Murders On The Rise | Gun Attack in Spanish Town | TVJ Midday News – May 3 2022

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  2. Social intervention something is wrong, get the car 🚗, where could that car be

  3. Why is it so hard to have bounty hunters in Jamaica 🇯🇲?please don’t forget that bounty hunters were the ones that clean up the old west when crime was out of control 🤔

  4. Good initiative in using sports as a means of bringing the communities together another activity that could be used is having the children to use different materials to make their little trucks they can use iwhen playing

  5. Crime did high high same way when lock down did a keep a them same set of criminal them in a parliament who don’t know them head different from them foot Carpenter a do police work shoemakers a do doctor thief a handle the taxpayers money

  6. I say it time and time again Gov’t need to took control of the youth, all unemployed people must put work ,build more job agency’s, and social worker ,job and skill trainng institution, Policing and military running around the Island not changing the criminal mindset, the prison not rehabilitation them need to take a page from Singapore.

    1. You don’t see having a 9-5 job is no longer the thing to do with the younger generation ? Scamming and never sober is their reality….sad..

    2. Keep trying, i borne in the slum but the slum is not in me see violence and crime, it just a repeat more dangerous i was the only one go out to work in that area but every one bagging me a $ and a cigarette plus a light i was 17 i started work taken home $10,00 a week after tax

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