Murnaghan | Owen Smith says Jeremy Corbyn will “deepen divisions” in Labour

Murnaghan | Owen Smith says Jeremy Corbyn will "deepen divisions" in Labour 1


Labour leadership contender Owen Smith has described moves to allow members to elect the party's top team as "an attempt to further cement" Jeremy Corbyn's control.

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14 Comments on "Murnaghan | Owen Smith says Jeremy Corbyn will “deepen divisions” in Labour"

  1. SuperTurboForce | September 18, 2016 at 4:59 PM | Reply

    Jeremy needs to say on as leader so he can lead them to a massive defeat on
    election day. Maybe then, Labour members might actually start to elect
    Leaders who are actually electable.

  2. don’t believe the Tory Pole’s same old propaganda JC4PM

  3. Can’t wait until Labour spilt.

  4. Agent Smith the Viagra salesman

  5. l don’t agree ,sorry

  6. No, going against your leader and starting a leadership battle against him
    furthers division

  7. At 11:05am today, I put a football bet on for my fella in hospital. Mark
    Jarvis Bookmakers were offering odds of (1/66)for Jeremy C to win.
    I think this idiot Smith is worthy of coming 3rd in a 2’horse race.

  8. According to Smith the elected MPs (whoever they currently happen to be)
    should have all the say and the actual party members and constituents
    should have no or much less of a say…why is that? We have the technology
    and means for ordinary people to get much more involved in political
    decision making. Fact is Smith and his cronies don’t like that idea and
    want to hold onto Blairite ideals that were outdated even when they were
    first introduced. It’s a new time and people need to wake up to it.

  9. President Trump 2016 | September 18, 2016 at 7:49 PM | Reply

    Split the LabCalJungle party in two.

  10. Lets talk about purge of members by the NEC to prevent them from voting in
    the leadership.

  11. Who is this loser Owen smith

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