2. Did you all see the Viktor Orban the authoritarian leader of Hungary getting standing ovations? This crowd is bonkers!

    1. They are not bonkers.
      They know what they are.
      It is important that we
      Also know what they are.

    1. Ah, the video of people praying outside the cell with Marjory Taylor Greene inside the cell, on her knees in front of the “prisoner”…OMG, that should be on the internet forever. The memes should be never ending.

  3. “I used to have a name….but I was suckered by a tired, old, notorious conman who convinced me to attempt to thwart democracy.”

    1. @FROM OUTTA LEFT FIELD that is a coincidence seeing that it would have been the perfect role for Tim Allen.

  4. The fact that Steve Bannon is allowed to LIE to the crowd like that at an event like this is……….breathtaking. I just can’t process this.

    1. @evelyn hopklnson Good job. Straight from the far left media assessment of him. Word for wed even. Let me guess You hate Trump also. Way to think for yourself.

  5. “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.”
    _George Orwell

  6. The guy doing the art piece in the jail cell was arrested for participating in 1/6 (for real), but was able to avoid jail time by turning in other 1/6 rioters!! & he cooperated with the federal authorities.. which makes that guy’s entire art piece a con on everyone looking at it!

    1. If you listen/watch to the whole video, you will see that the group of people are praying away that guys ‘gayness’. It’s not so much an art piece, as it is a public shaming/conversion proof of concept spectacle.

    2. That Straka dude. Ratted on his fellow insurrectionists. Did 60 days of a 6 mo sentence. Seen dudes do years for a little weed but he gets off invading the capitol with a slap on the wrist.

    1. I live outside the US. We are not laughing. We are very worried. These people may be clowns, but they are dangerous clowns. I fear the odds of democracy surviving the 2024 election are less than 50/50.

  7. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    Then he denied it
    Even though he’d implied it
    Now he must be indicted!

  8. “Some men change their party for the sake of their principles, others change their principles for the sake of their party.” — Winston Churchill

    1. @I miss everyone Yes it was. Being a CNN viewer (one of the 3) your probably not able to read but thak you for the compliment. ; )

    2. @I miss everyone Yes. Sour Grapes and Venom are the hallmarks of this CPAC Sideshow. The present Republican party is like an ABUSEment Park. What rage on stage, with, for example, Cruz, typically out of control. When he compared his role as a senator to that of a gladiator, he forgot that a gladiator had no choice; he was enslaved and trained for vicious mortal combat “games.” A civilized citizen DOES have a choice. And one in public service carries a voice, not a weapon. Intelligence, open heart, and mind are what what define a representative. How shocking and pitiful to witness this level of dysfunction.

  9. Wait, this guy got convicted of committing a crime, and he’s the victim. Man, I tell ya, the more I see these people, the more I believe how a** backwards they are.

    1. @Avery J. Steele “he got out of jail time by turning on Capitol rioters”
      Turning against rioters is good.

    2. @MaskedMarvyl “I hope rioters imprisoned remember”
      Yeah a reminder to act civil and legal next time. Also to not believe Trump. Use common sense

    3. @Avery J. Steele Well someone flipping on someone higher in the crime is one of the major ways of getting to the top of the criminal gang .

  10. Even after the pandemic ends, I’ll still be washing my hands after meeting a Republican.

  11. Irony that this guy is spending more time in this cell than the no time he spent in a real cell for his crimes.

  12. This was the most disturbing show of extremist behavior I have ever seen in the US. These people are completely delusional and dangerous.

  13. This is actually crazy. And my heart goes out to others like me, stuck in crazy states surrounded by crazy brainwashed people. I dont feel safe. I fully expect bad things to happen based on opinions I’ve posted online. Just bracing for impact.

    1. @R Rice Let me know if you got my email address via email notifications… if not I’ll try again.

    2. @Samantha Beasley It’s all good Samantha. Although I’m an atheist I thank you for the blessing.

    3. @eaglefly 18
      That’s alright
      I have had times in my lifetime that I wasn’t sure anymore about anything
      But I have always loved people and I love spending time with new people and making them friends

  14. Oh god! Why is Bannon allowed to keep lying about the election? Will we ever reach the day that we can turn on the news and not have to look at or listen to these people? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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