious until now. That poor guys mother pleaded with them to investigate the death of her sons so called hit and run death. And the sons of the housekeeper never received a penny. I am waiting for him to confess to killing his wife and son

    2. They shot the kid in the road Steven Smith and the found the same bullets at the wife and son crime scene which is why they reopened the case, I bet a million bucks !

  8. I don’t see “superficial head wounds” on him. If he contrived a 10 million dollar insurance scam, he could plot to kill his wife and son.

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  9. The scourge of “the CORRUPTED lawyers” in/on our society is disgusting.

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