Mutabaruka Burn Fire on, Fantan Mojah: TVJ Entertainment Report - February 12 2021 1

Mutabaruka Burn Fire on, Fantan Mojah: TVJ Entertainment Report – February 12 2021


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    1. Babylon capture most of today’s “Rastas”. While they chastise other Rastas for having Caucasian Women, they themselves are attracted to mostly Canadian, British, and American light skinned women.

    1. But people who swallow Dem pride cyaa be easily forgotten compared to wastemen who pree money over reputation,,jus Tek a look mi an u Kno Bob Marley aguh be remembered more than Michael jackson

    2. @Gervaise McLean yes it can. Your reputation may be all you have at times and people will still give you work or offer help or the one break you may need.

  1. Sad fi see fantan are mixed up and are try dis we respected elder for fuckall and unnecessarily Muta is on his right and even when he is wrong fantan dis him out of order and jah know fantan haffi dance his tune Bilahi… Fire burn a carbon copy

    1. @Jah Radicks LeBron R35 that’s what wrong. So if everyone jump off a cliff, you are gonna too? Excuses for bad behavior comes to the depravity we have now.

    2. Many are called few are chosen! There’s no man/woman as blind as the man/woman who have functioning eyes yet fail to see!
      Many call on Jah/Selassie but are Babylon Worshippers! FALSE PROPHETS! EVEN IF THEY CALL THEMSELVES JAH RASTAFARI.

    3. @t I would love to, but it’s very hard to have constructive discourse with shallow minded, parochial thinking people — I can’t fix stupid.

  2. You can’t serve two master. Rastafari is about righteousness, dignity, integrity, morality and all else that is upfull. Fantan and all the rest Rasta man dem who mixing up righteousness with slackness,are a total disgrace to themselves and not Rastafari.

  3. 6:15 so him want hit song, him a try to say he will do anything for fame or money? Probably the bwoy fantan is a impostor for real

  4. Anything for money. Thats where the music has always been. Principles on the back bench for the real so called Rastas but alas everyone must live.

  5. mutabaruka respects me elder i respect you from long time and still do stay firm and don’t bow truth hurts but it does not change the fact that it remains the truth keep taking cause nuff of we listen Salut general

  6. Ignorance carries the burden and Intelligence rules the world.

    Since this saga, this is the first time I’ve heard of this artist.

    I support Muta 100+%.

    That was how our ladies used to be paraded by their captors. It’s obviously he doesn’t know his history.

    The video is distasteful and degrading to women.
    He have to apologise; He must or else face the consequences.

    It’s not what you eat that defiles you but the words from your mouth.

    1. He Fantan,needs to find a way to climb down off that tall coconut tree and make an apology to Muta.

      Him find way to apologise to the Marly’s and the former miss world ,I wonder why he is continuing his hypocritical behaviour by refusing to apologise to Muta?

      When you do wrong you must find the humility and humbleness to correct your actions or pay the consequences .

      No one wants to see 2 Rasta man in court but this is also another sign of the times we are living in .

  7. Yow di ras have a case. Weh him can even get money. Yow apologize to the elder and done it because him have evidence of what you seh find di evidence a wah him seh if you cant yuh a tell lie and slanda figet di pride and gimmicks and sekle it

  8. Fantan a look temporary fame from the younger generation and he won’t get it for for very long. So an apology would be the smartest and less costly way to go… RASTA NUH EAT MEAT SO NUH BEEF NUH FI A GWAN DEH SO!! more power Muta

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