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OZONRecords recording artist, singer/songwriter/guitarist, dreObaye, in an interview with KQLN FM’s air personality and afternoon host Ron Kendle on the program ‘The 8th AXIS’ talked about his soon to be released CD INSIDEOUT. When asked about his musical roots considering that he grew up in the Caribbean, dreObaye described his music as “Alternative World Music”.

He went on to elaborate and categorize his music by saying that “it is an alternative sound to what most people hear on the radio most of the time”. His soon to be released debut CD, entitled INSIDEOUT, is an eclectic collection of songs written, composed, arranged, produced and performed by himself playing guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals with a cameo guitar break insertion by Alphonso “The Phonz” Bastian on the track Out of Step. The diabolically haunting track ‘Tribute to a Prophet’, “to celebrate the life and memory of the genius of Malcolm X”, dreObayed professed, “and originally intended to be included on the album was left out because of legal issues. The track will be available as a free download, however, on Myspace and other sites”, he said, adding that “the Autobiography Of Malcolm X with Alex Haley was the first book I ever read without someone having to tell me to read it”.


We can’t wait to check out his debut CD INSIDEOUT. The ‘BUZZ’ is already out on this eclectic collection of convulsive world groove rhythms. The scheduled release date is Tuesday August 31st, 2010. Visit

(By Ron Kendle, Music & Entertainment News writer and host of KQLN FM’s “The 8th AXIS”, Houston, Texas. (c) 2010 Islandwide Communications).

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