Mystal: Who Are The GOP Congressman Trump Reportedly Said Were Going To Help Him Steal The Election? 1

Mystal: Who Are The GOP Congressman Trump Reportedly Said Were Going To Help Him Steal The Election?


In a major breaking story, we are learning new details of Donald Trump's reportedly unprecedented effort to nullify the results of a free and fair election. Just two weeks before the vote was certified by Congress, Trump allegedly pressured the Department of Justice to lie to the American public to declare that the 2020 election was 'corrupt.' Legal expert Elie Mystal and MSNBC analyst Glenn Kirschner join The ReidOut to discuss.
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    1. @Angel Tackett I agree. Show no mercy to BLM and Antifa. Deport them to Cuba or Venezuela.

    2. @uhohhhsteven Yeah, he started stammering when asked what time of day on the 6th did he speak with him… that’s an important point,.. it’s like it petrified him. He’s gunna be a good witness for sure

    3. @Say LOL to the troll Guess I’ll have to start off with LOL……
      There is absolutely no chance of 45 getting back into the saddle…. ZERO

    4. @kawaii sadie Give praise to our Glorious MAGA Leader, for He is far above all others, and there is none beside Him!!!

    1. One of the commentators used that circus act analogy and a circus called them and said that’s an insult to a circus. Strangely, he was right! 🙂

    1. Is anyone truly surprised by this new info! Really? Most sane and even semi intelligent people are not shocked that TRUMPY would try something like this.

    2. @Naerah you do know that the US is not a democracy, right? We are a Constitutional Republic that uses majority-wins for mostly all the elections except for the presidential election. The twelfth amendment explains how that is, and some good research explains how it came to be that way.

      A republic allows greater freedom and prosperity. Economic pursuit benefits the entire nation and people are able to live well. When government serves the interests of the entire country, we say it is serving the common welfare.

      There is wider participation in the political process.

    3. @Miriam Samaniego Does it really matter what we call it? We have elections, representatives, and a Constitution. You can call it a baked potato if you want. It is what we have and it works pretty good, compared to what others have.

  1. When the names of those “republican congressmen” are finally given out most likely by Trump because he’ll toll on everyone.

    1. @Borneo Man No, it’s when we give praise to our Great President-In-Exile as He marches us into a glorious new era, bright shining as the sun!

    2. Say LOL to the troll Orange trumpy will NEVER be back!!!!! He can start his own country in prison!!!!!!

    3. Say LOL to the troll Well, he couldn’t do it on January 6 soooooo don’t tank it will happen!!!!!!

    4. @Theresa McDonald Give praise to our Glorious MAGA Leader, for He is FAR above all others, and there is none beside Him!!!

  2. These corrupt Congressmen need to be suspended from the house, and investigated.
    Name them NOW.

    1. Is entirely possible there weren’t any congressmen aware of his actions. He calls DOJ to make a statement then calls his buddies in congress and says i hear DOJ says corrupted election, let’s act.

    2. You just KNOW that Trump would name them in a heartbeat if he believed it would help him evade punishment for his own crimes.
      Not that we’d be shocked, shocked, to learn most or even all of those names.

  3. The evidences FOR TRUMP’s intentions on the 6th of January are becoming so clear daily. He is not safe at all.

    1. it was obvious since before the insurrection actually took place. We all knew something was going down that day weeks in advance, and it was no suprise to see trumpanzees overrun the Capitol Building on his orders

  4. We know the R’s who would help him are the same R’s who tried to overturn the results on Jan 6th

    1. Pence has been silent throughout all of this. He needs to be subpoenaed to tell what he knows and what he’s hidden.

    2. @Truth91 EXACTLY !! All those who voted ” NAY ” on his impeachment are complicit. No if, ands, or buts about it…..

    3. @Zach Riley What about Mo Brooks wearing body armor on Jan. 6 ? He better be added to your list!

    4. @Matt M Garland

      DOJ recently revoked executive privilege for former Administration members, and has sent on letters to confirm the fact that they are now open to testify to Congress.

    1. @Mad Max There’s nothing Mad about you to compare yourself to Mad Max. There’s also nothing to believe here on MSN because unlike you they’re actually showing proof.

  5. Everyone knows how corrupt they were. Still waiting for accountability. They are still out there spewing lies and changing voting laws. It’s time for action!

    1. They thought trump was going to overthrow the government on Jan 6 And thought they’d be rewarded for being loyal, but now they have no choice but to stay loyal, if they turn on trump he has blackmail on all of them, if they turn on him he will destroy them, there only choice is help trump be king or lose everything and turn him in cause trump will unleash his blackmail if they do, he won’t allow them to be loyal to him without some guarantee that they won’t and can’t stab him in the back without having a knife somewhere himself.

    2. Even trump supporters know how corrupt thier great orange hope is, but refuse to admit it, even to themselves

    1. His standard M.O.
      It doesn’t seems to be working.
      They’ve got enough to make him wear orange…the only conundrum would be, what to do with a former criminal president privy to so called states secrets.

    2. @Ryan Hogan Buddy, that prosecutor was fired for his history of corruption, try to keep up before commenting. Funny how trump also got rid of the ambassador who had a history of going after corruption. Try not to count on folks being as uninformed as yourself.

    3. @Time Stamp the people like you that worship socialism, communism and don’t know what bathroom to use is a cult. We support Trump because of our mindset of our country. The freedom of Liberty and constitution. It’s you people that are trying to change the United states, and I guaranteed it… That you don’t live in the United States. You’re the cult, you people are the very thing that you blame the loving country people.

    4. @David Gray so says who?? Are you telling me barisma was being harassed? And if the prosecutor was “corrupt” then how can barisma justify hiring Hunter?? Except for his connection to the Vice President which if it were in an effort to plead their case to our government, they how did Joe allow Hunter to continue to accept money from them? Nope if your buying that you have been brainwashed, I’m sorry to say, but these facts just don’t add up, I don’t care how much the media runs interference, them covering this lie, only means they have covered EVERY lie., they are obviously just as deep in it as the commander and chief him self…

    5. “Hillary’s emails!!!” “BENGHAZI!!”
      Yeah, it’s the seed you plant in these minds that matter, trump even said, “DECLARE ITS CORRUPT..THEN LEAVE IT TO ME…”

  6. This all sentence is a major The quid pro quo“ just say that the election was corrupted and leave the rest to me and the Republicans congressmen “.
    I did remember this sentence almost two years ago “ I would like you to do me a favor though”

    1. That was MADE UP by Adam Schiff. Had you actually READ the transcript, you would know that Schiff’s ENTIRE spiel was FABRICATED… and had he pulled that stunt in a REAL Court, rather than a political kangaroo court, he would be rotting in jail right now.

  7. He believes his own delusional lies. He will go down for this and I hope everyone involved goes down just as hard.

    1. He isn’t delusional. And he knows when he’s lying. He is just used to getting away with imposing his will on others.

    2. yeah right? The mueller report-facts were changed/spun in away that exhonerated him? he was served articles of impeachment twice. his own party refused to call witnesses to clarify the report. making it a costly exercise serving nothing! (helping to demonstrate That Lord Trump is above the Law and hopefully due to their support they may also be found innocent too! ) We will see shortly if the public recognize the culpability of Trump and his party with the upcoming August-3rd elections!

    3. @Thomas Revere Agree Did anyone fact check the truths the past president had stated? And he calls the electorate fools for not believing in what he states, he did promise the public a release of his returns but what we got was complaints on why he couldn’t make the available. Attention to Congress make a law stating that this needs to be reviewed prior to a name going on a ballot so future issues cannot repeat the turmoil from this President/ note should be extended to anyone seeking public office!

  8. When a society is founded on uncharitable principles, there’s a real danger that the most unprincipled of people will seize power. Repairs are urgently needed or the USA will be abolished – and the process will be an unpleasant one.

    1. If you want to learn how a political party will treat all of its people. You need only look at how that party first treats its weakest citizens. Corruption in leadership starts from the top down. Begins from the bottom up. The past is prologue.

  9. At this point if this is not proof that Trump wanted to do what he did then i dont know what is someone needs to stand up and force Trump and be held accountable.

    1. There are so many people in jail off mere suspicion. I’ve never seen a human have years of public evidence and no one wants to act or there are those who want to deny reality

  10. “Leave the rest to me” is the language of the Mafia boss that Trump is and always was. ALL of the congresspeople who voted against the certification of the electoral votes and against the investigation into Jan. 6 are ACCOMPLICES to the insurrection!

    1. @Zach Riley While you’re at it, throw Fox n Friends in there for good measure. I’m certain they got some kickback for help televising the lie over and over. Forget truth and respectability, all they understand is greed and power of influence.

    2. @Zach Riley What about Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz? I don’t think we should overlook anybody in this one

    3. Which is why I usually refer to them as the GOP Crime Syndicate. They’ve stopped being any semblance of a legitimate political party and the few sane and honorable voices among them, like Kinzinger and Cheney, are nowhere near enough to redeem them.

    4. @Zach Riley thre’s quite a few of them, don’t forget Gaetz, Brooks , Gosar and Greene, and several others

    5. language of a communist dictator, far away from the values of freedom he pretends to represent, he is an impostor, the chief frauder

    1. True, but neither are his followers – and they clearly don’t need actual evidence other than what trump tells them.

    1. When you allow the person on trial to have their friends on the jury don’t be surprised when you can’t convict.

    2. The January 6 commission is crossing their t’s & dotting their I’s!!!!!! The documents and witnesses WILL get the job done!!! Good things come to those who wait!!!!!!!!

  11. The “people” are in his head. The “ they say” are lies bouncing in his mind. Citizen trump can not tell the truth because reality is not in his mind.

    1. According to Mr. Schwartz, ghost writer of trump book ” The Art of The Deal”. If trump thinks something is true, then it’s true.

  12. “This American Carnage ends Right Here and Right Now.” Remember that ? It should be the opening statement at Trump’s trial for inciting the Insurrection and the Attack on the Capitol.

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