Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC 1


Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

86 Comments on "Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups…

    • SG FUTURE 🧡 💯👍👍💯👍👍💯 🧡

    • @Rocky ROCKS Nah mist if these people are NOT Retired Military They’re just Lost Souls that are Brain Washed into Thinking that the Violent Actions were going to Result in what they believed in all the Time..I’m Retired Army: 3RD I.D./11 BRAVO/’87’-’95 TOURS: GULF/MILITARY..Believe You/Me..Most if NOT All of these ROBOTS are NOT X Milatary.

    • Nanker Phelge | January 9, 2021 at 7:09 AM | Reply

      @Benji Jarman The claim that there were Antifa in that crowd was a ridiculous attempt at deflection promoted by Florida Representative, and man impersonating a cinderblock, Matt Gaetz. Gaetz is such a putz that he could not tie his own shoes without help.

    • The Elites are still underestimating the power of the people with an all out effort to silence Conservatives. Being present at the Trump rally is getting people fired.

    • Yup, like when a woman is a witch because she too smart.

  2. “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.” – Isaac Asimov

    • @Any 2 Fillings OM GWD…… do people still use the Nazi’s of the 30’s and Trump comparison?

      I thought people got educated how much of a fallacy that is….. four years ago.

    • @Dennis Grass Dear Dennis, I do believe that you are convience of what you say. And no link, at this point of time, will convince of of anything. Loads of money is expended to generate propaganda, in each side, by the way. Just see what happened, not what they say. Under my analisys things did not excalated due to the evolutuon of the Pandemic, that changed the geopolital climate to more urgent matters. Sometimes, it is hard to see the truth with so much content in the net. Just watch what happened: acts, no words. I hope this helps, I honestly wish you and all americans the best. The problem is that they sold to you, little by little, that democracy is not the best and I cannot desagree more. And one remark, on regards external policies (not accounting T administration, that has made US external position precaurios) in general do not differes so much, to be honest.

    • Purcell Parker | January 9, 2021 at 7:26 AM | Reply

      @Goyzilla All they’re doing is reporting what actually happened…telling the truth about the ugliness and total disregard of that day.
      Why would you want them to cover up and tell lies the way that Trump has done his entire presidency. You need to check yourself. Your ignorance is showing.

    • Wow, I’m speechless. Every comment i read was very well said. You are the real patriots.

    • @Istvan Glock Krying-looser said that as if it were left wing people instigating civil war. The brainwashed mob had bought T-shirts printed with Civil War Jan. 6, 2020 to go along with their treasonous flags.

  3. “A failed coup that goes unpunished is just a training exercise.”

  4. I don’t even get what this movement, Trumpism is about. What are their goals? What do they even want at this point? And since when do we tolerate terrorists?

  5. It’s downright sad how many people are being taken for a ride by an ex reality show host.

  6. That West Virginia politician is in jail. His grandma blames Trump.

    • @SBS.2 That’s what I thought too.

    • @Sybille Stahl no you don’t get to blame both parties for what the republicans did. you get to blame ONLY those responsible, republicans who agreed with this.

    • @Toni True, but you should read up on how mob psychology works. Trump radicalized all these people, sent them into a frenzy, and sicced them on Congress while also making sure that no National Guard or any other help was avaailable.

    • Gibberishfish | January 9, 2021 at 7:39 AM | Reply

      @Sam Dodson no is not

    • Jack Rockwell | January 9, 2021 at 7:39 AM | Reply

      @Steve Gooden did you just use your own little version of a Holocaust poem to defend a bunch of pathetic Nazi wannabes?

  7. Sheila Palmer | January 9, 2021 at 5:40 AM | Reply

    When will they accept the Election, it cannot be changed.

  8. Esther the ForestSmurf | January 9, 2021 at 6:07 AM | Reply

    The screams of that young police-officer made me tear up. He was scared for his life, with nowhere to go. Disgusting that this happened.

  9. Mignon Daymond | January 9, 2021 at 6:12 AM | Reply

    Whoever was in charge of security should be charged. They left those officers to be overrun. It’s incredible more people were not killed.

  10. “We’ll never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength and be strong” said behind bullet proof glass.

  11. Cameron Renwick | January 9, 2021 at 6:22 AM | Reply

    It’s like a military commander ordering his men to attack their own troops, and then saying: “They did it, not me”

  12. This is terrifying, that poor officer was getting crushed. Trump needs to be held accountable.

  13. “Party of ethics” “Christian Conservatives”

  14. The officers helmet was literally being torn off his face, yet the culprit was not shot. However, black people get killed running away from cops

    • @Kevin Holdorff You are so dumb. Go Google black billionaires everywhere in the world, Successful blacks earning millions through sports in Europe and around. You are stuck in the US with no exposure and thinking the whole world rotates around the United States? A country so timid till this day glorifying racism. A very pitiful sight looking at all the sick people breaking into the Capitol building.

    • BTS paved the way The Fact | January 9, 2021 at 7:33 AM | Reply

      TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, i am not black , but i saw it through #BLM

    • @Steve Gooden Sicko?

    • @Michael Holopainen Inside job? Smells like one.

    • Horrors…

  15. This debunks the whole “blue lives matter” or “white lives matter” from them.

  16. Rebecca Rhodes | January 9, 2021 at 6:46 AM | Reply

    So.much for Trump being the law and order person that he claims to be.

  17. Back Yard Toys | January 9, 2021 at 7:08 AM | Reply

    If they didn’t want those people in there, they wouldn’t be there…filming, laughing posting on Instagram…lol…this is for a reason.

  18. A policeman was murdered. Everyone identified as storming the building should be charged as an accessory to murder.

  19. why is TRUMP and the others not being charged with causing the deaths of 5 people .

  20. “Commander in Chief” directed a low key police presence so his supporters could carry out his will.

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