1. @Imaginary Person if a woman like Aung San Sukyi can’t help the saturation, a old man like me wouldn’t be able to do anything but end up in a third world country, my dad calls home.

    2. You’re looking at coverage like one outta countless reports
      In terms of global media news
      The UN is backed and backing those whom manages most news outlets

      The global chain mainstream medias tho?
      Have you ever noticed how several news outlets give their stories?
      You’ll notice particular words being used.
      The global media conglomerate
      It is what fueled Hitlers revolt
      Those like Hitler
      Of whom understand geopolitics
      There’s reason.
      As why history tells tales of those like Hitler
      It’s rumored..
      Hitler being but only one outta many
      Of whom been accused
      That he desired complete control
      So long after he’s been pronounced dead or MIA

      He’s still being blamed
      In terms of what kinda strategies he had
      Notice Hitler takes blame for most of the ideas
      Of which aspires to be global 🤴

      Notice today’s issues.
      Such as censorship and free speech
      Prop and counter prop
      They’ve damaged all creditable sources
      Simply by dictating information
      Truth and Lie
      It blurred and faded out like today’s sensibility.
      It is under attack via mass confusion
      The global medias have persuasion?
      Why claim anything that is not verified?

      No American citizen outside Burmese residences… Could most Americans take what CNN or France 24 had given?

      It’s gonna take more than CNN, FOX, France 24, NBC, Msnbc … BBC
      CGTN or RtV like AL Jazeera

      It’s global medias like UN supported intel reports
      The UN panel works off intel reports
      Which some make headline news
      However it’s covered by global chain media networks
      That which flood social media
      Because they have great wealth
      They can dictate influence and trends

      truly know Myanmar trouble

    3. @Hairy Pancake Then u should go to Bangladesh, join muslims leftovers who survived genocide, those people who thousands of them died and YOU and ur leader did NOTHING. Goes around comes back around.

    4. @BaconBoys Team you don’t have to be mean buddy. I’m against that movement against minorities since I myself is a minority in Rakhing state of which Rohingya were unfortunately get into inhumane condition, I’m still donating for Rohingya people on monthly basis even though I was jobless for couple of months. I gave up my weekly rips and couple of cigarettes packs weekly just to donate my brothers. There’s no hate needed here buddy. We’re brothers and I’m warmly welcome to everyone who call my country home.

    1. Hex I understand what are you implying but China has military involvement in both countries. Hong Kong has never had military autonomy. And under the security law they can legally eavesdrop, charge, extradite, imprison without due process. And china special forces have repeatedly for the past decade carried out operations in Myanmar.

    1. @No Name let them destroy themselves. Stack of cards are coming down.
      Public opinion.
      Military power
      What’s the lefts agenda?
      March 4th.

  1. The only people who could change this are the soldiers if they rebel against the general and care about the people, they could stop this because they are the tools crucial for this Coup. I could be wrong.

    1. There’s no democracy in a military system. They’re most likely brainwashed into their ideology, a Chinese technique, hell even any religion uses the same power of persuasion.

  2. Suu Ki has blood on her hands. Tens of thousands of Rohingya were murdered under her watch.

  3. Maybe I might sound like Rambo if by saying this if both sides don’t got weapons they are not changing anything🤔

  4. She is not important on this side of the pound. Assange is not important on this side of the pound.. ONLY Navalny matters…. lol…lol….

  5. Hopefully the charges for ethnic cleansing. She had the audacity to say there was no crimes being committed against the rohingya.

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