MyPillow Fight: Lindell Clashes With Newsmax Over Trump’s 2020 Loss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Hi !…… I’m Joe Biden…..👈😁…

      …and it sure is good to get
      outside the WH with this group of
      girl scouts and smell
      the “fresh hair”…..👈😁….

    2. @Rich Sociopathic Socialist, they don’t have to write a thing, just do this verbatim. Absolutely hysterical. “What?”

    3. @Matt Hooper
      Sure it’s not
      “Dirk diggler” 👈🤔
      you want
      “taking over”
      your “pillow” 👈🤔
      and having
      “dominion” 👈🤔
      your “poop chute” ?….👈🤔……

  1. You can literally watch dollar signs spitting out of his eyeballs trying to get Lindell to stay on topic. Love it! Love it way too much actually! 🤗

    1. Yep, looks high to me too. Also, he talks non-stop. His face is flushed. The only voice he hears is his own. Needs help.

    2. Wow. Pride goeth before a fall.. He has a good business , American made products; pretty good product to & employs lots of people.
      Sobriety often depends on remaining humble . I Think He got caught up in all the shiny spotlight & shallow flattery , & bought into a bill of goods.
      It’s sad how he obviously has been used by someone who could care less about him.
      Like legions of others in this country, it appears he got manipulated & used by a crafty hoodwinking Reverend type.
      Better hit a meeting Mike seriously. There no shame in coming back down to earth & staying clean. I hope he does.

    1. Fantastic! Even the right wing media, politicians and Qanon delusional lunatics are turning on each other in their quest for legitimacy on the losing side.

    1. @Thoth Al Khem You didn’t dispute him losing the popular vote by 3M people in 2016 and after years of doing nothing about Russian bounties on our troops, him insulting war heros like John McCain, lying about COVID impacts, etc. AND YOUR T-REX BRAIN THINKS THAT MADE HIM MORE POPULAR?!?!? OK COMRADE…

    2. @Thoth Al Khem sore loser!!?? Lmao hahahahahahaha trump is my favorite president!! He did make America great again!! Gave us the senate and presidency!!!!

    3. @Thoth Al Khem Couldn’t have said it Better and a Russian American Doctor told me that he thought this would NEVER happen in America!! Remember Putin Keeps getting Reelected!!

    4. @Russell Ollie How dare you slam DT, He had the most perfect black Sharpie to falsify sorry fix those numbers. Just like the 2017 inauguration pictures and forcing the redirection of a hurricane.

    1. I thought that I heard that YOINKS, BOINGGGG sound effect as he raced off screen. LOL

      I mean, they are just a bunch of cartoon characters, so why not use cartoon sound effects.

    2. Actually NewsMax has a cease and desist suit on them (1.3B) so does Mr. Mike., something he should ………. sleep on.

    1. @Jerome LundGood one. Prsss conferences were held. If the newz don’t cover them and what tbey do cover they tell everybody it’s unsubstantiated…when eyesitnesses testify and experts at varying fields testify. The msdia and our politicians are pathetic corrupt jokes.

    2. @Rd Ho
      …and none were under oath in a court of law. People have a way of changing their stories when under threat of perjury.
      If “Crazy Mike” wants his voice to be heard, he’ll find a way.

  2. How quickly they forget that this whole canceled culture thing started with the Dixie Chicks and Conservatives. 💯🇺🇸💩

    1. @Ellison Lowrimore it doesn’t matter if they aren’t conservative, country conservative radio largely cancelled them. Get it? Conservatives were outraged at the Dixie girls.

    2. Actually I remember it going back to when 2 Live Crew was attached and the government tried to ban their album. I think Al Gore’s wife tried to take them out.

    3. @Donald Brady Your memory is incorrect, I remember 2 live crew being arrested in florida, Jack Thompson is the conservative culprit, a disbarred lawyer, that had them banned, he hated video games, howard stern, etc, etc. However the supreme court ruled in favor of two live crew. Yeah it’s always a conservative that tries to take peoples personal freedoms but not when it comes to themselves.

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