Murphy: Trump Inconsistency ‘An Absolute Foreign Policy Disaster’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Murphy: Trump Inconsistency 'An Absolute Foreign Policy Disaster' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Senator Chris Murphy talks with Rachel Maddow about concerns among U.S. NATO allies that Donald Trump could abruptly withdraw from the alliance, and how Trump's rash withdrawal from Syria sent a message to the world to be wary of his erratic decision making. Aired on 12/04/19.
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Murphy: Trump Inconsistency 'An Absolute Foreign Policy Disaster' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

54 Comments on Murphy: Trump Inconsistency ‘An Absolute Foreign Policy Disaster’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

    • @Mind Freshener well she’s the only royal who never gave her children titles and she works. She has never wanted to be a royal she just happened to be born in it.

    • @Mind Freshener No royalties are and can be oligarchs, they are not doing businesses and they have no political power. Educate yourself. It is a joy to watch people with class and style, which is something the clumsy, uncivilized Donald totally lacks and will never learn to have. That hillbilly fool does not know how to conduct in social life. That is why the world laughs at the crazy and ridiculous fool for a so called president of America. It is well know that Donald´s supporters do not like normal, civilized behavior, they call people with that normal skills the elite. Probably because of a feeling of inferiority.

    • @karin backstrom “No royalties are and can be oligarchs”
      Wrong! They walk roll like Oligarchs, they act like Oligarchs.

      “not doing businesses”??
      You should see their portfolios!

      “they have no political power…Educate yourself.”
      The Queen appoints and has the power to sack ALL PMs in the UK and the Commonwealth. She does this directly or by her appointed Governors.

      “the world laughs at the crazy and ridiculous fool”
      Wrong! The Liberal MSM (controlled by these same “Royals”) does not represent the World. In fact, the Liberals are just the privileged lackeys of the Aristocracy, and are the infamous “1%”.

    • @karin backstrom A *TDS* sufferer knows anything and everything important about President DJ Trump and it is all negative and if anyone tells them otherwise they are a liar or an uneducated buffoon. A TDS sufferer will consistently self medicate their illness (much like anyone suffering from any drug addiction) by frequently watching “news” *programs* on a regular basis. Of course their main objective is to reinforce the legitimacy of their hatred for the president but their high’s come most from discovering something new and even more sinister about him. TDS sufferers are keen on authority figures so when someone in a major studio or a dem politician reports how evil President Trump is, they swell with enthusiasm. If they are in public, they will often at least nod and murmur their words of approval. the more severe sufferers of TDS will often be more vocal and even incorporate body language to express their approval much like a sports spectator. If, on the other hand and in public a TDS sufferer were to be within ear and screenshot of any news broadcast that spoke highly of the president, the sufferer will likely guffaw (loudly enough to be heard) at what is being said. The more severe sufferer of TDS will guffaw even louder and often yell out LIAR (despite being in public)! They may also attempt to protect others from hearing (and possibly believing) what is said by becoming even more vocal to the point of being downright obnoxious. If there is any semblance of support from other TDS sufferers they will engage in a cacophony of guffaws and name calling at the screen and if anyone dare challenge them they will receive the same response. Typically *not very manly,* TDS sufferers are only a threat in groups, which they greatly prefer being in any way so things could get ugly if they feel they have the upper hand… There is no cure for TDS and it is *”progressive.”*

    • @Crystal Giddens Oh look, it’s you again spreading TDS again. Please quarrentine yourself while a cure is found, hopefully soon. TDS is a terrible disease that has infected less than 30% of Americans. We are working to lower that number and will hopefully be TDS free once patient zero is detained for treatment.

  1. Foreign Policy is my forte. I have been studying this subject matter for over 46 yrs. tRump has been a foreign policy & National Security disaster of the highest magnitude. He has courted despots, been subverted by Putin & is criminally corrupt & treasonous. He has forsaken our allies the Kurds, Ukrainians & NATO.

    • Oh these maga goons just need to go back to their inbred trailer park with their toothless inbred meth addicted parents who might be their brother , sister, grandpa or milkman . You are all MINORITY NOW!! .

    • Maga 4Eva3 Accusing those who resist your treason as traitors, shows your desperation. Trump is senile and slowly becoming a babbling fool and you will all be shown for the fools you are.

    • American Gamer Your just to ignorant to understand what good foreign policy is. Sit down, sit up, and let the people with an IQ above 90 talk.

    • TrumpTrain2020 Yes by November 2020 Trump should just about be incoherent and drooling all over himself, but that doesn’t matter to you idiots.

  2. This is the problem….it just depends on what side of the bed he gets out , unpredictability ,know one trusts him, he could fart and change his mind, Orange temperamental ridiculous toddler.

  3. It’s true France needs NATO the most. Macron, who knows how Trump works, skilfully got him to come out in support of NATO, with his reverse psychology handling of little donny, with the “brain dead” comment, which really means nothing.

  4. Why would anyone with common sense trust the US under this president?
    Why would anyone trust Americans who,elect such a president?

    • @Jermano Mayfield Have YOU seen your economy? Take a real good look:

      This is the U.S. debt clock in real-time:

      It is currently at 23 TRILLION dollars (the first large numer to the left). This is the amount of money America currently owes to it’s lenders. It has gone up substantially since Trump took office. Of course he doesn’t tell you about that. The third number over is how much money you personally owe (as a taxpayer) towards that debt.

      In case you are thinking, aw well, that’s not much money. Here is a video showing you what 1 TRILLION and 20 TRILLION dollars looks like in one-hundred dollar bills ($100):

      To reach your national debt, ADD 3 TRILLION +.

      The reality is that America is hurdling itself toward hyper-inflation and a complete collapse of both the economy and the stock market. The ONLY thing that is propping you up is the fact that Oil is traded globally in U.S. dollars, which is why you can continue to borrow money.

      While the Media does lie in regards to reporting black-budget programs that are not in the interest of national security, and while certain outlets do lean left and right politically, the vast majority of the coverage of Trump has been spot on.

      Trump is a criminal and a lunatic who is dismantling America for his own personal gain (namely to avoid prison by staying in office through any means neccesary, and making as much money off foreign dictators as possible). How can you possibly trust a guy who lies continuously, talks about nothing but himself and how great he is, admits to his crimes on national TV, and who was born rich, will die rich and has never struggled for anything in his life? He doesn’t give a sh*t about you or anyone.

      He is burning America to the ground, and people like you are letting him.

    • @Crimdor I am also a foreigner, Swedish, and no, we do not trust America as long as an anti democracy, pro Russia and deeply incompetent and malignant narcissist is president of the USA. The republican party can no longer be trusted either as they seem to agree with Donald´s Russia agenda and his disrespect for the constitution and the presidency. That party used to have a tough attitude on Russia and other dictatorships. Not so any more, so how can we ever trust America again if there will be another republican president and a republican majority in congress. These republicans have for many years created a global mistrust for America and that is very frightening. The world needs a stable, democratic America. The situation is worrying not only for America, but for all of us in the west.

  5. You know… It’s not just Trump…
    America still has 10’s of millions of its populous backing this con-man.

    Even third world countries are embarrassed for America and it’s people, for what you’ve let happen to your country.
    Especially in terms of Americas human enlightenment, social well being, and education over the last 40-50y’s.

    Yep… It’s going to be a long, long time before any US president is recognized as the leader of the free world by any of the global community.

    You really blew it on this one… America.

    • TrumpTrain2020 typical Trump supporter… you’re incapable of forming a coherent and academic rebuttal, so you resort to childish insults. You just proved the OP’s point.

    • ​@Alexander Snyder Lol childish insults? you mean like being called a Russian Bot ? or calling the president a con-man or a moron? Every day you losers call Trump all kinds of names and make fun of him so shut up hypocrite.

  6. Great, more taxes on the middle incomes, including Trump supporters. He is stealing from them while they cheer for him. They still don’t understand that by making foreign products more expensive, he makes them pay more for the same things.

  7. There is no democracy in USA right now. The Republican party behave dangerously similar to the Nazi party in the ’30s. -No politic and fear of the leader. The world fears what the moves of the mental unstable genius of a US president.

  8. You know what this means, right? It means that other world leaders recognize that Trump is NOT a man (think liar, cheat, grifter, psychopath – whatever fits) of his word. Period. 😠

  9. Why would leader or country ever trust the US while DJT is in charge? He lies and breaks his deals on a whim and no one should trust him.

  10. I think these bad news bro’s bonded on some extra special level , maybe time to head off to the so duh fountain and share a double straw bro shake

  11. It will be decades before America will be able to return to its former greatness. This administration needs to be removed from office by impeachment ASAP.

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