1. ikr…? it’s a pretty awesome to not get “suckered” or “roped in” starting all the way back in 2008 (those with memories short AF forget how it came into being during that year’s Election Cycle and how all the newscasters were conspicuously pushing this completely UNKNOWN platform, I saw the scam then).

    2. @James Dawson re: “I’ve heard the people on twitter described as the kind of people who used to attend executions” yup, basically. it’s the “voyeur”/train wreck class of society, and hey who doesn’t love a good train wreck…?


    4. How to make society better, the 50s America did not allow “bad people” to ride the same bus as white people. In the United States now, “bad people” are not allowed to speak (political correctness). They are essentially unchanged. But the definition of “bad person” has changed. The reason for this situation is that American culture itself has problems, and I think the biggest problem comes from Christian culture. Religion itself is a dualistic thought. Even if you don’t believe in this religion, religious culture has already penetrated into the language to change the thinking mode of human beings.

    5. Everyone thinks they are doing the right thing. Isn’t it politically correct to discriminate against black people in the 50s? Why does the media pay attention to this issue now. Transformed for the sake of society? No, it’s for money, attention and elections.

  1. It’s great to watch people at times lose their calm regarding an over hyped social media network that has never been a proven business model

    1. @Lamont Cranston: It might be better stated that the company was an ‘unsuccessful’ business model. At the time of purchase and sale it had both a negative net profit margin and a negative ROI, both around -2%. In other words it was failing. Now that it’s gone private it’s estimated to have an intrinsic value of the equivalent of about $10/share compared to the $54/share Elon paid…a loss of 80%. In my opinion he probably couldn’t find a buyer anywhere at any price meaning it’s now virtually worthless, unless of course he can turn it around which I personally doubt. Let’s wait and see.

    2. @Robin nobody cared when they started banning ppl simply for being in a certain party. That was twitters downfall. Not Elon. When you got crazy blue haired idiots censoring anyone they want…yikes

    3. I got banned and restricted,but this hacker 𝗴𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗰𝘆𝗯𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗽𝘆 grant me access to my suspended account..

    4. @Lamont Cranston
      Hoping some Billionaire has a Manic Period and compulsion spends on you… lets see it happen twice!

  2. I got banned, but even if it is lifted, I may leave them because it has turned into a ridiculous culture of schoolyard scrapping.

    1. @nt_partlycloudy You sound just like the typical Twitter user — irrational and entitled. You’ve got no idea why he was banned.

    2. @Steven Hoskin On the upside, at least you know Twitter doesn’t have the employees to ban you a second time

    3. I got banned and restricted,but this hacker 𝗴𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗰𝘆𝗯𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗽𝘆 grant me access to my suspended account..

    1. Maybe now democrats can all get together and start a new social media site and call it ” Degenerates” since they’re all crying about this.

  3. To be honest, I remember Facebook, Youtube and Twitter were so toxic a few years ago. I accepted it and put up with it because of the lack of regulation from the companies themselves or the government. If Musk thinks going back to ‘that’, is a good idea, good luck to him. I will be pulling out of interacting with Social media rather than go back to all that toxicity again.

    1. @middleagedjabroni  You liced under censorship hour entire life please from the FCC, from not yelling fire in public to even living in the age of sexting if you release that you would get in trouble. How you now crying about Twitter not allow you to scream out racial slurs , death threats and other bigoted things is hilarious to me.

    2. @Fire Quackers no not at all is it so hard for you? I actually enjoy difference of opinion but I only hear a difference of opinion from conservative outlets. The liberal talking are all the same.

    3. @Blair Haffly I think most conservatives don’t care anymore about the federal elections as the fed really doesn’t have the power as the states. All in all with an impotent federal government the elections that matter are the local ones.

  4. This dude’s sick, hopefully the Justice Department is investigating him.

    Twitter is going down in smoke, how long can he afford to fund it?

    1. We know not a single left account was perma banned. Hell yall let terrorist chill on Twitter and then banned people like Ben Shapiro lol

    2. It’s going to be fun watching Twitter fail.
      Every social media platform that gives right wingers a free reign turns into a far right hellscape that the vast majority of people avoid like the plague:
      parler, gab, gettr, frank speech, truth social, telegram, all relatively small niche platforms because most people don’t want to be exposed to the innermost thoughts of Cletus the trailer park dwelling neo-nazi Q poster who believes the Earth is flat and controlled by Jewish lizard people in league with the Clintons and Dr Fauci

    3. I got banned and restricted,but this hacker 𝗴𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗰𝘆𝗯𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗽𝘆 grant me access to my suspended account..

  5. Proud to say I’ve never had a Twitter account and never will. I had Facebook about 10 years ago, and canceled it about 6 months after I joined.

    1. @Ken Faught you posted it on YouTube! So you were asking everyone’s opinion! Now go cry in the corner liberal weakling

  6. Scott Jennings always tries to rewrite the truth and sugar quote the conservative message. He doesn’t realize that we all know he is spinning out n circled

  7. “The only difference between genius and insanity is that genius has its limits.” Albert Einstein

    Musk is proving that quote is very true.

    1. That’s what the mute button is for and the block option. You want conservatives censored ya whiney boy. See you on Twitter next week, you can block me 😁.

  8. First as Twitter “poll” is somewhat less reliable than reading tea leaves. Second, does Twitter have the legal staff to accurately determine what banned accounts did or did not break local laws?

    1. Not anymore and cause of that foreign nations will be getting involved aka Twitters largest markets India and EU both have vastly larger populations than America

    2. The guy said the site has a bot problem that might preclude him from buying it and then does _twitter polls_ to confirm the thing he already wants to do. It’s all very embarrassing to watch. I hope they let him keep his sink at the end of all of the lawsuits.

  9. Musk made a mistake in thinking that Twitter WAS the internet…it’s not. Twitter IMO is doomed now to a slow death and I’m ok with that.

  10. I hope that he knows the consequences would be severe if there’s any incitement to violence again. And it’s not monetary necessarily

  11. It simply shows how Twitter has been selectively curating messages – not a platform for free speech. Don Lemonhead and Chris Cuomo has got to go. I fast forward any CNN crap.

  12. Elon is letting his ego and power get to his head. If this is the “town square” and so important – maybe you shouldn’t be so flippant with your decisions. Instead, he’s just thrilled that he OWNS the town square and is getting offf on the power trip

    1. Free speech does not Include inciting violence, insurrections, suggesting harm to other people with hammers…!!!!you cannot cry “fire” in a theater, this country is the theater right now & the lights are Off~

    2. @Bev Sputler nobody is inciting violence. Calm down. Go read Trumps last 2 tweets and tell me where he’s calling for violence.

  13. Dems need to get out their echo chambers finally and engage in debate with people that have different opinions for once. Long live freedom of speech!!

  14. Musk was brought to tears in public, while telling the story of hearings about allowing private companies to participate in formerly NASA-only activities. Several of his childhood hero Astronauts spoke against it. Over a decade later he teared up just talking about this. While he is a genius in technical and production matters, he’s like a child in social ones. Biden didn’t invite Musk to be part of an EV conference last year because it was to support unionized manufacturing efforts. This triggered another emotional reaction and his march away from supporting Democrats began. He is intelligent enough to know before hand, there was no real money to be made by owning Twitter. Yet governed by emotion he’s jeopardized his previous success.

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