1. & no mercy on the ignorant aggressive thuggery/fascism of this world, at home (usa) and abroad. HOLD THE LINE

    2. On March 24, 1999, NATO struck the former Yugoslavia, firing about 2.3 thousand missiles, 14 thousand shells, including cluster and containing depleted uranium.” “The United States and NATO are not in a position to judge the moral principles of any country until they apologize and compensate for the damage and suffering they have brought to the peoples of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.”

  1. This is heart breaking to have to see and not be able to help him. I’m sure his mother was very proud of him. This war is soul crushing to everyone in the US.

    1. Let’s hope CIA use chemical weapons in Ukraine then blame Putin to justified NATO intervention and nuclear exchange with Russia in order to build back better new world order.

  2. God bless Andriy. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this. Your mother would want you to remember the best times, not the worst. She’s at peace and will always be with you. Pour all your pain into your music ❤

    1. “God” could’ve blessed Andriy, and all Ukranians, much, much more by not letting the war happen in the first place. But “God” can’t manage to do things like that, can “God?” When it comes to these things, then people fall back on the extreme non-logic of “God gives man free choice.” Only a “God bless” and “thoughts and prayers” AFTER needless tragedy WROUGHT BY HUMANS. What a complete crock of crap.

    2. This was staged by the corrupted western media John Berman came prepared with tissue because the actor was gonna cry lol nobody carries pocket squares anymore nor pocket watches

    3. I know gawd did not kill her. It is not real. That’s my point. It doesn’t exist. It cannot bless nor damn anyone.

    4. @Jasmine Bali Trump’s best friend kills victims of war. You’re worried about someone’s ratings????? Duuuuuuuuude!

    1. People who still support trump should be ashamed 👎🤦‍♂️
      because trump said that this war was a good idea for Putin.
      Lets never forget that trump same as Putin are both horrible monsters 👎

  3. Praying for healing inside and out for this young man, his father and city. So very, very sorry you are going through this.

    1. @Christina Law Such empty sarcasm can’t stop the conflict! Neither did the stupid sanctions did anything. The best part is, the politicians already knew that – they did the sanctions to please the public such as you 🙂

    2. @Christina Law yes, we know.. he is a very lowly, unevolved lifeform… Like some kind of reptile, or a, worm maybe, but that is being too kind to reptiles and worms…

    3. @Michael J Mayosky Is that what CNN told you? Or did they say nothing on the matter and just let you assume? Maybe you should look into it before you spread propaganda for the military industry.

  4. “I was supposed to be playing at a concert, but instead, here I am.”
    I was already crying knowing he watched his mother burn to death, but this poor child… He’s just supposed to be a child, not a victim of war crimes shouldering his family’s grief

    1. @İbrahim Moncada hundred percent, like that kurdish girl giving false accounts how iraqi soldiers were throwing kurd babies out of incubators. Made up by the yanks to justify the invasion.

    2. I’m trying to remember an adage: Our ancestors farmed, and their sons and daughters worked in factories, so their sons and daughters could be educated for a profession; their children can be artists and musicians. Rebuilding Ukraine will require going back to manual labor.

    3. There you go again, Brooke. No one cares a whit about what you have to say anymore. Is nothing happening in Ukraine , then? So how does this compare to Kuwait? It is, I understand a nation of peace and prosperity. That invasion was nipped in the bud. So why so sad?

  5. My heart bleeds for you young man, I cannot begin to imagine your pain. I hope you find peace in your life one day.


    2. @Nate Killwhiteywitz Chill out with the trolling. Making an account to get people angry for no reason is silly.

  6. “I hope you live a long and meaningful life…”. What every human should be given a chance to do peacefully.

    1. Let’s hope CIA use chemical weapons in Ukraine then blame Putin to justified NATO intervention and nuclear exchange with Russia in order to build back better new world order.

    2. @club4ghz that’s pretty much exactly how it will go down too. But dont try to tell that to these cnn viewers because they will accuse you of some kind of “ism” or label you as some kind of “ist”.

    3. As someone who grow up in Afghanistan, during the civil war, the Taliban capture, I feel so much in common with this guy. I hope ppl realize and stop take things for granted

  7. An extraordinary kid … I hope he gets through this and his music is able to help him. May his mom rip. She raised such a great son.

    1. This is why I could NOT vote for Biden. Who did not see this coming?
      *Joe Biden, the WarHawk*
      1982: Biden backs the Falklands War
      1992: Biden backs bombing Bosnia and sending NATO troops
      1993: Biden backs Clinton’s 1993 Iraq Missile Strike
      1994: Biden advocates sending troops into Kuwait
      1995: Biden backs Clinton’s 1995 Iraq bombing
      1995: Biden backs new bombing of Bosnia
      1996: Biden backs Clinton’s 1996 strike on Iraq
      1997: Biden back plan to send troops to 4 African countries to evacuate Americans in the region
      1998: Biden backs Clinton’s plan to send troops to the Liberian Embassy
      1998: Biden backs bombing Afghanistan
      1998: Biden demands troops sent to Iraq
      1999: Biden architects the bombing of Serbia
      1999: Biden backs the Clinton plan to bomb and send NATO troops to Yugoslavia
      2000: Biden backs measure that sends troops to Yemen
      2001: Biden votes for the war in Afghanistan
      2002: Biden votes to go to War In Iraq
      2006: Biden teams up with a bipartisan group of Senators in creating a plan that would break Iraq into 3 parts.
      2007: Biden calls for troops to be sent to Darfur
      2009: Biden offers Obama a plan where several thousand troops are left in Afghanistan
      2010: Biden backs Obama’s decision to institute a no-fly zone bombing campaign in Libya
      2011: Biden backs Obama’s Yemen drone strikes.
      2012: Biden praises Obama’s move of sending troops to Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden.
      2012: Biden backs Obama’s decision to go ask for bombing authority in Syria
      2013: Biden speaks out in favor of increased intelligence in Mali and North Africa.
      2014: Biden backs Obama’s bombing campaigns in Iraq and Syria
      2015: Biden backs Obama’s plan to leave thousands of troops in Afghanistan
      2015: Obama administration begins aiding Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen
      2016: Biden backs Obama’s strikes in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, and Afghanistan.
      2017: Biden backs Obama’s Somalia bombing campaign
      2017: Biden supports stepping up military aid in Ukraine
      2020: Biden backs plans to leave troops in the Middle East indefinitely.
      2021: Biden admin goads Putin into invading Ukraine and provides financial support

  8. Poor lad. What a terrible, truly horrific experience. Sad for any teenager to lose their mother, but in this way – no words. How eloquent and brave of him to be interviewed. Those injuries – but mentally even worse. As a mother, my heart breaks for him. Well done to the journalist – I hope they stay in touch.

  9. It painful to watch this very handsome young man cry. Losing your mother to a war that someone’s stated is very painful. I wish him you quick recovery

  10. Beyond heartbreak for this poor young man and his family. And the rest of Ukraine! How can the world let one man do this. It is beyond comprehension!

  11. It truly is a sad yet inspiring story of a young man and his families struggle in this unjustified war. May God protect all that has been stuck and suffered in was.

    1. Awful reporter, was this really the time this genius thought was good to ask about his mother, then tell him to play a song for him? Gj CNN

  12. “When war end, I come back to my city, I want to rebuild it, its my city.” Such a brave young boy. I really hope and pray this boy have long, beautiful, successful life. Slava Ukraine 💙💛

  13. A month ago he was just living the normal life of a teenager and now he’s been blown up by a mine and witnessed his mother dying. It’s so unimaginably horrific and senseless, I can’t believe he’s so composed. There are just no words for the bravery we are seeing in the face of such inhumanity.

    1. @Reynard Foxx You are right, its about showing everyone the pains people are going thru. Some may think its exploiting yet everything can be called that. Yet this kid clearly understands what has happened, its likely at the start of the war his parents sat him down and explained a few things to him.

    2. @Jasmine Bali I hear your anger and you are not wrong. Be aware, ALL media outlets do this. My father quit journalism when he was asked to return to a family who had just lost their child in a tragic accident in order to get more emotional footage. I understand that these outlets want us to understand and empathize by feeling just a little of their pain, but we aren’t stupid. We don’t need to see the tears to know that others hurt when they lose their families, friends, homes, livelihood, and in the case of these children, their innocence.

    3. @Geraldine George  Agree. This poor young man is in shock. It’s going to be a long healing process. My father suffers from PTSD for years after fighting in Vietnam and the night terrors are the worst. I hope he heals 😢

  14. I’m saddened and heartbroken by these experiences. This is only one kid.. Imagine the pain and the suffering of the families that didn’t have the opportunity to tell their story 😪 💔

  15. It’s sad to see what the people like this young boy, his mother, father, and his city and country go through. God bless you young boy!

  16. Damn bro, I can’t even imagine.. i lost my mom at age 11, but she wasn’t taken from me like THAT!. My heart goes out to you and you’re family

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