NAACP President: 'Have To Address Qualified Immunity' In Police Reform | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

NAACP President: ‘Have To Address Qualified Immunity’ In Police Reform | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NAACP President & CEO Derrick Johnson discusses what he would like to see from police reform and what needs to change in the wake of Andrew Brown Jr.'s funeral.

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NAACP President: 'Have To Address Qualified Immunity' In Police Reform | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. I dont get the ppl that dont have interactions with police arguing police reform, u wanna know what will fix the communities talk to the ppl that have to live with the bs … whats so hard about holding ppl accountable

    1. There is an increasing segment of the population that don’t want the responsibility of taking care of themselves, and want the government to become bigger to take care of them instead. This question of qualified immunity is just an outgrowth of this mindset.

  2. The people who want to “address” the issue of qualified immunity for police officers really do not want to address it at all. They want to eliminate it — which is a very bad idea indeed.

    1. @S. Ruiz
      Why the need to deflect?
      Does the idea of prosecuting overly violent cops bother you?

    2. Because a very small percentage of cops are bad, but of drug dealers are bad. That’s what bothers me. That He’s killing or has killed more blacks than those cops ever will.

    3. @S. Ruiz
      No, not all drug dealers are bad people.
      That’s a movie/TV stereotype that you’ve bought into.
      Are pharmacist bad people?
      What about pharmaceutical companies?
      What about alcohol manufacturers or bartenders?
      All cops aren’t bad- but when was the last time a “good cop” reported or testified against a bad one?

    4. Good question ask the prosecution. That’s the problem here its never no one’s faults for there own actions. I’m not even comment on all those medical professionals you just compared to Drug Dealers. I’m sure other people will get you on that. Really quick in between your Xbox match anyone who sells drugs to kids is a killer. Once you have children you’ll value life a little better… This Guy just made his parents and family members much,much richer and we’re paying the bill.

    5. There you go wit the hyperbole about kids.
      Most kids only smoke weed, or raid medicine cabinets or liquor cabinets of their parents.
      Not a lot of heroin, meth, crack/cocaine use in Jr High Einstein. They don’t have the money.
      So stop wit the drug dealers sellin dope to kids, fox news routine.

    1. Go ahead and take it all away….and then tell me, who in their right mind would want to work as an officer?

    2. @Yeticus Rex The ones with intellect, integrity and not part of the kkk… LoveLove

    3. @Gwendolyn Hinson It takes far more than intellect and integrity…you forgot strength, courage, selflessness, and keen awareness….all of these things are rare in one person, but now you want to make them liable for mistakes on split-second decisions. If they have the intellect that you claim they should have, then they would smartly pass on that calling…it would be easier to join the military at that point.

      The kkk comment is really a throwaway comment. I ask you for evidence that any police officer currently serving is a member of the kkk…I think other police officers would call them out on it nowadays.

  3. The only reform we need is the culture of the people needs to change and they have to respect the laws of our country and if any of them have acted like civilized human beings they would all be alive today.

  4. What’s the NAACP Prez going to suggest when qualified crime rates go through the ceiling??

  5. Need better parenting in the Black Communities need more than just mamma ,,,, Black father Matter !!!

    1. Sovereignty is needed.

      About the mamas… Don’t forget about “Women’s Liberation” for many years Men were not wanted in the home. This was supported by the State. Do some research…. You can start with slavery.

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