1. Aww did you cheat and get caught.
    Like any of those explanations happen, except for tainted supplements and that’s easily tested. But a random spoon or water bottle…lol…um…no.

  2. I couldn’t care less if you cheat or not – but spare us the sob story if you do and get caught. So childish.

    1. Over the years when I listen to athletes who have been caught they all answer by saying”Why would I do that, why would I throw it all away?”. Well, you took the steroids so you could stand on the highest of the three steps as they play “Oh Canada ..”

  3. The guy speaking beside her said that it would be really hard to take that drug because it is illegal. ETF?
    It’s likely available from the same person who supplies the other competitors.

  4. She is from Quebec. Same province where our POS PM is from. He has proven himself to be untrustworthy as well

  5. “We’re confident that it’s not because Laurence took it intentionally. That would be quite hard …it’s not something that’s easy to do.” …….” It’s possible she got it from sharing a utensil or cup.” (Because that’s way more likely.) 🙄

  6. Funny thing no one in the news condemn this cheater ! Another bad apple from Quebec 😝😝😝😝. I hope all her titles will be taking away .

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