Murnaghan | Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott

Murnaghan | Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott 1


Diane Abbott tells Dermot Murnaghan that she believes people are ready to unite behind leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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4 Comments on "Murnaghan | Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott"

  1. Keep watching Scotland !
    the red Tory farce continues

  2. Jeremy Corbyn the socialist librarian

  3. With Corbyn and his ex Abbott the new (squared) Labour party is now more of
    a (religious ?) sect !

  4. “And here we see the Flabbotomus in its element, wallowing in a media mud
    But soon it must leave to again gorge itself, lest it loses any of its
    heft. Satisfied, only then shall it return to its spacious lair for a
    relaxing evening of hypocrisy, bigotry and deceit”

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