Myanmar military uses torture tactics on protesters 1

Myanmar military uses torture tactics on protesters


CNN's Clarissa Ward reports on the torture tactics, such as beatings with cable wires, the Myanmar military is using against pro-democracy protesters.
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  1. This is one of the few times I support the US dropping some democracy out of a bomber on their military installations.

    1. This. I’ve been advocating it for months, since it first started, send troops, drop a can of whoopass, do something, but like, stop gawking and sending thoughts and prayers, some Kevlar would be a much better thing to send, like damn

    2. @Lex Ruptor Reminds me of the time Oklahoma had a tornado and Ricky Gervais said “Oh look Rihanna and Beyonce sent prayers to Oklahoma. I feel so foolish I only sent money”

    1. We can’t help with every country who wants to abuse freedom speech or bring every dictator down it’s time for us to put America first

    2. Let them fight for their own rights or live with tyrannical government.
      We need to stop sticking our nose in other countries problems.
      World organization can actually do their job for once.

  2. Stop sending your heart, your thoughts and prayers, and DOOOOO SOMETHING!!! At this point I’m so tired of seeing it, feeling outraged that we STILL haven’t sent troops or anything, and it’s been 4 months now. My body is losing the ability to become outraged further, get off your asses, and send troops, this isn’t a game, this isn’t some delicate situation, this is literally a war between an unhinged military and literal civilians, we could drop troops tonight, with the swipe of a pen, so where are they?

    1. @Jeff Costlow no the American people need automatic weapons for when their own military tries to kill them

    2. @OneBigBugga my point is automatic weapons are still needed by the American people not just its military

  3. I think it’s terrible that the CIA taught the Myanmar military to use such tactics. The US supported the Myanmar military junta before it was abolished.

  4. Myanmar people have high regard for their culture and tradition. The vast majority of innocent people of Myanmar have suffered for way too long, at no fault of their own. Peace and prosperity to all beautiful wonderful Myanmar people!

    1. @Ms. Gregoria I agree, Suu Kyi government was closer to the West, while the military is closer to China.

      Just to let you know that Burma & other Indochina nations such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam have been in China’s orbit ever since the end of Colonial era, which left them bitter and poverty stricken.
      Like I said, these Indochina nations, being next to China, drew into China’s orbit and like China, became Social Democratic & People’s Republic, aka, Socialist & Communist nations after painful Colonialism which left them bitter and poverty-stricken.

    2. ​@Supremely Educated You got that right. After long and painful Colonialism which left the countries bitter and poverty-stricken; they began to look forward to the new deal of Social Democratic/People’s Republic [Socialist/Communist] system, such as the one in China/Russia.

    3. ​@Ms. Gregoria In centuries-long old Colonial era, when the world was under Colonial Western control and influence; nations/ethnic groups in Asia, Africa, North & South America, were committing atrocities against one another (brother against brother, etc), all because Colonial West pit one group against another, which is the the ploy (such as, ‘divide & conquer, divide & rule, divide & loot’), that were regularly used for their own Western advantages; what they call it, ‘Anglo Western Interests’. It’s all about ‘Anglo Western Hegemony’.
      Sadly, this same old lame old trick has been continued on and being used to this day, including in Myanmar, under the thin disguise of Freedom/Democracy/Human Right, etc for their very own advantages.

    4. @Dear Sir or Madam “Slavery, Colonialism & Colonization are all evil things done, and benefited by evildoers”.

      Who/What caused Socialism/Communism on the rise in the 20th century?
      Thy evildoers are the ones that caused Socialism & Communism on the rise.
      They are the ones who sucked up the wealth of the world, and left the world bone dry.
      Their former Colonies, after long and painful Colonialism which left them bitter and poverty-stricken, began to look forward to the new deal of Social Democratic/People’s Republic [Socialist/Communist] system, such as the one in China.
      What happens next then?
      What happened next is their ‘my way or highway’ former Western Colonial masters, after accumulating great mountains of wealth in centuries long Colonial era, and still in control and in charge of the world, economically, militarily and otherwise, would sanction them for ‘going highway’, for many decades to come.
      True, now we see the never-ending grim picture of hundreds of million of poor souls worldwide, all over again.
      It is a sad truth.

  5. Want to know where the U.N or even the U.S and other Ally countries need to ACTUALLY step in.. this would be it.

    1. US will stay out. This is a Soros Obama mess. And that is exactly why the UN wants to stay out. They are behind it

  6. The world admires the Courage and the Strength of the Burmese Civilians and we hope you get the Democracy and Freedoms you rightfully deserve. Support to NUG/CRPH. We hope our Political Leaders will do more to help. Stay Safe and Stay Strong Freedom Fighters. Power to the People. From Florida USA.

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